Feminists screwed again!

Another Rant by: Bettyjean Kling

I was going to go off on another rant but Phyllis Chesler did it so much better than I ever could have, so I am going to send you to her blog piece. Suffice it to say MS. Magazine and Kim Gandy can kiss my sweet bippy for selling this man as a feminist. So far he has not done a damned thing for them and their signature issue nor for ERA or much of anything for stopping violence against women which is the single most detrimental issue facing women here and the world over! If that is what a feminist looks like the women’s groups need to fold up their tents and go home.  Ladies better join up with some real women and start looking at the real issues that affect all of us and our country and our futures as American citizens!

Women’s Reproductive Rights Thrown Under Obama’s Bus

by Phyllis Chesler Pajamas Media November 10, 2009


After Obama was elected, Ms. magazine ran a cover with an image of him opening his shirt, Clark Kent style, to reveal a T-shirt which reads: “THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE.”

Given how quickly reproductive rights were just jettisoned in the House, and mainly by Democrats, I wonder if there is any breast-beating going on over there. I certainly hope so, but I doubt it.

It seems like only yesterday that Hillary was running against Barack—but it also seems like a hundred years ago.

However, long before the Ms. magazine cover, I remember The List, which first came out during the Democratic primary race. I was shocked and disheartened by it. How could so many educated American women be so foolish, so desperate, so easily conned? 

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6 Responses

  1. I know I will be in trouble here for this but c’est la vie.

    IMO, this is not about reproductive rights but right to be non-reproductive.

    Roe v Wade is now 38 years old.

    Since it became law, “reproductive rights” has expanded from first tri-mester to second, then 3rd now partial birth abortion where viable babies are killed as they exit their mothers wombs.

    The outrage about not making abortion “reproductive rights” FREE to all comers at taxpayers expense is itself IMO an outrage.

    You have the right to do lots of things in your lives ladies. This CRAP about sticking everyone else with the bill for your “right not to reproduce” is bull shit.

    Do what you want. Don’t stick me with your bill.

    That goes for the WHOLE DAMNED phoney health”care” “reform” crap being forced down EVERYONE’S throats despite more than 80% of Americans telling Congress HANDS THE HELL OFF!

    You are fighting the wrong fight here, ladies.

    The fight is not who gets covered or how, the fight is to get them to keep their filthy, corrupt hands off health care.

    They broke it in order to make this phony case that it needs to be fixed. They don’t need to overhaul the 90% percent that works to cover illegals and throw old ladies off the rolls.


  2. And lastly, the violence perpetrated on so many women under the euphemism “choice” is no less an outrage than the systemicly “approved” violence against women in every other quarter of our culture.

    That women fight for planned parenthood’s billion dollar industry when it’s major income is from perpetrating such a violent act against women, physically, emotionally, psychically, is incredible.


    “Choice” in REAL terms means to choose between TWO VALID, EQUIVALENT options.

    Is it a choice if a murderer lets you choose a bullet to the head or a knife to the stomach?

    Is it choice choosing dinner at Saardi’s or starving?

    For feminists to have any validity to their CLAIM that they promte choice, they should be fighting EQUALLY FOR LIFE as they do for death.

    THAT would be choice. THAT would be true. THAT would be honest.

    Because right now, they only fight for ONE way no matter how euphemistically they want to call it choice.

    There is NO choice, at all, NOT for the ones who would like to keep their babies but have NO SUPPORT system to do so.

    If we can give trillions to Africa, we can afford to support our own single mothers AND THEIR BABIES while the mothers get an education enough to support them and their kids.

    NOW THAT! would be “choice.”

  3. Again- its not about the choice here it’s about the fems falling for the guys bullshit! I thought they were too smart to fall for a tall dark handsome (barf) line?

  4. Betty Jean, it is my firm conviction that those women who are both activists and “fell” for Zero are truly a minority, a percentage in the single digits.

    Most liberal women are more like you, with balance.

    As are most conservative women.

    The problem that many are just newly awakened to is that with a complicit LYING media, the true popular opinion has been buried in favor of the minority opinion presented as the popular opinion.

    And so, those with the exposure get to be heard and are presented as the majority.


    As far as WTP are concerned, we need to be tunnel visioned vs. Zero et al, not engage in debate, there IS no debate, he, they and ALL their goals must be thwarted wholesale and the lot of them tossed.

    The rest is just rhetoric.

  5. Hope you all got a chance to see and hear Phyllis on Lou Dobbs tonight.

  6. Was put w/hubby and missed it.

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