CNN Looses Mr. Independence!Go Lou Go!

By BettyJean

Update: I have listened to Lou’s resignation- I am firmly convinced that he is going to continue to speak truth to power! Lou is going to be our next great newsman.

 Sorry Bill O- you missed the boat- Lou has put Country first! He has earned my respect and is the next great EdR murrow or better! Go Lou Go!

CNN looses Lou Dobbs the only shed of truth worth listening to. Let’s hope he goes to FOX- we deserve Mr Independence! Then we can have  someone besides Beck who will speak truth to power on FOX.

Apparently, O’Reily isn’t independent enought to speak up on what used to be the no spin zone. He is too busy either trying to sweet talk Obama on to FOX and specifically on to his show to stand up for what he used to be known as. Either that or he is afraid bullets may start flying at his house. Either way – he is backing down where Lou Dobbs wont.

Lou Dobbs was too Good for the now crooked CNN – wherever he goes – I will follow him and expect that he will always tell it like it is and I can depend on Lou not to sell out to Obama or anybody else.

TBC! Let’s bring Lou to FOX!

PS- I was just at FOX today calling out O’Reiley telling him he was no LOU DOBBS and that he ought to step up and face the truth and stop coddling Bambi- who knew 3 hours later – he may be up against LOU on FOX- one can only hope. I  bet his producer who I can an earful to – is wondering how I knew! hehhehehheh – Let’s hope there is a you tube on me forshadowing this 3 hours before it happened!

3 Responses

  1. OMGoodness!! I was just asking yesterday, if anyone had seen Lou lately on CNN because he is the only one I’ve heard on the network that will discuss things honestly that concern him and not sugar coat. I also said yesterday that I wish Lou would come over to FOX. This is for sure CNN’s loss. FOX hire Lou!!

  2. Betty, to Bill’s credit, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him calling the Ft. Hood shooter a “terrorist”, I thought he would play it safe, thank goodness he called him what he is, but I agree with you about him trying to coddle Obama. Just curious, how would Bill be up against Lou on FOX?

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