Shame on Montana and on Obama!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Obama goes to Montana and gets a resounding round of applause for every word he says.

A citizen bravely stands and faces the President and states he is a member of the NRA – he gets the applause of 4 braves souls immediately surrounding him the rest of the hall of thousands is eerily quiet. This is Montana – that feels strange – how can it be ?

Now the gentleman mentions he is a strong believer in “The Constitution” and gets the applause of the same 4 other citizens. He looks around incredulously – not even the President of the United States applauds. Shame on Montana. Β 

After the meeting was over the Democratic governor had the nerve to express his pleasure with how well the people of Montana behaved. Oh dear – If I were he – I would be ashamed myself.

Obviously these people don’t remember the importance of “The Constitution” but perhaps a reminder of the lies Mr. Obama uttered not to long ago will at least stop them from making absolute jackasses out of themselves on national TV next time. Oh the shame they could not muster up a round of applause for “The Constitution of the United States of America.”

Remember these words from the man who lied then and lied today and who you applauded?

12 Responses

  1. I wonder if the Governor of Montana, took a look at Conan OBrien’s monologue tonight! Everyone across the country was watching as he ridiculed and made his constituents the butt of a “mean spirited” joke!

    It may have been directed at the brave soul with the NRA and his supporters, but it was a reflection on how all Montanan’s are perceived by the rest of the Country!

    The Governor of Montana and his constituents got more than what they bargained for, along with a rigged, propped up, choreographed Townhall Meeting yesterday!

  2. That group of people are reminicsent of the Stepford Wives.

    • I did read something “HOPEFUL”!!
      This person wrote that they used to LOVE his speeches.
      Now, his voice GRATES on her.
      “1” down many…many..more to go!!

  3. Have to wonder how many in the audience were Montanans, and how many were little nuts (ACORN)

  4. Obama is still campaigning and Many in MT are still drinking the Kool-AID.

  5. First, before anything, get rid of the illegal aliens. Decide how—deportations, or, if you rather, go after employers.

    Second, support the elimination of “birthright citizenship”. 70% of births at public hospitals in the U.S. are the children if illegal aliens. All of these millions of children are immediately eligible to get Medicaid. And they do.

    Huge amounts of those healthcare dollars are being spent on illegal aliens and their many children. How come I have to pay for all of that???

    After that is done, then we can talk about reform.

  6. Morninmist just gave me an idea. Protesters could bring pitchers of Kool Aid to those town halls, and have a nice swig. Hopefully the real kool aid drinkers would get the symbolism.

  7. Our Senatorette-for-Obama Blanche Lincoln first parroted the Pelosi comment that people opposing Obamacare were un-American, then apologized, then apparently went somewhere to hide out. She’s not having any meetings on healthcare. And our Congressman is keeping a remarkably low profile. Maybe they’re both somewhere pondering the fact that our state voted for Hillary in the primary and then McCain in the general.

    I remember the days when I longed for Democrats to be in control of our government and hoped they would provide access to medical services for everyone; now I see the truth in the old cliche “be careful what you wish for.” I’ll choose to continue to deal with my jackass insurance company over any system the Obama-Pelosi-Reid axis of evil will come up with.

    And when did Obama and his cronies in Congress get so faint of heart about a little yelling? Do they not remember how Hillary supporters were treated during the primary? Why did we hear no objections from them then? Even for politicians, this is exceptionally hypocritical.

  8. Congress and this pathetic Administration have unveiled their true hypocritical faces!

    They are no longer to be trusted when it comes to the American peoples survival! We can no longer rely upon our so-called politicians who have sold majority of the American people, their constituents ” right down the river” to a corrupt governmental system!

    For those out there who are still in “dreamland”, wake up and take a good look at what your not so shiny future will consist of. Every single aspect of your lives, right along with ours will be scrutinized until the day you leave this world!

    And “heaven help you” if you ever speak out against this corrupt government, because what we are being offered by this present government will be a “living hell” for ourselves and our families if we continue to “stick our heads in the sand”!

  9. just random blather

    Irony again, Obama speaking about how others could be shamed. when he is so obviously immune.

    Someone kept track of how much of the town meetings where citizens are supposed to ask question was actually the great OZ pontificating. it was something like 8/10th of the time.
    He actually got busted on Politifact for not having negotiations on CSpan.

    A least he didn’t have a group of small children singing Barack Loves Me this I Know.

  10. How to Create a National Health Care Debacle

    1. Write a thousand page bill giving government control of all facets of health care.

    2. Deny angrily that the bill constitutes government run health care.

    3. Scoff at the very idea of reading the bill.

    4. Pass an amendment excluding coverage for abortion. Vote down the amendment on the second ballot.

    5. Campaign against the insurance companies’ windfall profits, and then order individuals to buy insurance under penalty of additional taxes.

    6. Imply that oponents of the plan are Nazis, or constitute a “mob.”

    7. Imply that insurance companies are behind the mobs of protesters.

    8. Have the president drop hints that there will be tough choices to make about end of life care.

    9. Have the president deny that he intends to kill or euthanize grandma.

    10. Let CBO score cost of the plan at a trillion dollars.

    11. Make the president insist that the plan must be passed in order to cut escalating health care costs.

    12. Hint to single payer supporters that the bill will lead to single payer.

  11. We’ll never hear tough questions at these town hall Obamacare promotional events.

    Single payer is the way to go. Obama’s plan keeps the powers that be in place. I encourage everyone to look at these vids and keep an open mind:

    single payer action channel

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