Ladies First: The rationing begins with mammograms!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Here is your harbinger of things to come from our first feminist president. Women are always the first to go! We were the last to get the medical help in the best studies against Cancer and heart disease and the first to get the boot. So where’s the change as the rationing begins?

A government task force said Monday that most women don’t need mammograms in their 40s and should get one every two years starting at 50 — a stunning reversal and a break with the American Cancer Society’s long-standing position. What’s more, the panel said breast self-exams do no good, and women shouldn’t be taught to do them.

The news seemed destined to leave many deeply confused about whose advice to follow.

“I’ve never had a scare, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?” asked Beth Rosenthal, 41, sitting in a San Francisco cafe on Monday afternoon with her friend and their small children. “I’ve heard of a lot of women in their 40s, and even 30s, who’ve gotten breast cancer. It just doesn’t seem right to wait until 50.”

For most of the past two decades, the American Cancer Society has been recommending annual mammogram beginning at 40, and it reiterated that position on Monday. “This is one screening test I recommend unequivocally, and would recommend to any woman 40 and over,” the society’s chief medical officer, Dr. Otis Brawley, said in a statement.

But the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a government panel of doctors and scientists, concluded that such early and frequent screenings often lead to false alarms and unneeded biopsies, without substantially improving women’s odds of survival.

“The benefits are less and the harms are greater when screening starts in the 40s,” said Dr. Diana Petitti, vice chair of the panel.

Breast cancer survivors who were diagnosed at a young age were among the more vocal critics of the new guidelines.,2933,575371,00.html

Think I am jumping to conclusions? Please note,  the new US government task force regulations are in line with international guidelines, which call for screening to start at age 50; the World Health Organization recommends the test every two years, and Britain’s are every three years.  Hmmmmmmmmm , sounds fishy to me- wonder if they will still pay for Viagra?

By the way this task force is another czar-like unelected panel selected to make decisions on your health care! Their job and very handsome income depends soley on making their boss very happy and cutting medical costs!!! isn’t it interesting how the first first cut started with mamograms?

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  1. I know i am sounding like a broken record but I cn not stress eniough that WTP have been putting the emphasis on the wrong syl-AHHHB-le.

    The Consitution provides and vests the peoples’ power in states’ rights. Moreover, we are consitutionally, obkigated and compelled to refuse to subordinate ourselves to unconsitutional law, be it state or federal.

    Regards rationing, indeed, this whole healthcare grab for control outrage is unconstitutional.


    THINK about it, if ALL 50 STATES told teh feds where to get off, how much power do the feds have to enforce?

    It is turning the tables on them. And it is our ticket back to liberty, self determination and constutional law.

    If we were to get our states to refuse, we would not have to have this ration conversation. Or any other about the barrage of unconsitutional spending they illegaly obligate us to pay.

  2. I just called to make my appointment for my ANNUAL mamogram. More than likely I will have to have a follow-up sonogram; I have had a negative biopsy .Now they tell us we shouldn’t have to ‘worry our pretty little heads about it”. Hey folks lets balance that with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if you do get cancer, they will catch it early; perhaps early enough to save your life.

    This is just further proof that women need to take control of our own health care…Help do that by joining the Army of Women. Maybe we should have an Army not just for breast cancer research but heart disease and PTSD. Male as normative has dominated the culture for far too long

    • My point exactly ‘male as normative!’

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

      • When I go for my mamogram; I will write on my consent form that I refuse to have my record entered into a centralized database…this is what comes of the data. They collect it and the statisticians manipulate it to suit the needs of those only interested in reducing costs.

        • I think congress has legislated the right to withold away from you.

          Even if you can refuse your name (which I don’t think you can), as with STD’s they have to report the numbers.

          The database was funded in the Jan./Feb. stimulous package, the offices and personnel already in place.

  3. If I followed the guidelines of the government task force and waited till age 50 to have a mammogram I would be dead and so would the following.

    Some of the celebrity women under age 50 who
    have breast cancer

    Melissa Etheridge 43
    Christina Applegate 36
    Cherly Crow 44
    Dorothy Hamil 50
    Robin Roberts 46
    Cynthia Nixon 42
    Kyle Minogue 36

  4. What do we even knoe aboy this preventative ttask force. What does it take to be appointed, Let’s ask

    a Alfred O. Berg, M.D. (Chair)
    Professor and Chair
    Department of Family Medicine
    University of Washington, Seattle, WA

    b Janet D. Allan, Ph.D., R.N., C.S., F.A.A.N. (Vice-Chair)
    Dean and Professor
    School of Nursing
    University of Texas Health Science Center
    San Antonio, TX

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