“Bitches” crushes women and girls

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

Dana Milbank: MSM sexist of week: “Mad Bitch Beer” for SOS Hillary Clinton.


Email Millbank tell him your flavor for him – I did: http://tinyurl.com/29eg5j

WaPo pulls Milbank video 

By Michael Calderone 07:45 PM

Earlier, I wrote that the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank was drawing heat for suggesting in a web video that Hillary Clinton should drink “Mad Bitch” beer.

Now that video — which was featured prominently on the Post’s homepage  Friday — has been taken down.

“The video was a satirical piece that lampooned people of all stripes,” a Post spokesperson tells POLITICO. “There was a section of the video that went too far, so we have removed the piece from our website.”

Indeed, the “Mouthpiece Theater” video — which Milbank hosts along with his colleague, Chris Cillizza — played off yesterday’s “beer summit” with jokes about what types of beer other political figures would drink.

And while the Post reporters even made fun of themselves — their selection was Jackass Oatmeal Stout — it was the Clinton remark that quickly set off red flags and raised questions of sexism.

Both Talking Points Memo and Media Matters called attention to the remark, with TPM blogger Brian Beutler writing that if he ran the Post’s parent company, he’d demand the paper’s executives who signed off on the video be “fired, or that the Post itself be liquidated.”

Still, it’s not the first time this summer that Milbank’s been a target of liberal bloggers.

By questioning coordination between the White House and a Huffington Post reporter prior to a news conference — and then debating that reporter on CNN — Milbank has already received ample criticism from the left.


12 Responses

  1. I just got your e-mail about the little Liberian girl in Arizona who was raped by several juvenile-age boys also from Liberia.

    I don’t think we should be so quick to just assign this to the “well, it’s a different culture” file. It seems to be fast becoming a part of American culture to abuse and degrade women, with little or no punishment resulting. Certainly verbal abuse like this from the two Obama worshippers in the video is just par for the course; but the rape in Arizona reminded me of an incident here in Arkansas that occurred a few months ago. A little girl was held down on the playground and “inappropriately touched” by four boys. She was rescued by a cafeteria worker before more harm could be done to her, but the school superintendent made the remark that he didn’t think she had been sexually assaulted. Excuse me, she may not have been raped; but it seems to be that she certainly was sexually assaulted. The boys only got a few days suspension, and they were back in school by the time the story got reported. The little girl was not back in school (and if she was my daughter, she would never be back in that school), but the jackass superintendent said she was welcome to come back. At the very least, he has got to be one of the more insensitive twits ever to run a school district.

    From the comments with the story, it seems like the townfolk are not too happy with the way this was handled, and a DHS investigation was underway, so it is to be hoped that something more will result.

    Here’s the link to the story.


    I know everything can’t be blamed on Barack Obama (as much as I try), but he has certainly tapped into and encouraged a veritable pustule of hatred of women that is going to infect this entire country if we are not able to bring it to a halt. I know people often take a dim view of lawsuits, but I hope this little girl’s family is taking such action. If the school district just sweeps this under the rug and goes on its merry way, it’s just a matter of time before it happens to another little girl, because I’m not thinking a three-day vacation from school will deter anything.

  2. My dear you are so so so right on all counts! You caused me to rant into a new blog piece see open season on women. I will use your story from your like thank you.

    First- little girls and little boys are taught from the very minute they are born that females are less then and males are greater than! This must stop! Little girls hear little boys be told things like don’t cry like a “GIRL” they both hear it; you run like a sissy or throw like a girl etc. etc. etc.

    The pictures they see of females are all sexist and the music they hear are pretty much all subservient to men as sex slaves- what are these children to think of the female from birth to death.

    Likewise the boys are to act like a man – run like a man — don’t be like a girl — what are these children then to think of the sexes.

    The ideas placed in their minds at home- in school on TV in the media and in ads all point to female is the lesser – the weaker and the object- Male is the bigger – stronger smarter and the leader the winner the stronger .

    The games depict men dominating over women – the songs, the ads; all depict the females as sex objects to the men. What do you expect from little boys? They are raised to believe this about girls as are the girls to believe this about themselves.

    It is our job to teach both boys and girls the truth and the truth at this point in time is that we have little value for women – they indeed seem to have become worthless as anything but eye candy – punching bags – sex objects and mothers. As workers they are paid less, as leaders there are fewer and as for the glass ceiling- well they are still far from breaking it

    What did our sons and daughters learn this last election cycle? They learned that the former first lady is a bitch and the Governor of Alaska is a cunt. But at the same time they learned you had better never say one word about Obama or you’ll be sorry very very sorry! You will be labeled a racist- you will be excoriated and if asked on the street or in your own driveway and give the wrong answer you will find yourself under investigation and the subject of late night comics along with having your children dragged through the mud.

    Wake up America- it’s open season on females specifically straight white females – as Al Sharpton says unless females have a minority attached to them they are not a group and do not require any special protection! He went on to say if they were black- or gay- or Latino then they would be a group requiring protection!

    Does that translate to straight white women do not deserve protection? Do we have a target on our backs and are we on open season? And are these females from countries that practice Sharia law also exempt from protection in America?

    • Al Sharpton said that?

    • I just read your “rant” about blacks using the “race card.” I agreed with you completely but you are doing the same thing in your response to Al Sharpton. Here are a few things that you hit on. 1. women are paid less. First of all where are you getting those stats? I do believe that women are less likely to be hired. I am a professional and I will never hire a female. First reason is that women want to have babies. To do so they want to have maternity leave. They need time off to do this. Physically the female species is weaker. Who would hire a female to be a roofer? I think we can agree on that. As far as being smarter there was a test recently conducted that proved that men did have on average a 4 point higher IQ. Again tests can be biased so I am not putting to much faith in it. The most important reason that I will not hire a female is due to the sexual harassment policy issues. It is happening all over the US. The woman files for sexual harassment and the man gets fired regardless if what the female claimed is true or not. When I was in the Army I was told not to speak with a female soldier unless you absolutely had too. The reason for this is because all a female has to do is get mad at you and file sexual harassment. Your career is over regardless if they find that it was a false accusation. Much like the race card I do not need the drama and it is simply not worth assuming the risk of a lawsuit by hiring a female. That black prof did the same thing that many females have done lately and used his status to cause an issue.

      As far as leaders go we had 2 females in this years elections. I agree you cannot make fun of da black man. He be oppressed by whitey and you are more or less claiming that same thing on females. That is BS. If a female wants to be a leader she needs to work as hard as any other politician or businessmen. Yes I agree that may mean that you cannot go have babies and take off work all of the time.

      Why do you as a species need some kind of protection? If you are equal to men then you should not need protection. If you are as strong as a man then you should be able to do equal work for equal pay. In the military they lower the physical standards for females. Most of them can’t even do that. Then the females want to be in the Infantry or combat arms jobs. The enemy wants you dead and we have no time for the weak. The enemy does not sit there and say to himself that wait its a female and she is falling behind. Lets go easy on her.

      Simply put I am America’s original feminist. I agree that if a female can do what I can do or even do it better then she should be the one. I remember at 18 I had to sign up for the Selective Service. Why did my female friends not have to do that? Why are women not fighting to get on the Selective Service? Men have to. Much like the black man pulling the race card I would like you to simply look at your situation and instead of blaming everyone else for your problems, assume some responsibility.

      Women were made beautiful and men are visual creatures. It is simple nature. The male species was made stronger to provide for the family and the female species was designed to care for the family. Nature always prevails. Men are attracted visually to a good mate. Women are far more attracted to power, success, and status. They want a provider for the family. I assume that is why now that I have far more money I seem to have more dates. Another issue women should look at. You are viewed by your actions and every man knows if he wants to find a beautiful woman he needs to get a big pocket book.

      Do not even complain about it being open season on females. The white male is the one species on this planet in which you can bash, criticize, and simply make the butt of every joke. Half of the stuff Obama says and gets away with is simply because he is black. No white man could ever do that. So please as a white male, get the chip off your shoulder and quit complaining about it being open season on females cause the white male takes far more abuse and has to hold his tongue time and time again.


  3. I’m so tired of that word. B**ch. We need an over reactor like Sharpton to be on this 24/7. It might make men afraid to use it. Could we find someone like Nancy Grace to push this back in their faces? Unless there is a movement and a point person it will not stop.

    Al Sharpton still needs to apologize to the female majority for his backing of Tawana Brawley. It diminished women’s credibility on sexual assaults and bulit his media image.

  4. Al Sharpton makes me sick- he is on Geraldo- now he is bitching about the cops who wrote the jungle bunny part- good thing he found somebody to toss this off on ! there will always be someone — this way they dont have to talk about the two gfools who were racists here – they can go find another racist to blame it on after the fact.
    the real fact the after the fact racist would not have been one if not for the Professor and the president! but Al boy . He is a piece of work! Jackass. he has shown his true colors- he is a nothing now!

    • In the comments on the story sent yesterday about Michelle’s job at “Chicago Hope” being eliminated, the best one was the reference to the Race Grievance Hustler.

  5. Ok Ladies – read the piece above from kope187, on August 3rd, 2009 at 6:02 pm – It’s hard to believe but we still have some of these neanderthalls among us who thing the white man is the victim! First I thought he had a point about not wanting anyone to get things they do not seserve and I answered him – I regret that- the next piece i found out I had gone to a racist site- OMG- What aaaaa mistake I made!
    Any way go up a bit and read this one!
    kope187, on August 3rd, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    • Who said anything about the white man being the victim. I’m not the one complaining about needing rights and protection. I mean I even saw an ad campaign saying that violence against women should be punished or treated differently than violence against anyone else. Violence against anyone, any innocent victim should be punished, why just females? Its kind of a selfish thought on your part to think that you deserve any more rights or protection than a male or any other race or ethnicity. As far as me being racist you only take from my writings what you want to hear and are to shallow to see the real meaning behind what I am trying to say. The real bigots are the people in this world that claim to deserve special protection or rights. The people who need a national awareness month or a special holiday to promote their pathetic cause which is designed to individualize themselves from the rest of the population, yet they still demand equal rights and treatment. Why can’t we as a population work together instead of on individual levels?

  6. Froom now on this man is my new hero. I can just say that I agreee 100%

  7. “ I mean— She stopped. Both of them smiled derisively. Your brother James in particular. asked the wealthy woman. Well, metallurgy is not exactly—what shall we say? But I cant issue a public denial! Stadler, she said, her voice low. He turned and looked at her.

  8. Brevin stared at the far wall, Tykir at the table, Lanthan at Brevins back. Hyles hand came up to brace on his shoulder, encouraging him to look up again. If were something new and unexpected, then how do you know were not in love? She wanted to be the one who took it in her mouth, pussy, or ass. But she wasnt lashing out. He pulled her into a hug. Suddenly shy, Eyrhaen stared at the crimson and midnight pattern in the rug. He cupped her chin, gazing into her eyes. Ive never been more proud of you. I realize just saying it isnt enough, but I have to start somewhere. What more do you want me to say? Brevin caught it easily, chuckling. She swallowed over a lump in her throat. Three sets of eyes focused on her as Tykirs cock hovered at her pussy. But it dawned on her the he he meant was Radin. She took long, glorious moments to simply enjoy the tingles that spread throughout her limbs. Radin turned his head to look toward her, smiling. Irin had been beside herself with the news. I would cherish any child you had by any man. Mmmmm, she purred, licking the side of his lips as well as her own fingers.

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