Racism pure and simple

Contributed by: Barbara

So the Attorney General Eric Holder believes that black panthers in uniform holding knight sticks saying to voters” now you will be ruled by a black man, Cracker” in Philly Pa. Is Not important and Not voter intimidation. So all Charges were dropped against the black panthers who did just that.


My letter to Eric Holder.

I need something cleared up. What exactly do you consider voter intimidation?

I was asked to leave a polling place in Philly Pa. on primary day because my Hillary sign was intimidating to voters.

If I had removed my 8 by 10 cardboard sign and just had the stick would that be OK?

If I had worn combat boots instead of heels? A military uniform instead of my Channel suit?

Maybe I should not have been across the street standing silently and I should have yelled and threatened people voting right at the polling door?

Please let me know as I will be campaigning again…not sure where….just where ever a candidate is running against a democrat.

Please let me know what is now considered voter intimidation because if I can bring an M16 to the polls without fear of being prosecuted by you I will.


 I await your reply,


PS The M16 will be used for protection it was really scary out there on the campaign trail this election. I lost track of how many times I was spit on, slapped, cursed at, life threatened….. Oh and the names I was called.Well anyway I am glad to know your looking after my civil rights. Thanks again.

11 Responses

  1. That adminisration is not looking after anybody but themselves. What a sad day for Americans that they can’t even vote anymore without fear and threats(unless, of course they are voting for the “right candidate”. Get a backbone, people. When will you decide that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

  2. In Houston, I saw a white man berate a white woman in her late 80’s until she screamed back at him that she just wanted to vote and she sure as HELL didn’t want an Obama button and she was voting for Hillary Clinton (he was browbeating her for not accepting an Obama sticker). It was the sickest thing I had seen in a while, and not one man (and there were 7 present) said word one to this monster. I would have stepped in but when she got mad and started screaming she silenced him plus some.

    This went on all over the country. Democracy my arse. We had a coup people, and the evil/dumb ticket won. and everyone lost. every single one of us.

    Martin Luther King is turning in his grave over all of this. To imagine that he and countless others gave their life so these monsters can steal his dream and turn it into a nightmare. Damn them all. Damn them all to hell.

  3. Jenni, you are so right, everyone of us lost. Just when we really need Hillary, we have dumb and dumber. This will be the longest 4 years of our lives. God help us all!!!!!

  4. Jenni, you are such a lovable goof, I just want to give you a noogie.

    Oh, and Sandy, this will be the longest EIGHT years of your lives. Just sayin’. Hillary works for us, so don’t expect a miracle.

  5. Strange,

    If none of this matters, and puma consists of 50 mentally disturbed people, why do YOU and yours care so much? why do you waste breath one on us?

    The thing about being right in a world of injustice is that most of the time your work is diminished because that is the nature of the beast. Your attempt at mockery simply proves this point over and over and over again.

  6. jenniforhillary –

    You really want to freak StrangeAppar8us out? Sing “Crazy” by Willie Nelson for him. His head will explode, I promise.

  7. Oh my dear – I absolutely allow free speech! how else will we ever work out our differences and find our common ground.
    The government is not our friend- you must understand that.
    You also must understand that Politicians are politicians before anything else! I will always feel that Hillary was the best standing= the best qualified had the best chance of succeeding and she was screwed out of it! No question!
    Now – having said that- She is a politician just like the rest!
    there is only one way to get anything done and that is to rise and tae back our country- and that must come from us. We can never depend on any one politician.
    Again – having said that- she would have done the better job. He is a puppet for … well I am not going there.
    And as far as parties go – they are both wings of the same vulture!
    We need to throw all the bums out- everyone.
    I think as long as we are stuck with the same old crap we will have the same old crap- your man ain’t giving us nothing new and anyone who thinks he is keeping his word is a fool.
    You know it and I know it.
    The Dem party sucks- the R party sucks but right now the Dem party sucks more.
    What we need is to go back to the original R party- Goldwatr R’s – small government and no budding into peoples bedrooms and religion.
    That is when we had conservative Government meaning small goverment spending but no one in your personal business.
    This guy is Hitler-
    Let me say it again – THIS GUY is HITLER reborn!
    Hillary was a Goldwater Republican- She knew that was a better way to run a government – this guy is going to destroy AMerica- mark my words!
    You are always welcomed here always free to discuss your point of view here – but you may wind up nailed to go with that hammer of yours – I have tough as nails gals here – they stand up for what they believe.
    And my friend – Hillary was raped of her rightful votes and delegates by – the democRATS!

  8. oh you care bigot, you care. anyone who spends their good and limited time on this planet making fun of others cares. very very much.

    And you don’t listen. I don’t know if you don’t or perhaps your brains are hardwired at this point and you simply cannot. The coup that happened last year used misogyny to gain power and money and trash the US Constitution and 200 plus years of democratic behavior in this country. Sure, as women and Americans we are upset about all aspects of this event and the saga that continues but Hillary Clinton is the least of our issues.

    • What they did to Hillary is the least of our issues but the clearest illustration of the greater issue which is; we the people no longer matter.

      Greater than the fact that they would rather have an inadaquate black man than a stellar woman, is a horrific equality issue , however, even those who disagree with the need for ‘Women’s Rights’ should note that ‘We The People’ no longer have standing!

  9. exactly….they (obots, lobots, etc.) did what they did because they wanted power. It was the perfect storm though because they could use misogyny to gain what they wanted–so they got a bonus on top of the prize.

    just remember that the issue of misogyny pales in comparison to the issue of the trashing of the constitution (and the rights guaranteed to citizens that lie within) and the destruction of this country starting with the economy. The O administration is an enemy to this country…get with it people sooner than later or it will be too late.

  10. A $1.8 trillion projected deficit and corporate welfare for GM– no wonder the other side almost never talks policy. As we await the next birther update, let’s see how many Americans will admit to having voted for Obama, two or three years from now.

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