NOW calls for removal of Sen. Monserrate

Remember my blog piece about this? Oops- I accidentally smashed the glass then slashed her face and dragged her down a hall screaming!

Sunday, February 1, 2009 4:14 AM EST

ALBANY — The state chapter of a national women’s rights organization is calling for the removal of a state senator from office after news reports claimed that he allegedly beat his girlfriend.

Officials from the National Organization for Women gathered downtown Saturday to discuss the subject of violence against women and how it related to a pending legal case involving Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

Monserrate, a downstate legislator from Queens, was arrested in December for allegedly slashing the face of his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, with shards of broken glass.

According to The Daily News, Giraldo, who reportedly needed 20 stitches for a wound over her eye, first told hospital staff that Monserrate broke a glass in his hand during a heated argument and stabbed her in the face with the shards before later changing her story and said it was an accident.

Organization officials were further enraged that Senate Majority Leader Malcom Smith recently appointed Monserrate as chair of the Consumer Protection Committee.

“It is time for every single lawmaker in New York state to denounce violence against women and to finally, once and for all, tell the truth,” said Marcia Pappas, president of NOW’s state chapter, who noted that violence against women is a hate crime.

Pappas went on to recite news reports which stated how Giraldo has allegedly abused her, before retracting her statement, which, according to Pappas, is common for victims who are scared of retribution.

“Although there is probably no legal bar to Monserrate being seated as a state senator, his elevation to a leadership position is a slap in the face for every woman in New York state — he must be asked to step down,” said Pappas. “Democrats hold a majority in our state government and they must use the power of their pens to stop violence against women both through strengthening legislation against these crimes and through the passage of laws to punish the perpetrators.”

Mary Richmond, chairwoman of NOW’s Albany chapter, briefly recounted some of her own experiences as a former battered woman and agreed with Pappas’ statement that it was common for victims to retract their accusations of abuse out of fear.

“We determine by what a woman looks like whether or not she is strong, but victims of domestic violence look exactly like me,” said Richmond.

“When I married my husband, I understood through the faith that I grew up with that you married someone for better or for worse, but I never anticipated that he would harm me,” Richmond continued. “After time, I realized that no matter what, it was his choice, not mine, as to whether he would use violence.”

Outside the NOW gathering, dozens of women protested Pappas’ statements with picket signs proclaiming Monserrate’s innocence and noting how he has been in support of women’s rights.

“Ms. Pappas joins a long list of people who have misconstrued the facts of this case,” said Martha Flores Vazquez, executive director and founder of Community Prevention Alternatives, who led the small protest. “Since day one, the senator’s girlfriend has stated her injuries were as a result of an accident.”

When asked what she thought about the protest against NOW’s position on the matter, Pappas said that it was typical behavior of abusers to “hide behind the skirts of women” and go to any extreme to try and prove their innocence.

For more information about this senator pig read my blog piece entitled
‘Oops- I accidentally smashed the glass then slashed her face and dragged her down a hall screaming!”
Read about all the proof they have on him including the video of her running from door to door in their building calling for help not one soul opened their door to her. Read about the video showing him dragging her back down the hallway and into the apartment screaming and read about the hospital staff that heard her original story of how he broke the glass and tried to gouge her eye out. Read about the pocket book they found in the basement and how they saw him toss it down the trash tube on video while screaming at her.
And — when you have 35 minutes – please go to my other blog and watch this video- you will not be sorry – it explains some of the reasons why women are being brutalized and how we can help stop it by standing up to the advertisers.
Got 35 Minutes Ladies/  Watch this Video!
Then perhaps you will understand why we MUST — absolutely MUST get it together NOW using NOW nationally to get the ERA Passed.
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3 Responses

  1. According to Wikipedia, if Montserrate is convicted he will have to be expelled from the NY State Senate because state law requires that.

  2. […] smashed the glass then slashed her face and dragged her down a hall screaming! On Feb. 2, 2009 NOW calls for removal of Sen. Monserrate , on March 27, 2009 Yet another lie sealed with a kiss , on March 29, 2009 Why do the […]

  3. NY does not have recall laws. Methinks the first strategy is to get recall legislation written in. Were their a recall law in NY, there would be no reason to appeal to the state for removal, the people could move against him immediately.

    The lack of said law makes NY lawmakers unassailable.

    IN the meantime, to address Monserrate in the immediacy, a campaign for impeachment under threat of being voted out, is the first volley, methinks.

    Needs to be a dual push there, though.

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