Health Care Numbers Falling Fast

Rasmussen Reports polling shows, Health Care Reform – Support for Health Care Plan Hits New Low. The most likely health reform plan at this time is the Baucus plan, yet what health care reform means is still largely unknown as numerous amendments to this bill are under review including whether a public option will be part of the bill. Many basic factors regarding cost and effectiveness have not been fully addressed, and a new CBO report states that Medicare benefits will likely be cut even though supporters of the bill have stated the opposite. The Rasmussen poll and accompanying article is an interesting read as it shows how the American people are viewing health reform and its effects.

Just 41% of voters nationwide now favor the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s down two points from a week ago and the lowest level of support yet measured.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% are opposed to the plan.

If the plan passes, 24% of voters say the quality of care will get better, and 55% say it will get worse. In August, the numbers were 23% better and 50% worse.

Fifty-four percent (54%) say passage of the plan will make the cost of health care go up while 23% say it will make costs go down. In August, 52% thought the plan would lead to higher costs, and just 17% thought it would achieve the stated goal of lowering costs.

While many credit or blame the town hall protests for building opposition to the plan, it appears they were simply a reflection of public opinion rather than a creator of it. This sense is confirmed by the fact that Obama’s approval ratings fell more in June and July before stabilizing in August.

One thing that did change during the month of August is that public perception of the protesters improved. Most voters came to believe that the purpose of the town hall meetings was for members of Congress to listen rather than speak. That’s partly because just 22% believe Congress has a good understanding of the legislation.

While some Democrats have charged that opposition to the president’s plan is based upon racism, just 12% of voters agree.

Voters overwhelmingly believe that every American should be able to buy the same health insurance plan that Congress has. Most favor limits on jury awards for medical malpractice claims and think that tort reform will significantly reduce the cost of health care. Forty-eight percent (48%) want a prohibition on abortion in any government subsidized program while 13% want a mandate requiring abortion coverage.

Support For Obama Health Care Reform Continues to Drop

3 Responses

  1. How about they go back to the drawing board or just put it on the shelf until we can vote them all out. Someone needs to take on the drug companies and the Insurance companies without giving it over to the government.

    • Agreed, the more you hear about the health care plans the worse they sound. Looks like the Baucus plan pays for itself mainly by raiding Medicare. It’s like a circular firing squad watching the Democrats try to do these bills.

  2. They all need to go back to the drawing board and scrap these ridiculous proposals that strictly benefits the far lefts agendas of “absolute monopoly” over the healthcare system and every other “half-baked idea” that is being shoved right down our throats!

    Let the American People know when you have something “viable” without stripping Medicare and Medicaid in your “redistribution scam”! Only fix what is broken!

    As long as the “Servants of the People” continue on with their disreputable agendas, we will all in “earnest” continue to vote all of you out of office and replace all of you, starting in 2010, 2012, 2014!

    Here is a tip for all politicians to ponder! The American People are considering “Term Limits” for many who have been in office for much too long and the most inexcusable act of them all, forgetting about the People you represent, who put you into your seats!

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