Yet another lie sealed with a kiss

My blog piece the other day You are not alone anymore! explained why women often refuse to testify and why they go back to their abusers. It’s complicated – there are no simple answers and most often the reasons range from and include lack of self esteem , child abuse, fear of abuser, terror, pressure from abuser or others, lack of support, lack of law enforcement relief, lack of laws, being a second class citizen without equal rights to name a few. Too many times these guys get out and terrorize these women and let these women know they are less valuable to everyone- they convince these women they cannot win and so the women fold to save themselves from what they believe will be worse if they proceed. Once they back down they are finished both with the abuser and with everyone else including themselves!

“Look at the Senator from NY case – where he sliced her face. He stands to lose his position as a “State Senator” compared to her ‘few dozen stitches’. The damage done to her mental and emotional health and well being doesn’t even come into the picture – there’s no comparison to these men– hell no — she is considered a rag doll so he battered her – she healed up – why destroy his entire future? I’ll tell you why- because he is an ANIMAL!

                It’s always about how little she is worth compared to how valuable he is and she has been born and bred to
                believe  she is less valuable then he! There is the whole thing in a nutshell.”

Today this Karla Giraldo came to court on behalf of her abuser and not only refused to testify against him, she lied about what happed and sealed it with a kiss. When a woman will not, cannot help herself —we need judges with the good sense to do it for them. We need to prove to these women – we care- they will be safe if they follow through and these bastards will pay .

Let’s hope this judge sticks to his original common sense and uses the video proof of Ms Giraldo screaming for help while the Senator dragged her resisting body down the steps before he hauled her past 5 local hospitals to one out his district. Let’s hope he takes the word of the attending physicians and officers who recorded her original complaint of attack instead of the word of a woman who clearly has been coerced into changing her story.

Hiram Monserrate’s alleged attack victim, gal pal Karla Giraldo, kisses him at court appearance

Nicole Bode and Corky Siemaszko


Friday, March 27th 2009, 1:57 PM


Former Queens City Coucilman Hiram Monserrate, who was elected to the State Senate last fall, got a kiss in court Friday from the woman he’s accused of brutally attacking, Karla Giraldo (inset).

While a Queens judge was weighing whether to bar state Sen. Hiram Monserrate from seeing the girlfriend he allegedly attacked, the woman went behind the judge’s back Friday – and planted a kiss on the politician.

In a Queens courtroom, Karla Giraldo smooched the man accused of slashing her face with a broken glass,  while Supreme Court Justice William Erlbaum was in another room.

Erlbaum was watching a video that – according to prosecutors – showed Monserrate yanking a bleeding Giraldo in the stairwell of his building.

Word of the brazen buss stunned Giraldo’s lawyer, who was in the bathroom when it happened.

“Did you kiss him in the courtroom?” attorney Glenn Marshall asked her later.

“It’s been a long time,” Giraldo replied in Spanish.

Marshall shook his head in apparent disbelief as they walked back to their cars.

It was not clear if Erlbaum was aware of the kiss, but when he returned to the courtroom he upheld a full order of protection – and ordered Monserrate to stay away from Giraldo.

“The complaining witness could not give you permission to violate this order,” the judge told Monserrate.

Monserrate pleaded not guilty to three counts of felony assault and three counts of misdemeanor assault at his arraignment – charges that could send the former Democratic City Council member to jail for up to seven years.

Monserrate later told reporters he turned down plea deal that would have meant no jail time because “I am innocent.”

The Queens courtroom was packed with Monserrate supporters, including Sean Bell police shooting survivor Joseph Guzman.

“I got to be there to support the senator,” said Guzman, who was badly wounded in November 2007. “He supported me. He was there every day in the hospital.”

Monserrate is on trial for an attack inside the politician’s Queens apartment on Dec. 19 that left Giraldo with a nasty cut near her left eye that required more than 20 stitches to close.

Prosecutors said the fight began after Monserrate found another man’s business card in Giraldo’s purse.

The petite 29-year-old at first told staffers at Long Island Jewish Medical Center that Monserrate cut her in a fight, prosecutors said.

Later, Giraldo changed her story and told cops and the grand jury it was an accident and that Monserrate tripped while bringing her a glass of water.

Prosecutors said the surveillance video from inside Monserrate’s building showed him yanking Giraldo by the arm as she clutched a stairway banister – and caught her banging on a neighbor’s door and screaming for help.

Monserrate’s lawyer, Irving Seidman, insisted the video “showed absolutely no violence.”


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