Where’s Al Sharpten et al

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

Betcha if Chris Brown was white Sharpten and the rest of these black activists would be out in the streets and flooding the airwaves with plenty to say about how this man beat up this beautiful black girl – but since he’s a brother – it’s quite all right to beat Rihanna’s head in. When are our sisters of color going to wake up and realize they are being used when they are only protected from white abuse but ignored from abuse like this?

If this guy was white and Rihanna dropped the charges what outrage in the streets but again not a sound is heard for the black sister whose face was nearly unrecognizable—whose life was threatened! And had she been a white girl and had I wrote this same piece I’d be a racist! Al – you are a racist pig and all your double standard civil rights friends are racists pigs too and your men are brutal beasts and your women are worse victims than white women – because they don’t even know they are twice as victimized and then used as bait too boot!

Maybe this will wake them up!

13 Responses

  1. Great Insight Betty. I am speechless.


  2. The silence from Sharpten is deafening!

  3. You are soooooooo right BJ. But it goes to show you that they pick their battles that are safe. That is the problem I have with my race, they blame everyone else for lack of progress and take no responsibility for accountability. We stick together for the wrong reasons and scream racism when it is convenient.

  4. Rap music is obviously not the only cause of violence against women, but its incessantly repeated b word, and diabolically misogynist lyrics are dehumanizing… and from dehumanization it is a short step to brutalization.

    It breaks my heart that she took him back.

  5. And yet – Let Imus say something like “nappy headed” and all of a sudden Ho is a bad word !
    Notice it was the “nappy” headed that got the attention -” Ho” – “bitch” – “cunt” perfectly acceptable just dont make it about race and you can put down women all day long!

  6. There is no excuse for Sharpton’s silence, or Rihanna’s refusal to call this violent episode exactly what it is. What kind of example is she setting for young women? That you should not only not send your attacker to jail, but defend him! What a sad statement about today’s young women. I am saddened by her inaction, and disgusted by the failure of the like of Al Sharpton to stand up for her.

  7. Mike Huckabee had this story on his program the other night. He was also interviewing Denise Brown, the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson. I was pleased to see an in-depth interview of the tragedy that is domestic violence, and violence against women in general.

    Denise said that this exactly the way O.J. Simpson began beating Nicole. Each episode got worse, until she finally left him. Denise sees a like pattern here. If you keep forgiving the assailant, pretty soon the police will shrug you off if you seriously want to prosecute.

    Let’s hope Rhianna doesn’t end up the same way Nicole Brown Simpson did. If you drop the charges you won’t be taken seriously if you have to call 911 again.

  8. Three reasons ms. Brown gave why women take it:
    1- Hope
    2- Shame
    3- Fear

    She forgot to add lack of support which I believe is the greatest reason it continues – I know – I was that soldier. I am currently experiencing a bit of abuse albeit no physical but there is little dupport for women – it’s always their fault somehow!

  9. 1- We should all be calling FOX news and asking them to call out Sharpten et al – we should shame him into speaking out.

    2- We should all be calling out Rihanna’s parents – right now- where are they? why aren’t they outraged?

    3- We should all be calling out Chris Brown’s parents – right now- where are they? why aren’t they outraged?

  10. Great sentiments. I hope someone will send this article to Sharpton’s headquarters. Black people are more angry about the NY Post “monkey” cartoons while no one is protesting Rihanna’s beating.

    It’s okay, black women are the torch bearers for the black community. May God bless us all!

  11. If you have not noticed, politics is not necessarily about facts and logic. Rather, and typically, it is about emotions and more particularly about the ability of the politician to mass motive people to empower them with the ability to effectuate their own political agenda while duping the followers into thinking it is their power, their ideas that are being forwarded.

    Also if you have not noticed Al Sharpton is supposedly a minister. Being a “minister” grants Shapton special tax free status. Moreover, in that ministerial status he can “lead” various not-for-profit “charities. Of course the benefit for a person like Sharpton is the charitable donations he receives for these charities pays his salary! He has a right to draw upon these charities for his food and lodgings as well as his extravagant transportation lifestyle.

    When Sharpton makes a guest appearance at a local church he makes a speech supposedly fighting for black rights or for some quasi black rights charity he heads. Naturally they pass the plate around for “brother” Sharpton’s important work. And you guessed it, that money is his salary! I would bet all so little actually goes to the people who really need it.

    And allow me to say this; there is nothing more egregious in my book than a charlatan wolf in sheep’s clothing minister who takes money from the disaffected, lower classes for his own personal use while claiming it is to help them.

    So beyond the scope of this forum and it’s women’s rights issue, you can NEVER expect this man Sharpton to take up a cause for an incident of black on black abuse as it would work against the mind numb band of followers he has nurtured and grown over the decades and work to terminate his free ride through life.

  12. Well said ! nor do i expect much from him – but I am hopeful that my sisters of color will wake up and see how they are being used and tell him where to go! Thank you for your comment- I really appreciated it

  13. so we turn on the yahoo.com
    well what , to read , read what , that we get free email

    check out the person on the “buzz” section
    every head line that mentions obama
    there he is the guy that calls are president a name
    qoute: monkybama
    rights to free speech, he spreads hate and right wing
    to divide everyone, that is wrong.

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