Women Must Cease Fire Over Abortion

By: Ms.Behaved

How Women Might Reach a Cease Fire Over Abortion and Get on With Our Lives.  Immediately after the House passed a health care bill last week my e-mail box started filling up with solicitations for funds from both sides of the abortion argument. I then foolishly spent way too much time in yet another attempt to reasonably discuss the issue. I really believe there is no compromise. The usual compromise position of “live and let live” or even agree to disagree is apparently unacceptable in this case. Nevertheless that is my position. I guess I listened to the old song Walk a Mile in My Shoes, one time too many. Both sides have felt betrayed by politicians and many women are invested in ‘winning’ this debate even if truth is a casualty.

As I proposed and stated on air last week, I believe that expecting people who define themselves as pro-life/anti-choice etc. to pay for abortions is probably the hair that breaks the camel’s back. Personally, I’d like to see that my taxpayer money isn’t spent on death penalty cases. I would suggest that those people who are pro-choice work on a way that helps women to have safe and affordable reproductive choices by donating money directly to the providers of such services rather than hoping their elected official will use the money they might contribute for such causes in the way they expect.

I would also hope that those women who would rather not see pregnancies terminated would donate money directly to groups that provide support for mothers facing challenges or promoting adoption. It does seem that all would benefit, women and children and those who feel passionately about either side of the issue. As it stands, the only ones who seem to be benefiting are the many special interest groups that surround this issue and the political parties that need to keep women divided.

Think about how empowering this could be for women. Since politicians seem to feel free to ignore our wishes, why not put our money where our mouths are?


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  1. Why can’t medical science offer a safer way reduce how often reproductive cycles occur every year? Wouldn’t that solve a significant portion of animal and people over population and in the process reduce unwanted pregnancies as well?

    • Why can’t medical science come up with birth control for men so they don’t impregnate women until the time is right? They certainly came up with a little blue pill for when the time is right to have sex – why not shoot blanks until they are both ready to bear a child?

      As for unplanned sex and rape we prevent tooth decay why not start human males on birth control at 12 and give them a pill to reccruit/activate the little devils when they are needed.

      It’s sure to delight men — kinda like being a soldier for mankind- no skin off their nose.

      But wait – I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the conservatives will be out in droves accusing me of turning women into loose vipers saying this will give license to men to use women as their easy whores. And saying women will sleep around without worry, as if this will be any easier than the imagined freedom of abortion this will eradicate– so lets solve one problem at a time before we make women scapegoats on this solution too!

      • i wasn’t making women a scape goat on this issue.

        I was making a suggestion that the present level of fertility for reproduction is not necessary nowadays, for man woman, or animal. Instead of a period every month, one every 4 months would probably be a blessing if it didn’t involve taking risky medication to achieve it and if the woman got to hold onto those eggs further into her life.

        If the release of eggs were slowed down, women could stay fertile longer, which would take away the entire biological clock is ticking aspect. If a woman decides to have go to college and earn a PHD, by the time they get their career really going, it’s starting to get late in the game to have kids.

        If their biological clock was extended by releasing eggs with more time in between, then the whole concept of a biological cloce becomes less of an issue, plus mom and dad (assuming dad is of a similar age) have more wisdom to impart upon the child as well.

        If we took a poll and asked younger women would they rather use up their eggs by age 40, or age 60, younger women might choose the latter.

        However, older women might have a different opinion once they have had kids and don’t want to accidentally have more.

        If you think men aren’t cautious with their sperm, I would disagree. Most men are cautious, once they get past the teen years. It’s the 10 percent that just go through life not caring that cause a much higher percentage of the problems.

        It would be interesting to see how many repeat male offenders there are that cause women to get pregnant and then an abortion ensues. These men give a bad name to all the men that do care and try to avoid getting a women pregnant when it is not the right time in their lives to father a child or for the woman to get pregnant.

        • I do hope I did not give you the impression that I accused you of making women a scapegoat? I was not- I just know that someone will! And as for slowing down the release of eggs- that is very dangerous for women – very dangerous. He needs to have her menses every month! They really need to deactivate the sperm fertility! That would be the best answer! What could be the argument from men? Just give me one good argument from men about deactivating the friggen sperm from 12 till he wanted them activated?

          BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://www.TheMajorityUnited.com http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

          • I swear I heard this one from Dr. Dean Nadal from the radio.

            It is in the category of whacked out theories about our existence.
            I assume he got it from somewhere, but where I do not know.

            The theory he said on the air once (and he was not saying he supported it) was that we all exist so that sperm can live within a woman after ejaculation for a day or two.


            Not said on the radio, I guess its also possible that cockroaches are waiting us out because we make nice buildings for them to live in and they may actually be superior to us since they will surely outlast the human race.

      • Look around, bj.

        Our culture already gives license for men to use women as their easy whores.

        That’s the point.

        Let me stress, I am no prude. But the provacative dress females wear, the cultural acceptance of promiscuity serves to create a societal mindset that women are objects who enjoy non-committed sex.

        Our girls get conflicting messages from women’s magazines that go from “how to marry the guy of your dreams,” to dress seductively but keep it simple, boobs and asses out, just don’t put a neon sign on your forehead that flashes “Hi, honey, I’m available.”

        And the old double standard remains alive and well if the focus moves in the opposite direction.

        Before, “good girls save themselves til marriage,”
        to now,
        “good girls please any many that is interested.”

        The biggest difference before and after, minors were never considered “women” before.


    • How about men taking some responsibility? . They are actually making progress on a male pill.

      Gives new meaning to every child a wanted child.

  2. Why can’t medical science offer a safer way to reduce how often reproductive cycles occur every year? Wouldn’t that solve a significant portion of animal and people over population and in the process reduce unwanted pregnancies as well?

  3. poor bj, as the bombs go flying back and forth over her head, all she wnts to do is reach a negotiated peace.

  4. Speaking of sperm. Do you ever notices that when you hear of fetal alcohol syndrome..it’s about mom and drinking. How often are children conceived while men are drinking?
    Another way men can take responsibility.

    • I’d wager that often the case is both were drinking. It’s not the drinking before and at conception it is during pregnancy.

      That said, my mother drank beer just about every day during her pregnancy w/6 kids. No fetal alcohol syndrome.

      …. although when it comes to me, you might argue differently. 🙂

      • actually Bib if you read the link I posted, you would see that since sperm is manufactured fresh a man drinking before or during sex might very well affect a baby.

      • FAS is the most pronounced disability specific to drinking excessively during different phases of pregnancy. FAEs are more subtle…my point is that if a child has any fetal alcohol effects, we assume that the mother is to blems and this is not the case.

  5. I dunno. Personally, I would never consider bedding a guy whose kid I would not consider having. That’a what dildos are for.

  6. I think the biggest divide between left and right starts with the differing fundamentals.

    Left is very woman oriented.

    Right does not separate the women and child’s interest, they see it as one and the same or at least inseparable issues.

    Pretty big divide.

    • Frankly the biggest divide is based on the inability of either side to recognize that you do not make nice by insulting the other side.

      For example when explaining the differeing fundamentals- the my lolloipop is bigger- or prettier- or better- or nicer than yours – doesn’t work. It immediately puts the other side on the defensive and yet each side continues to use it.

      Characterizing one in a positive frame and the other is a less than positive one is sure to start one hell of a fight instantly- wouldn’t you think?

      I am neither and it gets the hairs up on the back of my neck- very frustrating!

      Insanity is continuing to use the same techniques and expecting a different result!

      • Well stated Ms. Kling! I might add that saying only one side cares about children or even the country is counterproductive.

        • It’s not only counterproductive – it dead ass wrong. It is narrow- and selfish to assume that one is better than another or that one knows the heart of another as well.

          How arrogant of either side to assume they know what another feels or what is in their heart and soul.

          I am especially surprised by those who claim to be Christian or otherwise following God’s will. Their behavior for God’s other children is far from what God would have them do!

          To be honest- it is evident tyhat these types of folks are not only arrogant but bullys who hide or are hiding and seem to take great pleasure from lourding it over others with their blustering – holier than thou while the truth is they are the worst of the lot.

          One thing I will say – the libs don’t claim to be angels – guess that’s why I am not so shocked at why crazy ass crap they come up with – but those conservatives — boy can they come up with shock and awe after preaching like they were choir boys and lily white mamma’s girls!

          No- kid – none of us are any better than any other in God’s eyes – but some of us would like to think so and therein lies the problem. And neither side has a corner on the stupidity of refusing to look into their own mirror! Too bad – cause sometimes it gets pretty ugly in their own reflections- I know – mine has not always been pretty but only by tqking a good look at ones own ugliness can one fix it!

          “Take the beam out of your own eye – then you can see clearly to take the splinter out of your brothers” not sure book and verse but I am sure what it means and it means sisters too!

  7. For those pro-choice women that might be interested in helping women who can’t afford an abortion, I found this sight

    There are also many groups devoted to helping women who might find a pregnancy challanging but do not choose abortion.
    Most foster care and social service agencies that work with families might be helping someone who feels that her child might do better with a different caregiver.

    A partial list of agencies that might encourage someone to not choose abortion. In my experience they offer some post pregnancy support for women who choose to keep their babies.

    Crisis Pregnancy Center, Pregnancy Aid, Birth Right, Open Door, CareNet, Life Choices, or Pregnancy Counseling Center, these groups want to be the first contact a woman makes when she thinks she might be pregnant, so they can talk her out of considering abortion.

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