Remember Camp Obama?

OMG – they are starting up the training camps again!!!! Take a deep breath and go ahead and remember Camp Obama. Then remember the RBC on 5/31/08. This is a war- we need to be prepared folks – we need to be prepared – the community organizer is starting early. He has college kids and Move -On – we have Move-Over Move-On. Maybe it’s time to mount our ow training camps!

Dear MoveOner,

In the summer of 2007, the Obama Campaign organized a series of trainings called Camp Obama.

In those trainings, held in every region throughout the nation, people interested in the campaign came together with like minded progressives to learn how to not only campaign, but how sharing our stories has animated all the great social movements in our history. To put it mildly, those trainings were one of the main reasons the Campaign was successful. The people who attended left with the skills to organize for their community and the progressive movement in general.

Well, MoveOn is picking up where the Campaign left off, and from June 19th-June 21st right here in Philadelphia (there are only 3 locations for this being held across the country and PA needs to represent!), we will have a three day training called Camp MoveOn. The purpose of this training is to encourage members throughout the region to learn the basics of organizing generally, and MoveOn specifically, and to take our PowerUp campaign to the next level.

Please call in to (218) 844-3377 (Access code–2224) on Tuesday, June 2nd at 8PM!

We will be discussing Camp MoveOn in more detail and looking at travel & lodging arrangements & scholarship opportunities, as well as hearing from MoveOn members who have already confirmed that they will be attending.

Can we count on you to be on the call?

Please RSVP for the call by clicking the link below!


***To get a head start and RSVP for Camp MoveOn please click this link (spots are filling up fast!):

I look forward to talking with you, & we’ll see you in Philly!

Emily, Susannah, Matt, Brooke, Daniel, Gail, Scott & the rest of the team!


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5 Responses

  1. UGH……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We’re in such trouble!!

  2. I am thankful that I have a ‘no solicitation’ clause in my HOA. We are on a privately maintained road system and if anyone comes in and solicits for anything, we can have them arrested for trespassing. And, in this case, I will. Isn’t it bad enough that they ignore the Do Not Call registry and call us? Now they have to peddle their ____ at our homes???

  3. I’m soooo glad I’m not a member of MoveOn anymore! It would be one thing if these “camps” were for adults who want to work to a common goal but they sound increasingly like indoctrination camps to me.

  4. We are in deep doo doo and I have no idea when the kool-aide drinkers are going to wake -up and figure this out!

    How can adults and college kids be this dumb?
    What happened to Americans? Talk about dumbing down

  5. Oh Great Move on .Soro’s right in my own city. Ick!

    Check out this article. It seems to express what many of the refugees from the former Soviet Union, who populate my area think about Obama.
    It is from a Russian Journal.

    ‘It must be said that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent inot Marxism is happening……”

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