Hate Crimes Bill to Protect Pedophiles

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Help- I am struggling to get violence against women adjudicated as a hate crime because I believe big bad mean men who hate women deliberately use their size, brute strength, power, and the laws etc.etc to brutalize women. I believe they hate women, despise them , view them as lesser and believe women deserve to be ill treated and battered as despised creatures. Now I am told that I am laughed at for proposing a Hate Crimes law for women but the Democrats consider Pedophiles worthy of that honor?

April 29, 2009

Protecting pedophiles

Jan LaRue

If House Democrats have their way, pedophiles will be included in the Hate Crime bill, but not veterans and pregnant women. Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains :
“The House of Representatives will vote this week, possibly tomorrow, on a hate crimes bill championed by gay groups that includes pedophiles under the rubric of sexual orientation. This is the ultimate confession: liberal Democrats think of pedophiles as indistinguishable from homosexuals.
“When this subject came up last week in the House Judiciary Committee, an amendment to the hate crimes bill that would have excluded pedophilia from the definition of sexual orientation was defeated by Democrats along party lines, 13-10. This was considered good news by gay organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, left-wing groups like the ACLU and various Jewish groups like the ADL.
“The debate is over: for liberals, child molesters should be given the same rights as homosexuals. Moreover, they should be given more rights than pregnant women and veterans; the latter two categories were explicitly denied coverage under the hate crimes bill. Even worse, an amendment that would bar prosecution based in whole or in part on religious beliefs quoted from the Bible, the Tanakh (Judaism’s sacred book) or the Koran was defeated by Democrats along party lines, 11-8. In other words, religious speech may be denied First Amendment protection.
“There would be national outrage over this if the media were to report on it and the public were allowed to weigh in on it. But the clock is ticking and freedom and morality are hanging in the balance.”

To verify the vote tally click here

Thomas Lifson adds:

Where are the homosexual rights groups on this insulting conflating of pedophiles with homosexuality? Although NAMBLA used to have a float in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, they were thrown out a few years ago, when the public took note. Since then, it has been my impression that nearly all gay rights groups resented any implication of a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia.

If the Democrats are alleging such a connection, surely there will be a backlash.

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  1. This is what I said on my blog about this email I also received :

    Greenconsciousness says, GOOD! (to religious speech not being exempted from hate crimes) Not only should they be silenced but religion should be taxed. I have seen one too many anti abortion rants in catholic church newsletters and am sickened by how much tax free money they make in all their so called “charity ” services which they charge fees to use, like their hospitals and adoption services. Organized religion never stops trying to influence legislation, and never loses their tax exempt status for doing it, so why should we let them continue with hate speech against gay people with no repercussions? Especially since organized religions ARE the biggest bunch of pedophiles in the US. Organized religion has a lot of nerve criticizing other people sexual preferences when their own are so twisted.

    I know the Right introduced this amendment on pedophiles to embarrass the left and hopefully to use as ammunition to kill the bill, but still, there is a lot wrong with adding sexual orientation and not excluding pedophilia to hate crimes legislation and yet excluding women (not just pregnant women as the fetus loving right proposed in an amendment) but ALL women.

    It is women who are dying in the war against women in larger numbers than any other group. There are legislators trying to make violence against women a hate crime with no success. So why are gays worthy of protection but not women? Because that is the left, the misogynist left, who hate their mothers and sisters so much they stand aside as women are tortured and killed in their backyards by men acting out their hatred.

    The representative from Madison, which is Wisconsin’s capital, home of the University of Wisconsin, is Tammy Baldwin. Baldwin is out as a lesbian. She got elected because women thought she was a feminist. But instead she is a democrat. She voted against the amendment which read:
    An amendment by Mr. King to define the term `sexual orientation’ as used in the bill to explicitly exclude pedophilia. Defeated 13 to 10. She is such a tool for the democrats that she would not break party ranks to defend her own people but allowed them to be lumped in with pedophiles. The man/boy love association which advocates for pedophilia will now be protected under the hate crimes legislation because the courts look to the intent of the legislators through what happened in committees.

    Go to this link on Thomas to see how your rep voted.

    SEE the names of those who voted to defeat this amendment; No 15.


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