Allahu Akbar

Another rant by: BettyJean Kling

“Allahu Akbar”, are the words Nadal Hasan used over and over again as he mowed down 44 fellow American citizens. Fourteen are dead leaving 19 children behind. He would have continued shooting more had he not been taken down.

He illegally brought weapons to an Army base with enough ammunition to kill as many innocent unarmed soldiers as he could. Clearly he was giving away his positions and probably did not expect to survive but based on the number of folks he shot and intended to continue to shoot – he wanted to take out as many non Muslims as he could. Based on his failure to find a suitable virgin on earth – I assume he was opting for a selection of 70 awaiting him in paradise if he pleased Allah.

He expressed over and over again that he could not – would not – raise arms against his fellow Muslims but apparently had no problem shooting infidels. If that does not meet the criteria of an Islamic terrorist – I am not sure what criteria is missing. He terrorized the base, he terrorized the unarmed servicepersons he hunted down and shot at and he terrorized the families left behind. His ranting “Allahu Akbar”, continues to terrorize the base and all Americans everywhere as we wonder who else is a sleeper just waiting to terrorize us next.

Islamic terrorists have promised to infiltrate and destroy us in our homeland and we would be fools to ignore them or to ignore the very Imam he was in contact with who immediately congratulated him for a job well done. Islamophobia? I think not. To ignore what is this obvious would be downright stupidity.

When Muslims who insist their religion is peaceful begin preaching long and hard against the less than peaceful Sharia Law, honor killings, Jihad and terrorism then they will have the right to cry foul bringing their religion into the picture but so far they sit tight lipped and dare to ask us not to blame Islam. Indeed it is not Islam that I blame but it is Islamic extremism that exists and that obviously refuse to denounce –Islamic: Sharia Law; honor killings; Jihad and Terrorism — I cannot call it anything else!

Allahu Akbar!

I would like to direct you to a piece written by Phyllis Chesler- She writes a very indepth and logical piece that you should read and save. 
Dangerous to tolerate haters and terrorists

We must not tolerate haters. Islamists hate infidels, Jews, Zionists, Christians, Americans, and Westerners. Islamists hate women, beginning with their own. Fundamentalist Islamists support suicide/homicide bombers. They glorify violent jihad in order to subdue the infidel as well as the fearful Muslim masses. Islamists dream of a caliphate that will dominate the world.


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