Voter imposed Term limits

By: BettyJean Kling

In 1992 and again in 1994. I ran for NJ State Legislature as an Independent. My platform included two items no politician would ever include I&R (Initiative and Referendum) and Term Limits. The more things change – the more they stay the same. Now more than ever- we need I&R and term Limits and now, just as we did then, politicians are not going to volunteer to give up power. We are going to have to take our country back. Now just as I did then I have a plan.

The Patriot Plan: Voter imposed Term limits
BettyJean Downing ~ 1992

The political idea of representation is based on the idea that some person or institution acts on behalf of the people, by re-presenting their beliefs, attitudes and perspectives. The big advantage of representative government is that it allows the citizens to have some influence on their rulers.

Nowhere does it nor should it imply a representative stay in office long enough to get powerful enough to overpower other politicians who were elected to represent their people. The idea then of seniority defeats the very purpose of a representative government.

To avoid this problem and ensure every elected official fully represents the constituency, we need term limits. They are not going to limit their own terms so we have to do it for them. I urge you to join me and vote against all incumbents, this will ensure these politicians will serve their constituents with equal weight and standing.

The Patriot Plan’s intent is to keep throwing them out till it just doesn’t pay for them to stay in the business of politics. Instead of voting for a candidate who intends to self serve, I am voting against candidates in order to enforce voter imposed term limits. The goal is to get rid of the R’s and the D’s and replace them with non partisan patriots who are not aspiring to choose politics as a lifetime career goal.

Just think what this will do for breaking the duopoly! You think the two parties will fight so hard to keep these seats to themselves once we ensure the career politician with lifetime perks aspect of public service obsolete? Just as two terms prevents dictatorship in a president, term limits prevents corruption on every level.

Arguing Republicans vs. Democrats is fruitless; we should be arguing term limits. Career politicians have opposed term limits on the grounds they need seniority to get their constituents a better deal. Their constituents, like them intend to deprive other citizens of the same level of representation. Sadly, selfishness begets selfishness and the continued corruption based on greed.

Our elected politicians are paid scandalous salaries and perks and still go out of their way to skim, steal and find other ways to feather their nests. How much is enough? In reality these money hungry politicians are protecting a corrupt political system that no longer serves the citizens as a whole and throws crumbs to local constituents.

It will take some time but if we begin to crack down on this gimmick- we can turn this country around. The Patriot Plan is designed to argue for voter imposed term limits to drive the charlatans out and make room for patriots who propose to serve in the true spirit of service.

Any other action results in the status quo, The Patriot Plan is a viable solution and one that every voter can participate in. We must throw the bums out from the lowest office to the highest.

Unfortunately- corruption from the lowest office to the highest has continued unabated and all we do is bleat with the sheep? We belly ache but hold on to our own corrupt officials when there is something in it for us.

They have corrupted your vote with pork and if all else fails with fear and if you continue to fall for that – you not only condone it but are complicit.

Where have all the patriots gone? Many have scoffed at The Patriot Plan claiming it’s idealistic to believe folks will run if there is nothing in it for them. Not so, you only have to turn to our enlisted service people to find hundreds of thousands who serve our country at risk of life and limb for the sake of serving. Our national guard for example currently serves like full time soldiers without full time soldier benefits and they put their lives on the line for us! That is serving our country for the sake of serving selfishly.

The only message politicians understand is money and votes! The only power you have is your vote- Use it for change! Show them you really mean it — in your towns, your districts, your state and your country. Please do not neglect every opportunity to make changes that reach right up to the head of the problem regardless which party is in power. Neither party deserves our vote! Comparing and contrasting them just makes us game pieces for their game of Stratego!

Voter imposed term limits! Vote em out – Vote em all out!


6 Responses

  1. I’m fully on board with voter imposed term limits. But I think we may have to work within the two party system until we get the worst of the incumbents in both parties eradicated. Have you considered running again Betty Jean? Or do you feel you can do more good from outside the system?

  2. I am also on board. This has been a long time coming!
    I absolutely agree with a reduction or an elimination of the “gravy train”, which the American People have had to foot the bill at the cost of our own well being!

    Unless, We The People take this into our hands and impose this upon these reprobates/ politicians, the People will be forever at their mercy, as we are now!

    We do not have the luxury to stand by as in past years and watch these “Circus of Clowns” continue to strip away our very freedoms and rights from us!

    I would also like to add to this plan, to get rid of the lobbyist and special interest, they have been responsible in the corruption of these longtime reprobates / politicians!

    It ‘s time for a new breed of honest and caring politicians up on Capitol Hill, who are willing to work for the People, not the special interest, pork, lobbyist or themselves!

    “Voter imposed term limits! Vote em out – Vote em all out!”


  4. Someone said “Each elected official should be limited to two terms. One in office and one in jail.”

    He has it right.

  5. Evidently, we have at least one politician in the Senate, Jim DeMint (R-SC) who feels that term limits should be imposed upon all politicians in congress.

    In a podcast address on Oct. 22, 2009 on Freedomcast, Senator DeMint talks about introducing this week, a bill for Term limits: 3 terms in the House (6 years) and 2 terms in the Senate (12 years).

    He talks about the abuse of power, “career politicians”, special interests, lobbyist….and makes his recommendations that term limits are not enough, more needs to be done to correct our political system.

    Here is the link to his Podcast and article:

    He makes the point that it is not enought to just change congressmen, we must change congress itself if we are ever to end the corruption!

    Until the day of the much needed reform of congress, vote longtime incumbents OUT and keep voting them OUT until they are all removed, right along with the rest who have “betrayed” America and the American People!

  6. The Alliance for Bonded Term Limits (ABTL) Inc., has another exciting approach that is gaining traction, and that avoids the legislative Gordian Knot.

    Go to our Web Site at , a powerful plank in the platform of any challenger to incumbency.

    Non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots in Pinehurst, NC, ABTL just signed its first Congressional Candidate to the pledge of Bonded Term Limits. We are in discussions with a second candidate for the House, and one for the Senate.

    See Will Breazeale, candidate for NC 7th Congressional Distrtict web announcement.

    See also, JC Watt’s endorsement last week for this unique and viable approach to achieving term limits.

    We intend to change game within the Beltway.

    Best regards,

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