RNC- Letter

November 3, 2009

Mr. Michael Steele
Republican National Committee
10 First Street, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Mr. Steele:

I received your 2009 OBAMA AGENDA SURVEY today and am returning it with a modest contribution. There are some important things that you missed in this survey.

For one, most informed Americans are frightened out of their minds at the socialist turn this sinister administration has taken. The civilian army he is building, we fear can be used against the citizens of this country. With the state of emergency he now has declared under the guise of H1N1 the stage is set for martial law. The DNC has shown itself to be vindictive and quite adept at the Chicago Way. If Obama does not get his way on health care, I am fearful of what he will do.

Secondly, why is it that the DNC and Obama have so far gotten away with perpetrating the biggest fraud in American history? How did Nancy Pelosi get away with never vetting Obama? Why didn’t Hillary speak up? Why didn’t the RNC speak up? Obama has sealed all of his birth records, education records, and passport records. He has spent over $1.7 million of our money to hide these records and pay his attorneys. The one chance we thought we had to expose him in Santa Ana, CA GOT DISMISSED by Judge David O. Carter, after he hired a law clerk from the Obama camp. The people of this country who know that something is hugely amiss are ridiculed and dismissed as being whack jobs when we try to get to the bottom of this. It makes me furious. The courts, including the Supreme Court find every reason under the sun not to hear the case on its merits.

The quickest way to rid this country of the danger, which I believe is real, is to investigate these hidden documents and find the truth. If Obama has committed fraud he should be arrested along with Pelosi and anyone else involved. This is not a joke! Finally, I must add that I do not think it is even constitutional to force the citizens of this country to pay for anyone else’s healthcare or participate in a government healthcare plan prior to retiring.

Does the Constitution of the United States matter more? I don’t think it can considering the corrupt bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler that stole dealerships and stock from private citizens. Who the hell are these radical czars surrounding Obama bypassing the normal channels of the branches of government? Advisors are one thing but when they start talking about taking over the internet, shutting down talk radio, using art for propaganda and indoctrinating school children it sends a chill up my spine! Congress is really over-reaching and God willing we will bounce as many of them out next year as humanly possible.

I am sickened, disgusted and embarrassed that the United States is seen as weak around the world and this president goes around apologizing for US! That photo op at Dover last week is by far the most despicable thing he has done (so far). If you people can’t get to the bottom of this and stop him, we will! If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you are complicit.

Very sincerely yours,


CC: House Minority leader John Boehner

Senate Majority leader Mitch Mc Connell

Senator David Vitter

Representative Steve Scalise


19 Responses

  1. I have come to the conclusion that the RNC is deaf, dumb and blind!

    They are responsible for all the irresponsible agendas set forth in the past with their “party politics” at the expense of the American People’s well being!

    In other words they are just as responsible as the Dems for the decline of our Nation!

    Unfortunately, both sides will have to pay the price for their inexcusable actions and fortunately for the American People, there will be new faces in congress, starting in 2010, 2012, 2014!

    • Excuse me but the RNC has never attempted to make the United States a socialist nation. Our freedom is at stake and our soldiers are being hung out to dry due to our so-called commander in chief playing politics on the domestic front.

      Are our soldiers being held hostage by this president until he gets socialized medicine passed, Gitmo closed and cap and trade passed?

      I hope all of the uninformed people who voted for skin color or rock star status are happily spending their
      thirteen dollars and CHANGE! And when your earned income credit (something for nothing) gets eaten up by your healthcare fine I will be ROTFLMAO!

      • I disagree. Globalism is a socialist form of gov’t., and
        even a cursory look at the lgislation the GOP passed when they had the majority, 1996- 2006, was nothing but the march to globalism, the sell off of America, her jobs, her assets. aka Transfer of our wealth.

        And with their dastardly deeds acted against sovereignnation and consitutional right of self determination among other things.

        The GOP is intent on “benign” socialism, Zero et al are intent on Marxism, tyrannical dictatorship.

        Both mean to deliver us on a silver platter to UN, Wrold Court and global governance.


        • Stop blaming former administrations and stick to the issue at hand. We must remove the comander in thief,
          by proving he has committed the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on American citizens, leaving us open to blackmail and worse.

          If the scared judges won’t do anything about it we can surely render him useless by correcting the checks and balances in 2010.

          • Oh, my friend … if we are to know where we are going and how to go, we need to know where we’ve been and how we got here.

            Had not the GOP put us in this vulnerable position for Zero and his henchmen, we’d ne having an ENTIRELY fdifferent conversation than we are, today. 😉

  2. This is an excellent letter and my sentiments exactly. I too question why those wanting access to Obama school transcripts, paper trail when he was Illinois senator, passport , etc are being seen as idiots. I cannot and will not donate to any party that appears to be complicit with concealing info of our leaders that voters have a right to know,

    • I’m not sure those questioning Obama’s credentials are being seen as idiots as much as being portrayed as such by the same media that choose to not verify anything about Obama in the first place. Nothing brings out the Obot trolls more than asking those questions.

      Personally my take on all this is that Obama has spent most of his life perpetuating lies about his past based on the fact that his mother was still only 17 when he was conceived. She had met Barack Obama Sr. only 1 or 2 months earlier. Sr. was not only a balck man in the early 60’s but a twenty-five year old married Kenyan. Ms. Obama portrayed Sr. as a hero of some sorts to Jr. I would not be surprised if the truth was fudged in other areas also. How better for Jr. to prevent probing questions than to ‘write’ a history of himself and vilify anyonewho would question it.

      School records??? Affirmative Action was intended to somehow offer a remedy for past discrimination. It was not intended to help a man with no history of slavery raised by white people in Indonesia who spent his teen years in a private high school smoking dope. I imagine there would be some people upset if Obama was indeed a recepient of the benefits of Affirmative Action.

      Just my guesses. Could be he had bad grades and took a lot of dance classes.

  3. Hey, Not! 🙂

    They are not deaf, dumb or blind.

    The word is “complicit.”

    Both parties are actively working against our nation.

    When you take that as the predicate fundamental, the rest becomes clear.

    I need not prove that fundamental to you, I see you already know since you said “They are responsible for all the irresponsible agendas set forth in the past with their “party politics” at the expense of the American People’s well being! ”

    The 64 thousand dollar … or these days more aptly, the 64 trillion dollar question is, what are WTP going to do about it?

    IMO, BOTH PARTIES NEED TO GO and we need to vote 3rd party ALL THE WAY. 10,12 & 14 ….. and every damned election after that, NO INCUMBANTS!

  4. Seems we are all of the same mind. If we band together no one can stop us. Keep ringing their phones off the wall (they are starting to recognise my voice!).. 2010 must be a REAL shake up. Can you imagine capturing 40 seats in the House? They say it can’t be done but to coin a phrase I say “YES WE CAN!”

    Let’s hope Orly and the other attorneys can find a way to file this case where no court and no crooked Judge can legally throw it out.

  5. CApturing 40 seats for whom? We MUST be careful of the company we keep and not replace frick w/frack else all will have been for naught.

    Regards Orly, there is a big push in Jersey at least to censor O’Reilly for celebrating Judge Carter’s tossing of the court case and fininf her $20,000 for bring a “nusiance suit.”

    And again, painting us Consitution lovers as a few crazies and attesting that Obama is a citixen.


    How many of us in this peoples’ movement now, do you suppose?

    I submit to you all that we should factor out how much of our federal tax bill is for unconsitutional spending but esp. that part that pays for Zero’s dictates should be challenged, pending his producing documents of eligibility.

    We DO afterall have not just the Consitutional right but OBLIGATION to defend it from ALL nenemies, FOREIGN and domestic.

    And so, when the IRS prensents us with a bill, we should all be challenging, class action and pro se, decalring we are not consitutionally bound to adhere to unconsitutional law and we do not recognize his authority until he proves he has the legal right to be presidnet.

    In this way, we cal all be Orly Tatz;s and we all SHOULD be.

  6. The problem has been for decades, is that we did not stand united and together. This allowed the takeover of our government, changing of our constitution and our rights and freedom to be taken away from us. Maybe Obama and the current congress has done America a favor. It woke us up. Now its time to kick these bastards out of congress and take back the country, restore our rights and put the constitution back into its original form.

  7. Ron, yes, emphatically. Many now are turning away from looking for remedy from dc and turning toward their state houses, intent on getting them to declare state sovereign rights and refusing to go along w/the marxist policies coming out of dc.

    hope you will consider joining that part of the movement too, it is growing exponentially by the day.

    • Is there a website for the state sovereignity movement?

      • There are a number of them, you can search them ut by state. I forget if it’s 18 or 30 states where there is a push to either assert exisiting or establishing amendments to state consitutions declaring sovereign state rights. I know texas has one that includes the right of seccession.

        If it is a cause you would adopt, find one in your own state, if you’d like my help, just let me know … I think I know what state you are in.

        But the thing is, it needs to be each sovereign state asserting its own rights, all in tandem w/each other.

        Food for thought:

        The British surrendered in 1781. The Paris Peace Treaty was ratified in 783. The Consitution was put together in 1787 and adapted in 1789.

        IOW, for fully 8 years, our country ran as invisioned, SOVEREIGN states in charge of their own self determination.

        They established the Federal Gov’t with VERY LIMITED POWERS and were careful to incorporate these restrictions withint the Consitution.

        Moreover, they included the 9th, 10th and 11th to make it clear that federal had no authority over states’ rights and local rights of self determination and setting their own standards.

        The very ACT OF THE MOVEMENT APPEALING, PETITIONING, RALLYING, ETC., the Federal Gov’t for redress is a HUGE mistake, it undermines state authority … end running/circumventing state authority marginalizes the MOST IMPORTANT, LAWFUL AND EFFECTIVE way to challenge DC and at the same time, TACITLY ACKNOWLEDGE/concedes that it is federal, not state that has said authority.

        They don’t. We AND THEY have to stop acting as if DC does.

  8. While some of you are playing the blame game!!!

    I am sure that most have forgotten why we are in the financial state that we are in. Bush warned congress of a financial meltdown in 2003 and 2005. Pelosi, Frank and the other demos, said that he was crazy n didn’t know what he was talking about.

    Now, with obamaitis & pelositis, they never having met one of your dollars that they didn’t love to spend they are now working on your great, great, great, great grandchildren’s earnings.

    • Hi Ron- welcome,
      I just got back from DC- what an argument I had with Barney Frank.

      We had one hell of an argument after he said all of us storminghis office was like working in a furniture factory.

      I told him I want heath care reform but I am not a dining room table or a piece of furniture and what I do want is to be part of the discussion! And i reminded him that he works FOR me not the other way round!

  9. Indeed, Bush tried to stem the Community Reinvestment Act as early as 2001.

    Halfheartedly since he also had the push to make everyone realize the American Dream of Homeownership and needed a robust economy to finance the war.

    This is a great video for those who have no clear understanding of what happened. It opens the door to understanding.


  10. what would frank know about the furniture fsctory business or any other real business at all.

    He’s got experience in two industries, gov’t and all bout screwing the people, the other a faggot bawdy house where he’s all about screwing men.

    The latter tells you where on our bodies he prefers to do his screwing, too.

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