Straight White Women are the New Niggers

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

How can we justify the attack on this young woman?

Do I agree with Miss California on any level that I’m aware of?


Do I agree with these pageants?


Do I believe it is degrading to women to strut nearly naked in competition with each other?


Do I think it is ok to attack her and degrade and humiliate her for having an opinion opposite mine?

Hell NO!

Just as this young women disagrees 180 degrees with each of my opinions and I with hers- I respect her right to hers and would never dream of degrading or humiliating her and neither should we allow anyone else to do so. I am calling for all women to learn how to disagree without denigrating ourselves and our kind. Carrie is a very young woman she was set up by a jerk who probably knew damned well what she would answer – he was probably paid off to slip her up to boot but does anyone even look at that prospect? Nah! We don’t bash gays – we don’t bash blacks but white women – yeah – open season! And like jerks the rest of us women seem all too happy to sit back and let them eat her up alive and wonder why we never get ahead. We are our own worst enemies.

Where is our pride and our dignity? I am disgusted with the women in this country who will not stand up and say enough! What are we alley cats? United we stand, divided we are annihilated! When oh when will we learn? Defend your sisters! We are not alley cats – let us be a pride of lionesses defending our own!

We do not have to agree on every issue; we just have to agree on this- it is not open season on straight white women! Obama made the same comment and it was fine. Where were all the real feminists- the gays – Olberjerk – MSNBC and the rest of the so called real media?

Damned it- can’t you see? So let me get this straight- we cannot attack anyone but straight white women in this country?

The hidden agenda behind this is: STRAIGHT WHITE WOMEN ARE THE NEW NIGGERS.

Carrie Prejean is the latest example. First it was Hillary. Then it was Sarah and now it is Carrie Prejean. What do all these women have in common? THEY ARE ATTRACTIVE, INTELLIGENT AND STRONG


35 Responses

  1. I am not proud of the pumasphere as a whole, but you consistently prove yourself, your commitment to the issues, and your honesty and lack of hypocrisy are admirable.

    If 1/100th of the women of the world had 1/1000th of your heart, we would already be home. we would already be home.

    Yes. women are the niggers. we always have been. we just keep closing our eyes. and our ears. and our hearts. and straight white women need to join with America and look at these fools and say nope. not for one second. I know you are not talking to me. Before we loose the ability to talk, or the right. and you know what I am talking about.

    • Thank you Jenni- I am going to get a lot of flack for this one but not as much as I get for being a straight white women – and i’ll take it if it helps shake us up long enough to wake the hell up and say “SHIT: she’s right!
      Already I am being told I should not have used the word- and I saqy – really? maybe i should not being treated like one first!

  2. I would have used some dashes instead of the complete n word.

    for instance, ni—r, or something like that. I don’t want to reminded of the word
    and inadvertently have to read it aloud in my mind.

    Just saying.

    • I thought hard about it but then I realized that is how badly they are treating us now and it warranted using the full weight of the word! Blacks are no longer the only ones bearing the weight of it – but we are too! They are protected from it we are not!
      AND maybe it is time we say it and we say it LOUD -loud enough for others to hear it and realize it is just as dirty when we wear it!
      Why is it ok for blacks to use it when they feel ill treated but not me? W-O-R-D-S? Obama says words just words – – well let me tell you something – by you – I mean all who read this – I meant it when I used the word. Women are the niggers of the world always have been – John Lennon said it in his song and I am saying it now! No one can stop me – It’s my first amendment right and I will say it every day until it stops . Now it is my word- if it makes anyone unconfortable then they should stand up for straight white women and march with us in the streets with signs that say women are the niggers of the world!

  3. use the whole word. after last year we can use the whole word. actually, before last year we should have used the whole word.

    one day women will stop trying to have social parties, and will think about having a political party. and this will only happen when women like Betty Jean are in charge. and women and men follow her instead of others.

    being right does not make you popular. in fact, normally it does just the opposite.

    the new agenda is not new, and their agenda is ‘been there done that.’ if you want something new you have to do something new. perhaps listening to real women and men, taking chances, and working together might be a first step.

    don’t compromise. don’t change. take care of you.

  4. I have long thought this, great post Betty Jean.

  5. I am making my peace by saying I agree, and I agree the bashing of Ms. California is wrong, I have no problem with people taking shots at what her statement was and her making it but I agree we need to stop the bashing of other women…

  6. Thanks a big bunch- that is my sole purpose of this post- not to agree with her on any level- I don’t- but to fight to the death her right to say it without having to be treated any worse than Obama was for saying the same thing.
    We must put an end to the way women are treated just because we do not agree with them. My God – what next will we stone and murder them? I also hear she broke other christian values but that too is between her and her God – not for me to judge – I am no angel either.
    I feel sorry for those who judge anyone without thought of their own miserable lives- we all fall short and have no right casting stones.
    Anyway – thnak you for being the giant of person you are -that is why I admire you so!

  7. BJ: I agree with everything you have said about this woman and I think Perez Hilton has done to Prop 8 and gay rights what Obama has done for race relations – which is set it back decades.

    Also, I heard this story on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning. He and his co-host seem to be jumping on this so perhaps we should start emailing him and get you on his show. Check out this story:

  8. The n word is not a simple slur like calling nice Italian boys like myself a wop. The n word represents hundreds of years of crimes against a whole people made in God’s image.

    I agreed with Carrie, and agree that the judge was a jerk. However, the loss of a beauty pageant creates no analogy whatever with what black people have had to suffer. The n word is not an oratorical device to designate victims in genere, and it has no rightful place in this discussion.

  9. This time I disagree with you John. It is a word that I feel fits quite well with the way straight white women are being treated. This is not a matter of whether or not we agree with ms Ca. or not it is a matter of how we treat women in this country.

  10. John Lennon has a song I THINK on his “Imagine” album (not sure) called “Women are the Niggers of the World” It is painful to listen to but true true true.

    My more liberal male friends would just say I don’t like it. Women just cried.

  11. Woman is the Nigger of the World
    John Lennon

    Woman is the nigger of the world
    Yes she is…think about it
    Woman is the nigger of the world
    Think about it…do something about it

    We make her paint her face and dance
    If she won’t be slave, we say that she don’t love us
    If she’s real, we say she’s trying to be a man
    While putting her down we pretend that she is above us

    Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
    If you don’t belive me take a look to the one you’re with
    Woman is the slaves of the slaves
    Ah yeah…better screem about it

    We make her bear and raise our children
    And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother then
    We tell her home is the only place she would be
    Then we complain that she’s too unworldly to be our friend

    Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
    If you don’t belive me take a look to the one you’re with
    Woman is the slaves of the slaves
    Yeah (think about it)

    We insult her everyday on TV
    And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
    When she’s young we kill her will to be free
    While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb

    Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
    If you don’t belive me take a look to the one you’re with
    Woman is the slaves of the slaves
    Yes she is…if you belive me, you better screem about it.

    We make her paint her face and dance
    We make her paint her face and dance
    We make her paint her face and dance

  12. By the way, I totally disagree with BJ about Prejean who works for the masters to oppress other women and gets paid to do it while we can’t buy bread unless we whore for men.

    Read about it here:

    • Greenconsciousness is one of my most valued friends and yet on this we disagree. Not that I agree with MS Prejean in any way, however, in this male dominated set-up and where girls are socialized to be pimped off from birth and know no better and are raised by their own parents to do the bidding of organized religion- what do we expect?

      This young woman answered the question the way she was groomed to do so – and whether we agree or not – I will defend to death her right to have her narrow minded opinion and not to be skewered by males and so called feminists who have sold out to the Demacratic party.

      No woman for any reason should be treated in this fashion- not one of us has a right to treat another human being like this lest we be perfect.

      Case closed and that is my opinion. We are each entitled to our opinion and to be wrong and not to be attacked for it. I therefore respectfully disagree with all who disagree with me- the key word being respecfully.

  13. but women are not idiots BJ. Many of us overcome our sexist training and choose to be human beings not fembots. Other choose to exploit their ability to make men sexually aroused. Every time I see her in that piece of white cloth walk across the stage I feel contempt for her thinking she can judge other people’s morality.

    Most people object to her ideas and that is what they talk about. Yet the right wing preachers doing her PR are full of righteous indignation and exaggerating the so called disrespect (which as far as I can see came from one gay man; I go further and explain why on my blog)

    I heard one preacher defending Prejean say over and over “Hilton had his panties in a bunch”. Is that respectful?

    I know women like this are as much my enemy as patriarchs. In other countries they hold women down while the theocrats murder them.

    But you and I can disagree respectfully. We are still comrades. Prejean is going to get from me exactly the kind of respect she gives to other women.

    • Indeed we will always be friends and comrads no matter what! She has much to learn – perhaps it is the teacher in me or the mother – or the reforned fundamentalist that allows me to be the one who says – I win her and others over with kindness not with bitterness.
      If they think all who are different then they are what they have been raised to fear – what will change their minds?
      Perhaps we should show those who do not know anyone but themselves that others do not have horns. We are all more alike than different and we ought to show it more often.

      This is my way – I am a fighter – but I choose my battles wisely – maybe I am wrong – maybe not – but I gotta be me and I let others be themselves too . Of course that ends when they step too hard on my toes but until then – I tread softly hoping to avoid unneccessary wars!

      She is 19- she has time and room to grow – let’s win her over – what we did was push her into a corner with hatred – we will never win her or her kind now!

  14. I think it was Yoko that wrote, Woman is the Nigger of the World. I had her album.

  15. BJ you are right about kindness – nothing is more powerful in the world. And she may learn someday, but right now she is the lesson we must teach. The kinder the better but to the point.

    Ms Behaved – The song sounds like Yoko who is right up there with Hillary and Palin for receiving attacks, not for her ideas, but because she is a woman who is powerful and a threat to the patriarchy.

    But she cannot sing like Lennon. I cry every time i hear him sing WITNOTW. The other song he does that is right up there with that one, is “Working Class Hero”.
    “They Hit you and Hurt you for 20 plus years;
    then they expect you to pick a career.”

    Imagine is the right word.

    • I agree with Working Class Hero and how about God is a Concept by which we measure our pain? Two of the first songs I downloaded on Napster.

  16. what does that men -god id a concept? That how much we need a god is the measure of how much pain we are in? Because religious people seem to me to have no insight into their biology and subconscious at all. They seem to me to be very surface type people — not all to be sure but a lot of them like Perjean for instance. What pain? We can see her being used for evil but she is oblivious.

  17. What does that “mean” I meant to say — boy check MY subconscious!

  18. I have known some sincere religious people but it does seem that for many of the Fundamentalists that are “saved”, this comes at a time in their lives when they are in crisis. Finding Jesus is an alternative to utter dispair that allows them to continue. I don’t think that they would disagree with that.

    For me the trouble is when religions preach the idea that your job is to save others and use the political arena to do so. Hopefully, as Ms. Prejean matures she will have the pleasure of knowing some gay and lesbian people and reevaluate her position. Who among us has not “known it all” when we were young and spent the rest of our lives learning more?

  19. “Who among us has not “known it all” when we were young and spent the rest of our lives learning more?”

    SO TRUE!!!!

  20. This leads me to the question what are our girls left with at this time?
    It seems to me not much! Either they are raised in a narrow minded religious atmosphere where thiere is little tolerance for anything but the old women are to submit to their husbands in all things. Or they are raised in a sexist /misoginist patriarchy where they are to submit sexually to all men in all things. Either way we are screwed!
    Why don’t we see that both are extremes that are to be avoided at all costs. Cqan’t we see for the life of us that neither is liverating ?
    The birth control pill and the abortion (in my humble opinion) freed men to screw the shit out of us without the obligation to support the inevitable offspring. Oh it ellevitated our burden too but never forget it also left us free to be used by men for their own purposes and use us they did. They have always enjoyed that freedom more than we did – don’t kid yourselves.

  21. That led me to a new rant stay tuned

  22. Wrong,BJ. I enjoyed not having a child because of an abortion much more than the man who made me pregnant.

    Most women I know who are single and do not want children revel in their right to abort. Women control their own lives when they use BC and abortion. The men who want us barefoot and pregnant want to take that right away so they can control us.

    You are repeating what you have been told. Talk to women who do not want children. Talk to women who want to live unencumbered by Dependant Life and poverty.

    Nothing makes me more angry than this attitude of only men enjoy women not getting pregnant. That is totally untrue and limiting.

    We do not have to be victims BJ — some of us CHOOSE our destiny with the choices we made available to ourselves and other women. That we cabn choose not to have children is liberating to women. Men still do not have that right. Women can force them into unwanted fatherhood.

    There is nothing wrong with women enjoying their own sexuality. We are not USED when we decide to take a sexual partner.

    We are used when we are forced by pregnancy, parents, religion or society to marry and reproduce . We are forced by POVERTY.

    Living to satisfy male fantasy of women and living to please men are the problem not birth control or abortion which have liberated women from biology and male control.

    Why do you think the patriarchs try to outlaw it. Because women might get the idea they do not have to reproduce.

  23. Here is the other side of the argument never presented by the media:

  24. First of all freemenow, you attacked me earlier for having a different view point or so you think I have a different view point than you. Yet you state right in your very blog that “Hell no! you would never attack someone for having a different opinion than you.” But that is not the point of this blog.

    Very interesting and I agree it pissed me off that miss California did not win. In fact the entire thing blew my mind! And yes she was the hottest one as well. There are 2 things in this country that are politically incorrect and you will be attacked if you have different views. One is blacks. If you point out a certain statistic about the black community that reflects negatively on them, then you will be called a racist regardless if what you are saying is true or not. The other is gays. If you disagree with gay marriage you are like the Antichrist. I mean its so funny to watch their protests. Those protesters aren’t even gay. They interview them and they are like uhh, well my friend has this one friend who knows someone who is gay, but we are not really sure but we think he is…… I am rioting for him. Seriously! Miss California lost because she said what everyone else is thinking and that pissed off the gay judge. Its the same thing people chastise me for in my blog. I am being honest and asking others to tell me otherwise. Prove me wrong. Miss California simply stated how she was raised and what she believed. It had nothing to do with her being a white female. You insult those 2 cultures and your ass is grass. Bottom line.

  25. First of all- I did not think it was an attack- believe me – you will know if I attack! next- on my blog you certainly do have the right to have an opinion however – I do not allow racism or sexism as an opinion. Those are not opinions they are bigoted statement and why I am fighting against.
    I do not attack – I simply call them what they are and you sir are a racist and a bigot plain and simple. If you consider that an attack – so be it.
    Seems you like to call things as you see it and not consider that an attack but when I call it as I see it – it becomes an attack?

    That’ seems a little odd can’t you take what you dish out?
    Now- I took up for miss CA not because as you crudely put it – she was hot- but becayse she was attacked for having an opinion! She was set up by a bigot and then attacked for giving her honest answer.
    I do not agree with one thing the gal does or says but I would die for her right to say it without being harassed- degraded and used as a joke!
    You have no clue who you are talking to or what I stand for- you are just on a soap box against blacks and gays in general. I am not against either in general – I am against injustice no matter who it comes from and who it is directed at.
    Hell I would even defend YOU if you were unjustly attacked.

  26. Yes I as you do, call it how I see it. I am not sure what I said in my comment that makes me against blacks and gays. Sorry you see it that way. I also did not say that I defended Miss CA because she was hot. I defended her because she gave an opinion and was shafted because of it. I see nothing wrong with commenting on that fact that she is very attractive. You are putting words in my mouth. You are replying to my comments based on other things you have read and not on the subject at hand. You are a name caller. That’s cute btw for a woman of your age. You only hear what you want to hear and are completely unwilling to understand the real meaning of what others are trying to say. You have a huge chip on your shoulder and lash out at every little pathetic thing and not because you care about it, but simply because you just want to snap on someone. I am woman hear me roar mentality. All of these things are completely counter productive for the cause that you claim to be fighting so hard for. I of course am open enough to see through your down falls and attempt to see the real meaning behind your writings and as I have commented before, I think you make some very good points and I am obviously more than willing to admit when I am wrong about something. Such as our Sarah Palin conversation, as if she matters anymore.

  27. You are right. But it is not just straight white women, it is straight white men as well. This is part of the plan to destroy the white race.

    • they want us gone and so do a lot of race mixing feminists,letting colored people flood our countries was our worst mistake….thanks jews,this wont go unavenged.

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