Obama Confusion: bow touch salute?

You really can’t make this stuff up! He has been pictured over and over again during the campaign being the only one onbambi holding his dick stage not behaving appropriately as the other Americans showing Allegiance to out country.

But now that he is POTUS – one would think – one would hope — this Harvard scholar would  catch on or  would be surrounded by those who could somehow teach hom protocal. God help us- I never thought anyone could be more embarrassing than Baby Bush! Low and behold this one – beats all I have every seen.

He bows to foreign Kings, manhandles England’s queen but can’t seem to remember if and when to put his hand over his heart or salute our Honor Guard on Veterans Day 11/11/09, at the Ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery !

Unless he has one of those dreaded 4 hour errections – I cannot think of one good reason for this guy to be constantly seen with his hands clasped over his groin while everyone else is saluting or with their hand placed over their hearts. To top it all off we Americans get that that view at home  – yet when abroad all we get to see is his ass as he is always bent over to foreign Kings! What’s he doing mooning us or just saying kiss me ass America?


14 Responses

  1. BJ i agree i woulf have thought the he learnd his lesson during his last during his last bowing inult to the american people . but no he just had to do it again. that what you get when BO aka the puppet in chief starts to think

  2. Obama doesn’t tend to learn anything. He thinks it’s because he knows more than anyone else (Including where he was born and what he was doing in college)
    I think it is because he is full of himself and cow manure.

  3. He is a real sicko.

  4. Please view this video By Brigitte Gabriel. She is the founder of Act For America. You can sign a petition at http://www.ActforAmerica.org to have congress investigate CAIR. And please help make this video go viral:

    Brigitte Gabriel Blasts Political Correctness

  5. This is what we get in a leader when people vote their emotions,(hope and change) rather than study the candidate. America, we are so screwed!

  6. I have introduced a bill that would prohibit male presidents from taking medication for erectile dysfunction…what if the WERE having one of those dreaded 4 hour erections when that 3AM phone call came?

    Senator Noballs Atall

  7. Between you and MsBehaved discussing the four hour erections, I really did LOL. I wanted someone to have a caption contest for this photo; my entry was to be “Obama shows his ass again.” Unfortunately deadenders came up with one that can’t be beaten: “Japan’s Emperor checks Obama’s head for fleas.”

  8. If my attention span gets any shorter . . . . I meant the photo of Obama bowing to the Emperor of Japan, not the one at the top of your post.

  9. Marcy- where or where have you been lately- I have missed you.

    Stick around- don’t be such a stranger- and come to the radio show – we need you! monday and Wed. nights !

  10. Maybe this is what’s really going on. BJ maybe you can print this??


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