Make Mine Freedom

Fascinating and to think that some still don’t get it!  Harding College put this out in 1948 – it seemed far out then and some still think it is – guess some never learn.

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  1. “Without our Freedoms and Rights, we no longer exist at Americans!”

    We are most fortunate to exist in a Country that has afforded so many Americans the opportunities to experience their “American Dreams” and yet, there are those who would forsake “Our Beloved America” for promises of a “One World Order”!

    Throughout history, we know that “nothing is free in life” and we all have to “pay our dues” through hard work!

    This is the “American Way”!

    This “One World Order” offers a world where your freedoms, your rights and your independence does not exist!

    This is not just about race or religious beliefs or our status in life, this is about complete control over every aspect of our lives and the “enslavement” of a nation of People, who have tasted Democracy and Freedoms for centuries!

    Race, religious beliefs and one’s status in life are being used in varying methods to “encourage dissent” and to “create a divide” among the American People, which makes us more malleable and easier to control!
    There are many that are deaf, dumb and blind to the truths but, those of us who know the truths must move forward to protect our most precious heritage our Freedoms!

    “For in order to protect the past and our future, we must hold on to the present!”

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