What all women really need!

Contributed by:  Not In This Lifetime

How much time have we devoted to discussing every aspect of abortion? Forever and do we really think that it will be any different 10, 20, 30 years………………. from now?   I think we all know the answer to this question. 

Exactly, what are the statistics of how many women are affected by the lifetime protection of Gay marriages vs. civil union with full benefits?  This topic will also be discussed for a very longtime.

Why?  Because both of these issues are so controversial and require much more thought in implementing the right solutions or the right compromise.

Yet, both of these groups along with the rest of the women and young girls in this Country is not exempt from Violence Against Women of all ages.

Do we ever consider what should be done about women and young girls who are being abused everyday, every minute, every hour throughout this Country and throughout the world? 

We all know what the answer to this question is, not very high on the list of priorities, is it? 

When exactly, did we turn our backs on the victims, who cry out for our help and justice? 

This type of victimization affects an overwhelming majority of the women and young girls in this Country,  and this ever prevalent issue has a much better chance of being resolved presently,  through education, assistance for the victim and the much deserved justice against the brutal treatment at the hands of their criminal offenders.

Women must insist upon passing laws across the board to send these abusers the message that we will NOT put up with their CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR against women and young girls!  

Women have to demand that laws be passed and enforced to give these CRIMINALS the stiffest penalties for their CRIMES against their VICTIMS! 

Too many times we have seen judgement’s passed,  that amounts to nothing more than a “slap on the wrist”, and many upon their release, go in search of the same VICTIMS or seek out NEW VICTIMS, this is UNACCEPTABLE!

There is not a woman in this Country who is exempt from being victimized at any given time! 

Pick up the newspaper and read about the abused.  Watch your local news.  Talk with your relatives, neighbors and friends.  We know the abuses exists and it needs to stop and by turning your heads away because of the unpleasant thoughts,  will not make the CRIME against women and young girls go away!

I don’t know if the various women’s organizations are so overwhelmed or that they are incapable of  debating this issue that affects all of us or is it because it is not a high profile issue that deserves the attention? 

Are we the only ones at “The Majority United” who even cares and is willing to speakup and speakout for those who have been BRUTALLY VICTIMIZED AND WHAT ABOUT THEIR RIGHTS?

As women, we belong to a most auspicious order of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and  nieces.   Don’t you think that we are way overdue to speakup and to speakout and to be seen and heard from and to take a stand on this issue that effects each and every woman?


9 Responses

  1. I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
    Harriet Tubman

    • Thank you MS. I wish I had started my other piece Women against Women https://freemenow.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/women-against-women/ with that Quote- in fact – I just went back to edit it in. That rant is the result of Radio Interviews with conservative women and a few men that I dared to ask about women’s issues!
      I was very disappointed by Team Sarah and asamom.org radio guests regarding their lack of passion on women’s/girls issues.
      First they claim ALL our children are precious gifts from God but then they seem to think the real issues that actually affect our female children are a taboo subject not to be discussed by proper ladies! I might as well of have used the foul words ‘MOTHER TRUCKER’ in place of ‘violence against women!’
      They all seem to think these are radical lib women’s issues!
      I am extremely frustrated with conservative women when it comes to discussing what really needs done and it becomes very apparent – conservative women are thwarting all efforts to move us ahead. Don’t they think their little girls can be taken from a bus stop? Don’t they think their daughters can be pulled from their beds some night in their sleep = or from a store?
      Don’t they think Sarah Palin’s daughter was raised right?
      Do they really think only trailer trash boys have hormones? Why is talking about the facts like talking dirty? I didn’t swear- I told the truth – the words aren’t dirty – the facts are! Hiding from them won’t change the facts! And ignoring them will not make them go away or protect their daughters or teach their sons.
      I told my 21 year old what happened to that 15 year old in CA and we discussed what should have been done together. We said if it was too dangerous to make the call with peers around – to leave and call 911 but call ASAP!
      I also discussed it with conservatives who automatically mentioned that she was drunk- as if that meant that she no only asked for it but deserved it – and I really do not know what that means in relation to how that affects the boys? Where I come from and how I raised my boys if they found a drunk girl- they would protect her and take her home – not rape her and invite all their friends to come join! What am I missing here? I know my Marc told me about girls he has rescued from parties where he heard there was drinking and went to pick up the girls and drove them home.
      The women from these conservative groups fought me and chose instead to change the subject – they refused to discuss what we as women need to do to stand together and change things! In my opinion- they think they are better then Lbs they thinks Lbs are the problems and deserve what they get!
      I can tell you that Lbs are at least partially at fault for cutting off your sisters with a falsehood. Just how many Libs are Gay or have had an abortion? The percentage is so minute that it is amazing that you are allowing the entire nation to pigeon hole approximately 23% of the population of this country and turn a minimum of 50% of your sisters and a minimum of 70 % of the entire population against you out of fear for what you are not. That is assuming 70% of the population is either /or homophobic or anti prochoice.

      Libs think Conservative women have their heads up their asses and are the problem and do nothing to help matters and so women deserve what they get.
      I can clearly see both are right- we damned well better start working together so all of us are strong and smart enough to change things for all our daughters.
      Harriet Tubman was right so many more could be freed but – neither side knows just how many of them are still slaves!

      • I’d venture to say that it isn’t just conservative women who seem to think talking about sexual assault is not acceptable or that women who are raped must have somehow sent the wrong message. SURVIVORS OFTEN BLAME THEMSELVES. Other women need to believe that if you only behave ‘right’ it won’t happen to them. We tell our daughters to dress modestly and they get the message that it will be their fault if they are targeted because they wore a tank top on a hot summer day.

        Underneath all of this is the wholesale buying by society of the myth that men can not be expected to control themselves. Perhaps it is that 1 out of 3 men who would rape if they knew they wouldn’t get caught that should be given chastity belts or left in the barn like the other animals.

        I’m just guessing here that even a ‘good girl’ of that age cares more about being considered stuck-up or perhaps a racist if she refuses to walk to an isolated spot at a “friend’s” invitation. Most women have a very intact sense of OhOh when things don’t seem right but many ignnore it so as not to seem rude. Predators who prey on women are especially good at exploiting this.

        I talked to Harriet and she said she thinks that her quote would be a fine start to this lovely rant.

        • You are very right my dear BUT just to be sure – the media makes sure women dress to make sure there is some reason to point to them as the fault and they have done a great job . They have managed to convince women freedom is to their benefit- freedom to do what? Freedom to be exploited? What else can we call it?

          You can say a tank top to be cool in the summer but it damned well is more than the top – it is the way we act in that top the way we are pictured and seen as sex objects in that top- we are sexualized in a sack let alone the top. Why are our girls getting tit jobs at 16?

          We must admit when you shove all this sex down little boys and girls throats from birth and both are raised on it – they both react to it . Girls are taught to flaunt it and give it away and boys are taught to go get it!

          What do I tell my boys when they lust after burger that is advertised to make them hungry- then presents itself on a platter as free, and willing to be eaten? If he has been convinced its free lunch and the burger is convinced that is her job- – its gonna be hard to keep them apart! And let me add every girl that comes prancing by looking like the same free burger and presenting herself the same way will be viewed as the same free burger. Boys are even taught that a little resistance is a girls coy way of playing!

          We have to change the way they see their roles! We must change the ads- the music and the video games – we must elevate women’s roles from sex objects to human beings!

          BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United http://www.TheMajorityUnited.com http://www.FreeMeNow.wordpress BTR. The Majority United Radio Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

          • Not an iota of disagreement with the media’s role.

            Men it is your job as a man and a father to help your son make the choice to be a man who doesn’t exploit women and has the guts to speak up when other men are doing so. As much as it is horrible to think that your daughter grows up and is raped, I think there must be a different kind of horror for someone whose son grows up to be a rapist or would stand by and cheer when something like what happened in California is occuring. If you let the media define for your son what it is to be a man, you are certainly increasing the odds of that happening.

  2. You are so right – the boys will be boys bit is getting old now! The locker room talk and cute little smiles crap might have seemed cute in the 60’s when they were stealing a kiss but they are now stealing a girl’s life.
    I am not condoning stealing a kiss mind you but the attitude is still the same but the steal has escalated.
    Have any of you seen what porn looks like now?
    It’s not sex- it is bestiality- beatings gang rape and ultravilolent- hatred and sometimes ends in such battering that death occurs.
    These little girls who are snatched are brutalized and buried alive after they are tortured. Women are tortured to death or tortured till they beg for death!
    Do you wonder why? Do not wonder – I will tell you – look through a high end MAG- they sell $900.00 shoes to girls who buy them- the ad shows these girls dead in a trunk with only the legs hanging out. Why?
    Why do these girls accept this? It sells! Why? Why does the Calvin Kein jean sell for so much and pay a million bucks to depict a baby faced gal nearly naked seductively entertaining 5 nearly naked boys on Times Square? How many moms know about the ads for the clothes your daughters wear?
    You don’t! I guarantee you don’t. There is nothing else out there to buy so you are supporting these ads and you do not even know it! The ads skirt on porn- it’s not sex- it is bestiality- beatings gang rape and ultravilolent- hatred and sometimes battering or dead or dismembered bodies selling shoes. Write me – I will send you copies of the latest winners depicting all of the above mentioed of popular products.
    You ARE supporting this behavior in your sons and daughters by paying for these ads – shows etc. etc. and you do not even know it and you refuse to let me tell you. SHAME! Instead you fight me tooth and nail. If you mother daughters – you blame boys – if you mother sons you blame girls.
    If you are conservative you blame Libbers – if you are a Libber you blame Conservatives. TRUTH is – it’s our fault ladies, all 52% of us because we refuse to unite and stop it.
    That which we do not condemn – we condone by omission. Free Us Now / The Majority United!
    Where is GLENN BECK when I need him?

  3. When global warming and greenhouse gases, green this green that and the fate of the “polar bears” are more important than Violence Against Women of all ages, there is something seriously wrong with the thinking in this Country!

    Practically, everyday in the media, we are bombarded with commercials of those in Hollywood, yammering on about the plight of the “polar bears” and many of us have questioned for years about the “global warming” myth! Renowned scientist from around the world have “busted” this myth, time and time again!

    For all the wasted time spent on a myth, when there are VICTIMS who are being brutally victimized everyday, every minute, every hour in this Country, who deserve to have their stories told and they most desperately need our help and we need to educate the public and stop the offenders!

    With the plight of the “polar bears” versus the Violence Against Women of all ages, does this not sound RIDICULOUS in comparison!

    We all need to ask ourselves, when did we lose our “humanity” for the VICTIMS OF ABUSE?

    When did we become so uninvolved with Violence Against Women and young girls?

    Time to take up the mantle to stop Violence Against Women and young girls that exists in every town, every city and in every state in our Country and not somewhere in the frozen tundra!

  4. For all our claim to enlightement and civility, we are fundamentally a violent nation.

    I am all for the harshest of penalties for violent crimes, not just against women but children, men and animals, too.

    No doubt the violence against women and children has escalated.

    No doubt violence is predominently perpetrated by men.

    And no doubt our system lets perps off easy.

    Consider however, back to c vs. l, the two philosophies, ponder how it is, that the perps get off so lightly and compare the two POV’s below with your own:

    Prison should be punitive.

    Prison should be rehabilitative.

    Many of the violent acts are committed by repeat offenders.

    Pyschiatrists and AMA agree, pyschopaths and sexual predators can not be rehabilitated or reformed.

    And yet, we continually watch, thereby countenance the current (progressive) agenda that allows shorter sentences on plea deals, faster paroles and a quasi lip service to therapy in between.

    To say that WTP “allow” it is a mistake since the 70% neither “allow” it nor do they agree.

    Your angst is shared by many. Historically the left has been most vocal, both by gettin out there with protests and having a voice in media.

    The majority who are center and right, have been too busy working and creating their own “seige” strategy, protect their own hearth and home to show up at protests and their disapproval effectively silenCED by media and ignored by the powers that be.

    From that newly acquired right wing friend of yours, (me) these things have not gone unnoticed. Just drowned out.

    “Come over to the dark side.” ~~~ Darth Vader

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