One Last Kiss

This is a cry for Justice from: BettyJean Kling


On 2/20/09, ( we think that was the date – no one informs any of us) Louisa Richardson – Rodas was rushed from Kessler Institute in West orange , NJ to Hackensack University Medical Center  Emergency Room with a life threatening emergency. We understand she was there a good part of the night. Louisa was fighting for her life within 2 miles of most of her loving family while Frank Rodas, her third husband of only 4pic54 years – her brother Tommy and his wife Shelly played God. Was it spite- revenge and hatefulness that deprived her grandparents – parents children and sister of what might have been her last hours? Even more egregious, (According records from the courts from her nurse Nadia – it is highly probable she recognizes voices now) they deprived Louisa of the loving arms of her family- the prayers of her loved ones, the hugs, the kisses and the words of love from her sons in what could have been her final hours.

How long will this go on – where is the outrage? Where are the letters from the community on behalf of Louisa thapic111t the abuse must stop? Louisa cannot speak for herself- the law says her husband is legally responsible – he is under the influence of a of a brother who is using abusive control tactics – he has told me in no uncertain terms that either I do what he says or he is holding Louisa hostage.  It’s Tommy who insists that Louisa is kept in this state against her wishes and is now forcing her to face these perils without pic65the benefit of the love and caress of her family around her – instead she lies there alone and afraid and helpless. I know my daughter – she is afraid – Louisa does not want to die without her children -mother – father – sister and grandparents !!.

Louisa’s family consists of: Her grandparents Roy and Louise, her mother BettyJean and step-father pic1Dick, her father Doug and step-mother Diane, Marc her eldest son, Joshua her younger son and his father Ed and his grandmother Jean and Louisa’s sister Denise all of her closest relatives who love and care for her were prevented from information regarding what may have been Louisa’s near death experience both while it was happening pic9and after the danger had passed.

Had we not had a neighbor working at the hospital – we still would not know about Louisa’s emergency at all. We do not know if it has happened before and are sure we will not be told if it happens again. If she had passed would we have read it in the papers? Would Frank – Tommy and Shelly have acknowledged us as Louisa’s survivors or would it have appeared in the Elizabeth papers in another county that they are now listed as resisding in? Would we be welcome at the funeral or just expected to pay the funeral expenses? Would they hide pic103her resting place from us as well? What is the point of all of this nonsense and where does the abuse and neglect of Louisa stop? Will anyone out there write letters on our behalf to the editors to the media? Stop the continual abuse of Louisa!

pic4I have just gained knowledge that Louisa’s health is tenuous at best.  I have come to find out these episodes are to be expected and Louisa may not survive one of them. The report reads; Louisa may experience complications from her injuries, including neurological issues. It is anticipated that Louisa will remain at Kessler for up to a few more weeks and then will be transferred to a sub acute facility. Thereafter, it is likely that Louisa would reside in a nursing home.  Her return home is possible but not likely.pic75

This is not about me this is about Louisa. I am not a back down kinda girl- yet I pretty much stopped blogging about Louisa and these creeps- I did not start any suits- I did not make any noise at Kessler. I decided not to cut the baby in half thinking that as long as she was in Kessler she was safe and me and the rest of the family sacrificed our feelings for my baby girl but after finding out that we were wrong – that she is in danger – and in danger of  pic33dying alone and without us to hold her and tell her we love her. We now know she needs us more than ever.  She  needs us – all of us – she damned well needs her mother and her children and we cannot sit quietly by anymore! What these three cold hearted people pulled the other night was a downright calculated cruelty aimed toward me but it hurt Louisa and it must stop! IT MUST STOP NOW!pic21

Everyone of us that found out after the fact is livid with these three took it upon themselves to make this decision for Louisa and how thpic81ey abrogated her rights the other night! How dare they make that decision for her. First- frank has not yet been named her guardian and secondly – that was not a fit decision and finally that would never have been her decision and therefore it is proof positive he nor they are fit to make those decisions. The entire family would prefer a court appointed guardian to intervene on Louisa’s behalf and in her best interests! A court appointed stranger would care more for her and have more sense- and would know better!

Louisa is entitled to medical privacy – I agree, however, when that privacy is used as it is being used as a tool to hurt her mother – it is cruelty. When a mother can not call a facility and ask how the daughter is doing – one has to ask – why not? Might I write on the blog – Louisa smiled today and is that private?

Help us Help Louisa – I cannot imagine that Louisa would not want to kiss her sons goodbye – Can you? Next time she may not be so lucky – it is urgent that she not be kept in near solitary confinement!

George Hartwig took her out of this picture but Frank Rodas, Tommy and Shelly Richardson keep all the rest of us out of the picture. Now all that are left in Louisa's life are these three

George Hartwig took Louisa Richardson- Rodas out of our family picture but Frank Rodas, Tommy Vitale- Richardson and Shelly Dobson-Richardson took all the rest of us out of the picture the night Louisa was rushed to the emergency room. Now all that are left in the picture have all the control of Louisa's life and are those who only took but never added much to Louisa's life. Her Grandparents - her parents - her children and her sister not only love Louisa she adores us and needed us and wants us . Pictured here are her abuser George Hartwig pulled the trigger, Tommy left her alone that night , Shelly told lies to help them ban me from visitation and Frank who foolishly bit the hand that was feeding them and loved and cared for he and Louisa all these years.

23 Responses

  1. Not knowing the men in your family, BJ, I can’t attack them or engage in polemics with them; I only appeal to them to do the right and humane thing with regard to visitation.

  2. Oh John- those are not the Men in my family- not at all- the men in my family would never behave this way . My Dad is 88 and a gentleman- My husband and my former husband are both gentlemen, My three grandsons are beautiful warm personalble terrific hard working kind and loving young men.

    Oh John I pray – no one judges all the men in my family based upon the behavior of Tommy- or the two strangers who married in!

    A few weeks ago – I posted pictures of all our good guys ! There are 6 wonderful men who are deeply grieved by the actions of these three poor excuses for men that have brough shame to our family.

  3. BJ, I read through your story with a heavy heart. While reading it I remembered what an education my own Mothers passing was. I thought that any family member could walk into the hospital and get that information. I don’t know any law in this regard, but I would sure vote for any law that gave blood family the right to information regarding another family members health condition. At time of admission this could be handled via a information release form. I have no idea what privacy laws might apply here, but I’d wonder if they could be ammended to allow for the exchange of information on a loved family member.

  4. BJ, I cannot imagine how hard this must be on you. If you need me to make any calls or write any letters please let me know. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. It is sad how the serious illness or death of a loved one, can split famiies apart.

    Isn’t there some way that the rest of the family can petition the court to allow them visitation rights on an emergency basis?

    This woman’s health and legal rights are probably in the hands of the next of kin, in this case her husband. That said, other family members should be allowed to see thier beloved mother, daughter, sister, etc.

  6. It is really sad how a serious illness, or death of a beloved family member can cause such dissension in the family.

    The parents, siblings, etc of this lady have a right to see thier loved one. It may be thier last chance to do so, and it may actually benefit this woman to see them or hear thier voices.

    Perhaps, they shouldn’t all go in the room at once. It may be too stressful for the patient and the family, but they should be allowed to see thier daughter, sister, etc. It may be their last chance to see her alive.

    If it becomes necessary, perhaps they could peition the local family court judge for a ruling on the issue?

  7. We will be petitioning a court now that we see just how cold and heartless these three are.
    We have not seen Louisa for one month. we do not all want to go in at once- we just want to be given normal visitation rights and certainly want to know if her life is in emergency danger of ending.

  8. BJ
    What a heartbreaking nightmare. AS always you and your family are in my prayers.

    What can we do? Who do we write to? Kessler? A judge?
    Please post the address that will do the most good

    I appeal to your son Tom and Frank Rodas to please allow Louisa to have those who love her and whom she loves to be near her. Please think about the choices you are making. They need to be in Louisa’s best interest and to deny her the love she so deserves is so very wrong in the eyes of God.
    Please reconsider your choice for the love of Louisa.

  9. May Louisa forgive them for what they are doing to her. The evil they are wreaking on this poor girl at the end of her all too short life is unconscionable and incomprehensible.

    And may all 3 of them live in dread for knowing what goes around comes around. The Universe has a way of evening these things out, and may God have mercy on their souls when they finally figure that out.

  10. Never truer words spoken- what goes around comes around- but meanwhile this helpless women is victimized and kept from the love of her family at her greatest times of need/ Oh my God the horror of this.
    And the woman involved – this Shelly person is a mother mind you – a mother – a friend of Louisa’s mind you – she knows how much the boys mean to Louisa and yet her vicious nature allows her to do this!

    She did neglect all 3 of her own kids to follow her husband from job to job -made him be a sub contractor so she could watch him- never was much of a mother herself so I imagine she wouln’t know.

    When my son nearly died a few years back – she did the same thing then – she conjured up a lie to prevent me access to my son- in thqat same hospital – it’s her MO.

    She is a devil that one- she even follows him to the toilet she can’t stand to share him with his own daughter – let alone a mother – she only shares him with his rich grandmother for a posible inheritance- a comatose sister is ok – I guess!

  11. Betty Jean,

    My heart goes out to you. I know what it is to have so many ugly things go between family members. But, we still continue to fight for what is right and I believe that God does hear our prayers. Sometimes He answers right away other times He waits forever. But, through it all we just need to remain strong and faithful.
    At the last minute who knows ?! Maybe something will change and let you see her. That is one thing I will be praying for you all.
    It takes a lot of courage to say things out to the public but, it also shows that you have a lot of LOVE for your daughter and that you have a lot of guts. Keep hoping young lady things will come to pass the way God wants them to.
    I will be sending your e-mail to about 50 people and maybe somewhere in there we can all expect a miracle. Also, I will be putting you in a prayer circle of friends and know that God still loves you. Just hang in there, I know how hard it can be, believe me.

    El Paso, TX

  12. I guess I don’t understand why supervised visitation isn’t allowed, especially when it involves the mother of the person on life support.

    I sincerely hope you put a request in to Kessler, IN WRITING, that you would like supervised visits. If you don’t ask, they can’t comply.

  13. I would like to post this article on DailyPUMA however I can’t seem to get a link to materialize when I click on the title of this story. Without a specific URL address, the DailyPUMA article will become inaccurate the moment you update this blog.

  14. I feel that you should put your request in writing Betty Jean. (Registered mail). Our payers go out to you from hillaryclinton08or12

  15. BJ, If I were in this situation I would try to keep all negative emotion at bay and tackle the factual stuff: what are my legal rights, how can I reach my goal of visiting the person I want to see.

    I would take anything negative down from this site.

    I would harden my heart to not feel the hurt and focus on one thing and one thing only: regaining access to my daughter.

    Easy to say, not so easy to do. I know what it’s like to have someone in critical care and the family standing in the way. But you have to get past the barriers which means you’ve got to get thru the system. Focus on that so you can achieve the goal of seeing your daughter. Everything else is irrelevant.

    I wish you the strength of water that weaves past obstacles and carves a path.

  16. I have no only asked – i HAVE PUT IT IN WRITING and My lawyer has put it in writing as well.

  17. Thank you – I know how hard it was to be candid with me at a time like this – but I also know you did it with care and I so much appreciate it- I read between the lines and I love you for that. Thank you. Thank you

  18. Betty Jean: Repost

    If there was a “custody hearing”:

    1) Find out if there was an “Affidavit” filed to support the motions filed for requesting the hearing,

    2) Order a “Transcript” of the hearing from the court.

    3) Go through them (Affidavits and Transcript) line for line and note all false testimony or statements.

    4) Locate any physical and documented evidence you may have to refute any and all false statements made.

    > “Perjury” – if they committed “Perjury” in an affidavit (if any were filed in support of their motions for custody), and you can refute the false statements with evidence that they made knowingly false statements:

    > File perjury charges against them with the DA.

    > File a motion to rescind court orders, based upon “Fraud on the Court”

    > If you can determine attorney misconduct (perpetuating “fraud on the court” and “perjury”), file complaints with the State Bar against the lawyers

    > Write the American Bar Association and tell them the story – maybe they can help

    > Watch your back (know that most lawyers (and judges) will protect their own so you may have to act on your own if your lawyer won’t support your findings with legal actions, if warranted, as suggested)

  19. We have something up our sleeves- truth is a funny thing – it always wins. 11 aginst 3 the story is out – if anything happens to me – at least the truth is told. may God have mercy on their miserable souls. Pray for Louisa- the rest of us are not helpless – Louisa is ! She is the one that needs the help – not us – we have each other she is stuck with 3 selfish – vindictive heartless abusers.

  20. I don’t know how people can be so cruel, to prevent someone who may be near death to not see her closest relatives. This is supreme selfishness, thinking only about personal vendettas and not about the person who may not live another day. How can they think this is an expression of love? If they truly cared about Louisa, they’d be looking for ways to improve the quality of her life, however long that may be. This means allowing unfettered visitation by her loved ones. Louisa should have the chance, when the time comes, to say goodbye to those dear to her.

  21. You and I have never met – but its is clear that you understand common decency and without knowing her you can understand what Louisa would want from a comon sense perspective.. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  22. Good evening Betty Jean:

    I just read the “One Last Kiss” blog that you emailed me. I am so sorry to hear of this sad news, but even more so, I am feeling your anger. I thought about not writing you and to just let it all go, but then something inside told me to write.

    I can not imagine the pain you are going through right now. For, I am not a mother. I am however a sister and an aunt and I can say that as a sister and an aunt… that if anyone, regardless of whom they were, ever tried to get in between me and my blood … they wouldn’t succeed!!!! I would not allow it!!! Husbands have rights … I understand that to some degree… but I thought Mothers and Blood relations had rights as well. If I were you, I’d look into those rights and not allow Frank to push you around the way he has succeeded in doing so and keeping you from your daughter. If Tommy, as her blood brother, can also have rights as Frank, her husband has rights, than how is it that you … her own mother not have the same rights as Tommy, if not more!!!!!

    If anyone ever tried to tell me that i was not allowed to see a sick blood relative, they would have to fight city hall and then some to stop me. I would go to the courts … i would do everything and anything i could do to make sure that these assholes knew i had as much rights as them, if not more. I’d call a lawyer, and im sure you know many with the line of work you do, and have them call Kessler asking them if they wanted a lawsuit on their hands. You ask if Lou would want this big hub bub going on and fighting and threatening… I think if she were up and around and her ol self… she would be doing most of the fighting, as the Lou that i once knew, was an EXTREME FIGHTER, both physically and verbally… especially when it came down to family…after all, isn’t that (the fighting and protecting of blood and being there for blood) that got her where she is today. I do not mean no disrespect, not in the least.. but Kessler is telling you that they will not provide services for louisa if there is a big commotion about who visits her and who doesnt… seems u let Kessler push you around as well. I understand this is a very tough struggle for you and an enormously stressful time for you, again, no disrespect… i have read your words and they are words of great strength. Put those words to the test and into action. If they move Lou to another facility, make sure to have your ducks in a row.. these arrogant assholes can not have all the say in this. You as her MOTHER must be allowed and have right to have say as well … along with visitation rights. If Lou goes to a nursing home, then maybe, just maybe a visitation schedule can be compromised on with a judicial mediator involved. You were right in your blog when you stated she needs to hear the voices of her boys and to feel their touch and yours as well. When we do not feel love, our heart breaks and it is then , when our hearts break that we lose the will to fight to hang onto life. Don’t let this happen.

    I am sorry if any of my ranting upset you… like i stated earlier, i feel your anger.

    May the light of the Lord continue to light your journey and may his hand continue to be rested upon Louisa’s shoulder until she may feel the hand of one who genuinely and truly loves her upon her.

  23. Dear A Friend – as one of my anonymous readers I am humbled that you considered me a friend and from some of the emails you have sent I see that you know Louisa and I and are probably a local gal. I will not ask again for you to reveal yourself – I will just accept your friendship and concern and prayers.
    I am angry but not just because this is happening to me with my daughter- if you truely know me and Louisa you know that we both would be this angry that something like this should happen to any women.

    All of the women in my family are women’s rights activicts in our hearts. Louisa built my website and maintained it for me- hense it is not updated because I don’t know how without her!

    The girls want me out there fighting for them and for all women’s right.
    they supported every move I made and they support me now.
    Louisa would be very proud of me for fighting in her name – if you know her – you know that!

    We three are three musketeers – tough as nails and we wanted fairness for all women. If Louisa could communicate anything now it would be – momma – please fight for justice in my name- and that is exactly what I intend to do that is what this is all about – Louisa’s Law! make violence against women a hate Crime!
    So thank you for speaking up and yes – I am angry and every woman should be just as angry and ready to take to the streets to be sure that this never happens to their daughters- sisters mothers- grandaughter or any other women.
    So speak out my friend – yell- scream- loudly – help me!

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