Obama: San Fansisco Tea Party

Gee- did you hear anything about this on the newsmedia? I didn’t! But maybe that is what the PLANTED QUESTION FROM YET ANOTHER CHILD IN THE AUDIENCE WAS ABOUT– “WHY DO THEY HATE YOU” THE CHILD ASKS!

I would have answered the little boy thus: Because I made promises I had no intention of keeping and stole the election and lied lied lied!

A Tea Party greets Obama in San Francisco

Even in San Francisco, Pres. Obama cannot escape protesters. He held a fundraiser at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco tonight (Thursday) and a crowd turned out across the street on Union Square to let him know what they thought:That cable car is climbing Powell Street which separates Union Square from the St. Francis Hotel.

The crowd was not just Tea Partiers. There were also single-payer enthusiasts, 9-11 truthers, and US-out-of-Aghanistan’ers as well. Here is a shot of the central section which, as you can tell from the signs, was largely Tea Partiers:
and from another angle:
The below sign is philosophical: capitalism is freedom. As I took this photo, a liberal was disagreeing with the sign holder about the meaning of freedom.
Some may complain that this sign, with its botany lesson, lacked proper respect for our leader: “Mighty Nuts from Acorns grow”
This man had a nicely illustrated two-sided sign about kool-aid:
This sign recommends drinking the tea instead of the kool-aid:
This sign pointed to the practical economic problem of the soon to expire tax cuts:

It is clear that Rep. Joe Wilson’s point has resonated:

This sign speaks for many of us: “instead of apologizing for America, apologize to America”:
This sign pointed out that there wouldn’t be an America for Obama to be president of if the US military hadn’t preserved it for him:
Many protesters wanted more attention paid to the constitution:
This woman emigrated from Russia and she had a tale to tell about “single-payer” medicine:
In another moral lesson for liberals, “don’t share my wealth, share my work ethic”:
What does Obama stand for? This sign has the answer: Our Beautiful America Misused & Abused:
This concerned citizen knows full well that the “unbiased” media will portray her as part of an angry mob conspiracy:

The Tea Party crowd stayed well past dark:
With the close proximity of left and right in this crowd, there were many discussions but everything remained peaceful. Obama, fundraising inside the hotel, likely heard none of it.


4 Responses

  1. San Francisco is such a great city! I’m happy to see the creativitiy and individual expressions of our citizens practicing freedom in action. Some blog sights make it sound like angry lynch mobs threaten the public safety. It was great to read and see this. Thanks, and thanks to our citizens of San Francisco! I know there are a lot more hoboes out there thanks to our senators, representatives, and President in training.

  2. Thank you, to those brave men and women in the San Francisco Protest!

    We The People will continue to commit ourselves to the protection of our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

    For without our Independence and Freedoms, we no longer exist as Americans!

  3. Loved the signs.

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