Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition

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Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:12 pm (PDT)

“I have not always agreed with her, but she deserves a lot of credit for her courage and tenacity! Maybe it takes a woman to clean up this mess? I’m not taking anything away from anyone else who has worked so hard to bring this issue before the public, but this woman is relentless! Go Orly!”

Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition
Attorney Orly Taitz talks to Roberts, who agrees to read Obama-birth docs

A California attorney lobbying the U.S. Supreme Court for a review of Barack Obama’s qualifications to be president confronted the chief justice yesterday with legal briefs and a WND petition bearing names of over 325,000 people asking the court to rule on whether or not the sitting president fulfills the Constitution’s “natural-born citizen” clause.

According to Orly Taitz, the attorney who confronted Chief Justice John Roberts at a lecture at the University of Idaho, the judge promised before the gathered crowd that he would, indeed, read and review the briefs and petition.

“I addressed him in front of 800 people in the audience,” Taitz told WND, “including university officials, the president of the Idaho State Bar and the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Idaho, and in front of all them, [Roberts] promised to read my papers.”


At the lecture in Idaho, Taitz grabbed the attention of Justice Roberts by boldly addressing her allegation that a clerk had buried the case.


“I said, ‘Justice Roberts, my name is Orly Taitz. I’m an attorney from California, and I got up at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, flew and drove thousands of miles just to ask you a question. So please give me some leeway,'” Taitz told WND. “My question is, do you know there is illegal activity going on in the Supreme Court of the United States?”

According to Taitz, the room was stunned silent as she continued, “I have presented my case to you, and you personally agreed to hear this case in conference. But your clerk refused to forward a supplemental brief to you. He has hidden this brief from you. He refused to put it on the docket. Additionally, my case was erased from the docket one day after the Inauguration, two days before my case was to be heard.

“Outraged citizens and members of the media and state representatives are calling the Supreme Court, demanding to have the case reentered on the docket,” Taitz told Roberts.

Then she held up the WND petition and continued,

“Moreover, here are the names of U.S. citizens who signed this petition and who sent individual letters to individual justices, including you, Justice Roberts, all of them demanding the same thing – that you hear my case in regards to Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility for presidency.”

According to Taitz, Roberts approached the microphone and said,

“I see you have papers. I promise you I will read all your papers, I will review them. Please give them to my Secret Service and I will review all of them.”

Shortly thereafter, Taitz told WND, a Secret Service agent identified by his badge as Gilbert Shaw accepted two suitcases of documents and pledged to deliver them to Roberts.

Taitz reports the documents included four major sections:

• A motion for reconsideration of Lightfoot v. Bowen with all its supplemental briefs.

• The Quo Warranto Easterling et al v. Obama et al case.

• The WND petition, consisting of 3,300 pages of names – over 325,000 in all – of people demanding the Supreme Court hear the Obama eligibility case.

• A copy of a 164-page dossier sent to Attorney General Eric Holder detailing suspected criminal activity surrounding Obama and his supporters, also available on the Defend Our Freedoms website.

Linda Starr

Founder,New Womens Party

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  1. Event: Free Us Now Radio Show
    Guest: Dr. Orly Taitz
    Host: BettyJean Kling
    Start Time: Monday, March 16 at 8:00pm
    End Time: Monday, March 16 at 9:00pm

  2. that freemenow website isn’t even working for me…

  3. For some reason, the Supreme Court has shut down every lawsuit challenging Obama’s citizenship. The Supreme Court is charged with protecting and interpreting the Constitution – and serves as an important check and balance against the Executive and Legislative branches of government – so it’s scary that the high court will not even allow the accusations to be vetted. If Obama is not a citizen, the Supremem Court will have righted a grievous wrong. If Obama is a citizen, these lawsuits will stop – or can then be properly turned away, as opposed to the way it’s being handled now. The accusation deserves to have its day in court – the court of last resort – so this issue can be put to rest one way or the other once and for all.

  4. I agree that the supreme court has shut down all the lawsuits. Why is that, and who is pulling the strings? After May 31, I thought we had hit rock bottom and it could’nt get any worse. Was I ever wrong, and in the meantime the country is going to Hell.I did not support Obama, but once he was in, I prayed for a successful presidency for the sake of our great country.Wrong again. He is like a dog chasing his tail, and never quite catching it,with all the things he tries to do and never quite accomplishing anything but spending money we don’t have .

  5. Desponent is a word is is beginning to come to mind a lot lately! Unless more of us get up off our duffs – we are all finished here. those few of us who have eyes and ears can not fix this alone – the others are either deaf dumb and blind or they just flat don’t give a damned and so we are all going down the damned drain- it is all so obvious and everyone is all so oblivious! aren’t they?

  6. I’m remembering the woman talking the other night about Obos being sent to try and demoralize anyone who opposed “the 1” and wondering if the appointment of Jarrett isn’t just more of the same psychological warfare.

    Great show last night. Good to see you trucken.

  7. I think we need to rally the troops! Recreate May 31st protest time 10! Pull together all the puma sites , confluence, jsnd, hireheels etc. etc; etc; and start protesting and holding rallies in front of the supremes

    we need to make noise if they keep throwing out these lawsuits! we need to show them we are watching them and still holding them accountable. They wont be able to hide as good if we are out there like we were at the media bias protest and at the RBC protest and in Denver.

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