We lost a soldier friend today

With a heavy heart,  I am sorry to inform you we lost Nancy Armstrong today!


We have lost a great friend today.

Nancy Armstrong

Misplaced Democrat


Just last week Nancy was our guest and before she got down to business she told us her love story of how she and her husband met and fell in love.  It was beautiful, download and listen to her joyful recollections. We will miss Nancy and our world is less one soldier for truth justice and the American way! Nancy is a Navy Veteran, a woman’s activist and an expert on ACORN.

Monday July 20 th.


Nancy  Armstrong



” Discussing ACORN “

Download it on Demand Now http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FreeMeNow/2009/07/21/The-Majority-United-

I will bring you a complete tribute for Nancy as soon as we get all the information. Nancy was my friend and I am hurting deeply tonight and I know many of you know and love Nancy too and will want to share your sympathies with her family. Her son Justin will let me know the details as soon as he has more information – cause is unknown our renaissance lady was not yet 50 I believe. She leaves a daughter, 2 sons, and a husband. More info to come.

Nancy also did Tea Parties in Wichita Kansas

11 Responses

  1. Please join me and leave your short stories here if you would until or unless the family sets up something else.

    I would like to have a very large presence for my friend forever more on the net to memorialize how we felt about her – what she meant to us — all she did for our cause and I want it all over the net forever .

    Please help. I miss my friend so much! Please do download her show – hear her love story taped just this week- she was happy with her husband. I am happy she told it – it was not a scheduled tale- she just told it- I am so happy she did.

    Thank you Nancy for all your service to the country – to the ladies and to your friends and family. We’ll miss you.

  2. The world is a sadder place this night.
    I listened to Nancys story about meeting the love of her life and I was overwhelmed with how Gods plan finds its way into our lifes.

    To Nancys family I pray you find peace in knowing Gods plan brings her home on angels wings.
    My thoughts and prayers are with ypu..Nancy was loved

    • Thank you Barbara – that was beautiful = I love you for it.

      “A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.” – Coral Anika Theill

  3. Betty Jean

    My friend, if I could I would put my arms around you and whisper your friend Nancy taken so soon is in the arms of PEACE.

  4. I knew Nancy briefly and powerfully. Her work impressed me deeply. I hope her mantel is passed on and that the Acorn investigations continue.

    I looked to Nancy – somewhat unconsciously – as a strong voice in the wilderness of the 08 GE.

    God bless Americans like Nancy Armstrong.


  5. I was so shocked and sad to hear about Nancy. I have enjoyed her blog since day one and truly respected her dedication with speaking out and exposing what is going on in our country. She was truly a patriot and will be missed dearly.

    My prayers go out to her family for their lost, but also know they should be very prould of her.

  6. BJ,

    I am saddened and overwhelmed with the loss we all have to bear as Nancy leaves our community and moves on to other assignments with God. She will be sorely missed by all of us that hold a place in our heart for her. My most heartfelt condolences to her family and all of her friends.

  7. This is so very sad. Nancy deserved the Patriot title she gave herself. She was a tireless advocate of truth and justice. My life was touched by her passion that refused to give in or give up. Her loss is our loss.

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