Na na na na – na na na na – hehehe – good bye!

Another Rant by: Bettyjean Kling

I don’t care how the try to spon this one- it damned well is a referendum on Bambi!  It was a grand party last night. 

Virginians gave a referendum on Obama and if anyone says it was any other reason, they are in lna…la… land. 

Clean sweep.  PA elections from Supreme Court Justice downward to mayorial races went Republican as well.
NJ with all its corruption and with 5 vists from team Bambi along with ACORNs all over the cities  stealing votes and stuffing ballot boxes couln’t steal enough to over rule citizens making it clear – politics as usual is over at last. Many, many angry voters on their feet marching to the polls.  TEA PARTY TIME  wait till DC see what we plan for 2010.

In case they didn’t get the message yet we will be coming to DC tommow to pay a vist to Ms Nancy to tell her we own that dome too!

Oh and by the way — the Independent that no one ever heard of up in  an obscure tiny out of the way NY State  district did a great job of nearly beating the machine and now we know we can all make a run for it and probably will from here on it! Way to go Hoffman!

This was not about Republican and Democrats – it was about incumbents- we intend to throw thewm all out one by one – and we are coming after you Nancy- Harry, Chris and the rest of you ensconced crooks from both sides of the crooked isles.  435 and 38 are marked for elimination in 2010!

4 Responses

  1. The independant was way ahead in the polls but lost.

    Methinks, ACORN in action.

    They threw a bone to WTP by “allowing” red hat guys in but did manage to defeat the ONLY one running who would actually WORK against zero et al and for constitutional law and sovereign sttae rights.

    Both red hats that were elected are men the globalists in DC CAN do business with, will do NOTHING against an unconsitutional DC, will have us all bending over for health”care” “reform,” cap n trade, copenhagen, yada, yada.

    Both states will CONTINUE to be safe harbor, the citizens extorted for BILLIONS each year in their illegal support.

    BOTH states will continue the give aways called COAH and ABBOTT, NEITHER new gov will do a damned THING about tossing ACORN.

    The pay to play will continue, the only change there is the long line of people whose hands will be out AND FILLED.

    The victory for WTP but one more perception perpetrated by party and media that the reality for citizen will be changed, not worth a hill of beans.

    So yes, they throw us a bone to promote said PERCEPTION that they are actually listening to us much less give a damn.

    WTP actually won squat.

  2. And that NYC reinstalled the midget emperor, the committed people guy who has been in 3 parties in what? 3 years?

    They deserve what they get.

    But the rest of us don’t, we will pay for that petty tyrant in NY thru DC extortion.

    Piss. Shit. F*** Damn.

  3. in re “…did a great job of nearly beating the machine….”

    “both machines.”

  4. old: re, ““both machines.”

    It appears more like 22 districts worth of machines.

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