This is what women supporting OTHER women looks like!!

Thanks for forwarding this to me Toni from LI/NY

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison spoke at The Women’s Museum in Fair Park to a crowd of 400 at a program entitled “Stories From the Top: Their Odyssey.” The event celebrated Women’s History Month. (Video/editing: Michael Ainsworth) Story

March 27th, 2009 

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Kay Bailey Hutchison speak at The Women’s Museum

2 Responses

  1. Actually, Kay Bailey Hutchison is only pandering for democratic votes in her quest to unseat Gov. Perry next year.
    She trashed Sarah Palin on her website. I will work extra hard to re-elect Rick Perry.

  2. I agree that she may have motives- youbetcha- but at least she is putting on a good show- it beats the back stabbing for those of us who don’t know better like the masses.

    We need to pull women together anyway we can – until we get the 52 % all on one side just one time – just long enough to get what we want – we will never get anything! NEVER – just as long as they have us at each others throats – we will always be defeated – together we are stronger than apart – can’t we figure that out?

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