Welfare Capitalism?

Contributed by Dave Ketchum

When I read nasty words about capitalism, I think of the way capitalism has been done near here – and wonder if it could be more successful for all concerned if done more like what I write of below:

Welfare Capitalism? Whatever you call it, what I write of here benefited many who were involved in and around Johnson City (near Binghamton, NY).

Why was I able to ride a carousel for free? Because George F, when he could afford such, and remembering such rides being an unaffordable luxury for him when he was young, donated some with the free riding being specified.

What did he do to become half-owner of the company with Henry Endicott? Being visible as a foreman and apparently a good prospect for the company doing well if he was in charge – seems Henry used good judgment in making him a partner.

Why is this village called “Johnson City”? Reflexion of residents’ appreciation of George F. Why are there arches at entrances to the village? E-J workers paid for and erected these stone arches embossed with Home of the Square Deal.

NOT a place where unions could expect to get employees a better deal.

How big a company? It GREW: The company was responsible for nearly all of the shoe and footwear for the United States Army duringWorld War I and World War II.

After George F died E-J shrunk – not clear if he could have continued what he started.

Source for most of what I write here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endicott_Johnson_Corporation

Carousel Capital of the World: George F. Johnson donated six carousels to the Triple Cities.

But E-J’s most long lasting and important economic contribution may be its influence on its neighbor in Endicott, New York. IBM, due at least in part to the influence of E-J’s example, became one of the earliest and most important providers of employee benefits.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you Dave Ketchum, for your article. Whatever happened to some of the “good old days” of thoughtfulness and generosity?

    All of those long ago patriots, who came to this Country to establish a new life and a new world, where everyone could share the “American dream” to own their very own little corner of the world!

    Now, we are being told that Capitalism is bad and anyone who aspires to this mentality is “Selfish”! This, in and of itself is totally RIDICULOUS! Many who have done well, have given back to their workers and their communities.

    I have seen posts along with others, on the internet that is “ignorant” to say the least.

    Condemning those long ago skilled patriots, who dared to start a business by employing workers, purchasing goods and services from farmers, blacksmiths and a variety of tradesmen.
    All parties benefitted through these transactions which has now, become known as “Capitalism”.

    Our founding fathers are being trashed for writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution because they were business owners and Capitalist’s. Forget the fact that they were “chosen by the People”!

    Now, we have those from the radical left, who wish to rewrite our American History, which is not perfect but, what country’s History is.
    All of our beliefs are based upon a solid foundation of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Our founding fathers where men who were way ahead of their times, in there beliefs.

    If there is corruption in the market of today, then whose fault is this? Take a good look at whose running the operations of corruption. None of us have to look very far and none of us have to put anything under a microsope, it is blatantly out in the open for all the People to see! Who has allowed this to happen? Should our government take the responsiblity?

    Ask yourselves, who benefits from taking away the “American Dream”, it certainly is not the American People, themselves?

    We are being told that the “American Dream” is a myth and only our government should be allowed to decide who, receives what. We call this an “abusive monopoly”, that this administration, those in congress and their unscrupulous supporters of this agenda is responsible for promoting this falacy!

    There is no room in our Country for an “abusive monopoly” and the American People in the end will have their say!

    I do know that this Country would be nothing, if you did not have these brave men and women who started their new life by encouraging all of us to find and “follow our own dreams” and to make a better world for all who believe that this is possible!

    Now a days, we have all who complain, gripe and feel sorry for themselves because they feel that others are receiving more than they are, this is know as ENVY and JEALOUSY!

    For all who wish to succeed in owning their own little corner of the world, the opportunity is available. Does it take a lot of hard work to achieve this, absolutely. Nothing is free in life! We all have to pay our dues at sometime or another and are we not better for the experience!

    • This is a great reply to Dave Ketchum’s piece!

      BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United Free-US-Now.com FreeMeNow.wordpress The Majority United Radio Founder: Free US Now- “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

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