Senator Hatch and Chris Matthews Debate Health Care

This clip from the Chris Matthews Show is an interesting Rorschach test for ones political perspective. Posted by a liberal group, their perspective is that it shows that Republicans are unwilling to compromise, and just want to see the President fail. However, from the perspective of a fiscally conservative Independent, I see Senator Hatch making several excellent points. He states how the parties are moving well to the left and to the right respectively, leaving only a few moderate Democrats willing to compromise with Republicans on this bill. Senator Hatch himself has in the past worked on bipartisan health care legislation showing that his disapproval with this bill is not an unwillingness to work across the aisle, but a belief that this is a fundamentally bad bill. He gives an alternative health care solution then explains to Mathews that big government is a problem and not a solution, and that the country’s spending is at risk of bankrupting the country.

Guess it’s all in one’s perspective, but I’d give the points to Hatch not Matthews.

Hatch and Matthews on Health Care and Political Perspective

3 Responses

  1. I cannot stand Chris Matthews. He is still drinking the kool-aid big time, so he is the last person to think a republican would have a valid point. It is pretty sad that our elected officials can’t work together for the good of the country. We need health care reform, and it seems to me that that both parties should have input into a bill. Unfortunately, the Democrats want to strong arm anybody that does not agree with them into backing down. That is not a democracy when you have to silence the opposition. The Dems of today take everything personally, then they have to retaliate. It is no wonder they can.t get anything done. They are all over the Republicans for sure, but they are also fighting among themselves like a day care full of three year olds. Just grow up and do the job you were elected to do,(and do it right) or move over and let somebody that is capable of getting right do the job.And, let us not forget, 2010 is just around the corner!!!!!!

  2. I agree with you Sandy, both sides of the aisles need to get their acts together and start working together to do what the People sent them all to congress for and that is to work in the best interest of the People and not their own corrupt agendas.

    We have a group of 3 year olds fighting among themselves, along with the fact that they constantly have to be watched!

    What the heck are we doing, voting these individuals into their offices year after year and compensating these politicians, when they can’t even do the jobs that We the People send them to do?

    It is obvious, that We the People have to take it out of their hands and vote them all out of office and replace them with those who will work in the interest of the People, 2010, 2012, 2014 until they are all replaced along with this administration!

    The other disturbing thing about this video is the fact that this is being obviously, sponsored by Media Matters of Move On . org and this makes one wonder exactly what is gained by this video that they have sponsored? Call me a skeptic, but this makes me leery of their message.

    Media Matters is the same group that attacked Mr. Independent Lou Dobbs of CNN. According to Media Matters, Lou was spending too much time showcasing the injustices of the two border guards and their Rights verses a criminal drug dealer! He is a strong advocate for protecting our borders just like many of us.

    Media Matters do not support the concepts of ” the truths, will set you free, theory! “

    • The fact Media Matters sponsors this video is part of why I think it so interesting. My view is that Hatch makes a stronger argument than Matthews, but apparently Media Matters disagrees. Also, agree that Matthews is ridiculous in his big Obama love.

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