Sarah Palin is a Brainiac

Contributed By: Steve Maloney

Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac – Page 1 – The Daily Beast

There are many good articles on Sarah Palin, but perhaps the best one appeared by Elaine Lafferty in “The Daily Beast.”  Its title is “Sarah Palin is a Brainiac.”  Here’s the first paragraph below.
The former editor in chief of Ms. magazine (and a Democrat) on what she learned on a campaign plane with the would-be VP.

“It’s difficult not to froth when one reads, as I did again and again this week, doubts about Sarah Palin’s “intelligence,” coming especially from women such as PBS’s Bonnie Erbe, who, as near as I recall, has not herself heretofore been burdened with the Susan Sontag of Journalism moniker. As Fred Barnes—God help me, I’m agreeing with Fred Barnes—suggests in the Weekly Standard, these high toned and authoritative dismissals come from people who have never met or spoken with Sarah Palin. Those who know her, love her or hate her, offer no such criticism. They know what I know, and I learned it from spending just a little time traveling on the cramped campaign plane this week: Sarah Palin is very smart.”

Of course, the liberal attitude toward Gov. Palin is that she must be stupid.  Why?  Because she graduated from the University of Idaho (and, unlke Obama and Sotomayor, was not an Affirmative Action student at places like Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard).  Because she’s from Alaska (where everybody must be stupid, right?).  Because she’s very attractive (and bright women are * all ugly right?).  Because she’s a Republican (and Republicans are, well, you know, right.  And because she’s a mother of five children (and bright women have an average of 0.0 children, right?). 

About 2300 years ago, Aristotle said, “All men [note: he also meant women] desire by nature to learn.”  If there had been liberals in ancient Greece, Aristotle would have made them exceptions to his rule.  Aristotle would have loved Sarah Palin.  Socrates defined wise people as those “who know what they do not know.”  Socrates, meet Sarah.  Sarah . . . Socrates. 

Note- I  took the liberty of removing the woman’s name here .- (BJ) removed  and replaced it with the term ugly.

21 Responses

  1. My mother is the mother of 5 kids, and the 2 things you never call my Mom is stupid or old. And she really liked Sarah Palin. BTW, she is 83 years young, and was a lifelong Dem until this last election, then she voted Republican. It was because of Sarah Palin, and the way the Dems treated Hillary.

  2. Reasons I doubt Palin’s intelligence:

    1. She took 6 years and 5 colleges to graduate with a degree in journalism, and yet she still can’t write in a clear, concise style.

    2. She doesn’t understand the need to dress for the occasion. For example, wearing jeans to her successor’s swearing in ceremony. If you’ll examine the pictures, you’ll note that the rest of the officials and spouses were in suits.

    3. She never understood the need to be present in Juneau during the entire legislative session. Short trips away during session would be fine, but if the legislators are wearing “Where’s Sarah?” buttons, she should have realized she needed to appear more often. Also, it is never wise to leave Juneau during the final days of the session. By doing so, her bills and her nominee were both scuttled.

    4. She didn’t follow basic medical procedures of not flying while in the last trimester, thereby endangering her unborn special-needs child. On top of this, she boarded 2 planes and bypassed several hospitals while leaking amniotic fluid without even attempting to be physically examined by a physician. Not my candidate for mother of the year.

    I could keep going, but that is enough for now. But you’ll note that not one of my reasons includes not graduating from an ivy league (Bill Gates never graduated at all), being attractive, being Republican, coming from Alaska or having children.

    • Nor do your reasons include anything substantive. Nothing on policy. Just the same old snarky comments on her education, clothes, fitness as a mother, blah blah blah. I would’ve thought the programmers could’ve come up with something new by now.

  3. # 5 The extreme religious right made her. In my opinion the Republican Party has been taken over the most extreme religious right (people who love to push their beliefs on others while trying to take away their rights) and that’s who they need to focus on if they real want to win. Good Luck, because as they said in WACO, “We Ain’t Coming Out”.

    In the same vein, to all the birthers in La, La Land, it is on you to prove to all of us that your assertion is true, if there are people who were there and support your position then show us the video (everyone has a price), either put up or frankly shut-up. I heard Orly Taitz, is selling a tape (I think it’s called “Money, Lies and Video tape”). She is from Orange County, CA, now I know what the mean when they say “behind the Orange Curtain”, when they talk about Orange County, the captial of Conspiracy Theories. You know Obama has a passport, he travel abroad before he was a Senator, but I guess he fooled them too?

  4. You’re doing something right here BJ. Obviously you’ve attracted the attention of the OIC’s, and here they come whistling past the graveyard, right on schedule. Keep up the good work.

  5. They really are afraid of Palin. But they can fabricate lies from now until the next election, and it won’t affect my admiration for her integrity, work ethic and fighting spirit. I trust her any day over the community organizer who thinks there are 57 states.

  6. Reason’s I doubt OIC’s (Obama’s Internet Cockroaches) intelligence:
    1. They are apparently incapable of comprehending the possibility/probability that Palin changed schools for financial reasons. They think that if you can’t find a wealthy patron to underwrite your education the way Obama did is an indication of intelligence.
    2. It has apparently not occured to them that Palin might very well understand the need to dress for the occasion, but in all likelihood doesn’t give a rat’s ass what they or anybody else thinks about her wardrobe and clothing choices. They also don’t seem to understand that she had just spent the day serving hot dogs to her constituents, because she isn’t as suave and debonair as their Messiah, who would never lower himself to do any such thing. And even if he did, the steam from the buns would fog his teleprompter, and he can’t take a chance on it malfunctioning.
    3. What she understood was that the only possible reason that she would need to be in Juneau for the entire legislative session would be to put powder in the diapers of the people wearing the “Where’s Sarah” buttons, in case they couldn’t figure out how to do it by themselves. She also understood that most of the Legislature packed up and took a trip to D.C. on the taxpayers dime, but apparently thought she should stay in Juneau just in case they needed her for an emergency powder run.
    4. They apparently don’t have the intelligence or the common sense to figure out that if a woman has already had four babies, she has a pretty good idea as to whether or not she’s going to deliver in the next 10 minutes. And even though they have apparently appointed themselves as medical experts, they do not seem to comprehend that the baby doesn’t come out with the first drop of amniotic fluid.
    #5. I think this one speaks for itself. Only an OIC would have the gall question Gov. Palin’s intelligence in a comment that is full of run-on sentences and misspelled words.

    I could keep going, but that is enough for now. But you’ll note that not one of my reasons has anything to do with the skin color of the President. You don’t have to be a racist or an Ivy league graduate to recognize a phony or realize that his followers are fools.

    And Leslie, they are using the same tired worn out crap because they don’t have anything else, and they know it.

    • I am not sure that I ever enjoyed a dressing down of an OIC as much as I enjoyed this one! My word – you have it nailed! What a great job you did. I was not going to bother – full well knowing – these folks don’t have the capacity to understand anyway so thrice i started and stopped then totally gave up not wanting to waste my time.

      I am glad you did – if not for their sakes you at least gave the rest of us the shot in the arm we need to inspire us to continue to ignore the fools who rag on and on without first thinking how foolish they look and sound to any reasonable mind. /and if for no other reason – to leave a history of a responce to that prattle for the future.

      Meanwhile talk about dressing for the occassion- this guy of theirs- sits like a hood- with his legs apart – wipes his hands on his pants – doesn’t wear a jacket for company – walks off ahead of his guests leaving old and infirm to others to worry about – has absolutely no class what so ever and no manners at all.

      His followers over look all that to pick on a classy lady who is no one’s foll and does her own thing on her own dine! Go figure.

      They have blindness when it comes to him and see things when it coes to others- how convenient- to be that shallow and believe one’s own lies.

  7. Thank you Betty Jean. To tell you the truth, I felt a little bit bad about cutting loose like that on somebody else’s blog. I started not to bother either, but I am so sick of these little vermin that the urge to use a little pesticide is hard to resist sometimes. I found this video while doing a youtube search this morning, and it’s so good I’ve been sharing it everywhere. I think it’s quite fitting for this thread.

  8. Sarah Palin represents ordinary, real Americans and the liberal elite; be they politicians, members of the media, hollywood, academia, despise ordinary Americans and their values. And frankly they hate America and what this country stands for. And Sarah Palin represents all they despise about America. Why do you think they refer to the land in between the coasts as “fly over territory”.

    Its beyond ironic that people who are saying Sarah is unqualified to be president or even to have been vice president, are supportive of the current occupant of the White House, who is undoubtedly the LEAST qualified president this country has ever had. He was nothing but a community organizer with radicals in Chicago and the little time he served in the Senate, he accomplished absolutely nothing and voted “present” numerous times because he didnt have the guts to take a stand on those issues. They can’t see Sarah sitting across from putin, but they can see this fool obama doing so? Putin laughs at obama and his ignorance, naivete and weakness. He knows he can push hussein obama around. I have no doubt that Sarah Palin is exceedingly more qualified to be president than the community organizer. She certainly wouldnt go around the world apologizing for us. And she understands who our friends are and who our enemies are. A pox on those elitist leftists in the media and hollywood who despise ordinary Americans and American values.

  9. And that Bill Mahr- that sexist pig who thinks with his sawed off shotgun – add him to the list of idiots who sit in judgenent and who the audience sits and listens to for great gems of wisdom.

    Have you heard that Jon Stewart has now replaced the greatest most repepctable newsman ever to report the news as the new most honest?

    Kill me now! The forty somethings and down are totally without scruples- Lord what have we raised – what were we smoking- drinking and snorting that the next generation below 60 has lost all sense of America? And the one under them – huh- fuggeddaboutit!

    Does anyone have any idea in those generations what the Constitution says at all? Have they read the bill of rights? Do they really know our history and how our government was set up and how it was meant to work?
    have they any idea who really owns this country and what their civic duty is?

    Kill me now! I never thought I would see the day we would throuw it all away! we would have no dignity – no love of country- no self esteem. Our media is bought and paid for! Our childrens heros are punks – or gansters- or daughters dress like hookers and our women are treated like dirt!

  10. Bottom line is that you all wanted Palin and company to win for the same reasons that the black man wanted Obama to win. 95% of blacks voted for Obama regardless of their political affiliation. That is crap and you know it. Why are you trying to justify why Palin is criticized. You are pulling the gender card and that is getting old. No one likes the race card and no one like the gender card. Why can’t we simply say that Sarah Palin is a nice, respectable person, but as a politician she was not the best in the presidential race. Her side lost plain and simple. Not because she was a women, or pretty, or dumb. The better politician won. Shake hands and move on

    • Gimme a break- if you can’t see that she was attacked mercilessly as a woman and he was not attacked as a black man- you are out of your mind. His side pulled race and sexism plain and simple and no one is saying she was or was not more or less qualified – if you recall she was not running against him. Now if you want to talk qualified – talk about the woman who was running abgainst him who was suprmely more qualified and was cut sown by her own party – now that is what we women are pissed off about – and I really do not want to discuss it with any obamites – racist or skin heads .
      Frankly I can tell talking to you is like talking to any of the above- your mind is all made up and I wouldn’t want to waste my time trying to change a block of wood.

      And this is the end of that discussion for me and I hope others as well.
      I got a show to do – g’nite and I am sorry my title pulled you in here – we are obviously not your cup of tea afterall!

  11. No one likes the “racist” card, because it was used so often without any justification. I think that there is ample evidence that Sarah Palin was attacked as a woman, and still is, not as a politician. And if you can show me one instance where Barack Obama’s children have been attacked the way Sarah Palin’s have, I’ll eat the damned gender card.

    • Oh I agree her kids were brought into this entire thing and I am not sure what i think about that. What I do know is that I have never known a thing about a politicians children before, and I wonder if that is because most politicians children are not sleeping around and if they do they do not get caught. I mean it sucks but if you are the president’s kid you really have to be on your best behavior or you are going to be bashed in the news. Chelsea Clinton as well had it bad. She was constantly made fun of due to her not so beautiful face. I just don’t necessarily agree that Palin was attacked simply because she was a woman. I will agree that Obama took far less criticism and I do believe that it was due to the fact that he was black. This is politics and you simply cannot bash da black man. A white man yes. A white woman yes, but hell will freeze over before Obama takes the abuse that Bush or any other president took. I will also say that even though I did not watch much of the election or campaign due to my job location, I do remember one day asking a friend about the fact that I kept seeing Palin wearing a sweat shirt and jeans while traveling around. I agree, no big deal, but I was surprised. I had never seen a politician dress down especially not in an election. Yes I know she was not running for president but the guy that in theory lost the election due to her was running. Again nothing against Palin, but I had never seen a politician look like that on TV.

      On a side note I am not a Obamanite, a skin head, or a racist. I am simply interested in what your topics have to say and yes I have questioned some of it. I mean what is the point of bringing up an issue if people do not give you different opinions to think about. I myself have a blog(which have nothing to do with your blog) that brings up various controversial ideas and if you read it the wrong way you will not see that I am simply bringing up a topic and asking for you the reader to tell me where I am wrong or to give me a different view point. I am completely open to all ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Yes I do have one in there about race and I have considered rewriting it due to the fact that some people read a few lines and shit their pants and don’t give what I am saying a chance to explain that I am simply looking for some answers due to the fact that I was shocked about feeling that way. My blog is 110% honest and so far not one person has argued a thing that I have said in it so its really starting to bring a whole new view for me.

      Anyway great topic. Love what is being discussed and/or debated. Keep it up! Thank you!

  12. Ok – I read this with an open mind- and I will give you a chance but you have got to understand that you are very very rough around the edges.

    You absolutely do not understand women and have a hell of a lot to learn. where the hell are you in the hills or in the deep south – where?

    First of all – your comment about Palin’s daughter sleeping around is totally offensive- how dare you ?

    What the hell kind of a statement is that? You make her sound like a whore! Just because she ended up pregnant does not make her a whore or prove that she was sleeping around nor does that give you a right to say so – or inimate such a thing- what damned business is it of your what that child did? What went on there is none of our business and for you to say that was disgusting!

    Next- I saw plenty of candidates running around in Jeans – Edwards all the time for one- and what do you care what she wore? You say you want to learn then ask and you might get some answers.

    Be open- everyone is not to be generalized – you did not like it when i thought you were a skinhead did you? well hoiw does it gfeel to be put in a box for a statement that sounds like someone else’s? Now you know.

    Treat people as individuals- when you asked for help – I was willing – but I am not willing to listen to racist drivel- not from a black or white or gay bigot!

    • OK again you are commenting on my blog and not the one here. Ok sleeping around does imply that it was with more than one guy. That’s not fair of me. I will say though that I am surprised that she was so irresponsible. As well as the guy being irresponsible. I mean why was he not using a condom and she not on birth control? And do not even attempt to argue that they might have been. Just surprised me.

      I never once said that it was OK that the children be brought into it so now you are attempting to put words into my mouth but obviously you have done that on several comments that you have left me.

      I never called her a whore, though you did. Whores make money dear. Slut that is a possibility but again I never said that. I know nothing of her sex life except that she was irresponsible and with a prick that made a fool of her on national TV. It’s sad really.

      As far as me generalizing that is exactly what I did in my blog. But you so conveniently missed the part about me explaining that this is unlike me and that I was shocked to have had the feelings that I had. I was wanting to understand why I had those feelings and the only thing I can get is comments saying that I am a racist or a bigot. I receive no explanations but agian that is not this blog. Thanks for the understanding.

      No I did not care that you called me a skin head. As you can see from my pic I do have hair. Also keep in mind if I had an issue or was embarrassed about what you said I would not have approved your comment. I of course being the honest man that I am and a truth seeker(I think I have proven that) would never hide someone’s comment.

      I do believe that Palin was treated far worse than the other candidates. I think it was Katie Kurt that I saw really busting her balls. Must be that natural female competitiveness with their own gender.

  13. Hey freemenow, even us hillbillies in the deep south know better than this bullshit. This poster is probably in Cheetoville.

  14. What is the duce is Cheetoville?

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