What to do if an agent knocks

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Voice of the Voiceless
“If An Agent Knocks” Updated & Re-released
by Peter Young
Sep 27th, 2009
http://voiceofthevo iceless.org/ ?p=850

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has reissued the pamphlet “If an Agent Knocks” – a document written for activists likely to be
targeted by the FBI. For the first time in over a decade, this classic “know your rights” pamphlet has been updated with the most timely and
relevant information available.

I advise all activists to take a small amount of time to read this pamphlet. This is among the best investments you can make as an

From the CCR descriptoin: “This guide includes both the timeless advice included in the original version and extensive updates to
reflect the current state of the law and law enforcement tools. It also includes a comprehensive discussion of today’s technology,
including cell phones, e-mail and Web browsing.”

Download the PDF here.
http://salsa. democracyinactio n.org/dia/ track.jsp? v=2&c=JTKWEkQGST ff2mFzq7nObZ% 2B4PhLX%2F1gR



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