Louisa Sits Alone, Denise Misses her

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

I have been unable to tell you much about Louisa’s progress lately, however, perhaps those who live in NJ will be able to get us some info while I take the legal route.

I wish I could go back to a few months ago and give you good news about Denise again but there is not much to give you these days I am afraid. Since the shooting Denise has gone downhill, her heart is broken and she misses her baby sister and she cries a lot. They keep changing Chemo tratments but the cancer keeps growing. It has spread to her lungs and her liver so Denise now has quite a bit more pain. We think this stress made this cancer growth  accelerate.  

I have a jackass calling him/herself Anonymous Anonymous who has hit my blog as several other alias for days ranting and raving on behalf of the abusers Tommy and Frank. Notice never does anyone ever bring up her children she has two boys! They would also have you believe that I eat men for breakfast and spit them out. Well I do —  but only the kind who abuse and disrespect women.

I have  3 grandsons that we are trying to raise to be real men. Denise’s boy Christopher is 21. Louisa’s Boys are Marc 20 a sophomore in College and Joshua a sophomore in High School. We simply can not afford to have them influenced by lying drug addicted drunken gamblers who abuse and disrespect women, who don’t work, have mouths like sewers and dont value education for their children. Men who show no respect for their wives – their mothers – the law or common decency.

Unlike the three men who just dropped out of my family album; George, Tommy and Frank who of course no longer deserve a page in my book! Let me introduce you to our other men, We have 6 great guys. In fact we had and still have more guys in the family than gals! I will also introduce you to the gals! Meet our Pure Breeds  3 gals and 3 guys! We remain a loving family of guys/gals and just look at these 11 smiling faces – Yeah we all got a lil devil in us but we are not evil- we are tough. KEWL huh?



From my parents, to my 3 grandsons and our Pups

Four Generations: From my parents, to my 3 grandsons and our Pups



Both Tommy and Frank are out of work and disinherited and are now trying to buy their way back into the family graces by offering to allow me visitation. But wait – there is a catch Frank also wants to stay in my house at the same discounted rate- and he wants me to stop blogging and only then I can see my daughter to my hearts content!


 I guess that’s all my daughter is worth to him in her current condition – but not to me
to me she is a Queen – not a pawn.  

I am concerned, however, Louisa is alone a lot of the time. Her father works so Doug and Diane visit her as often as they can but they are the only other company Louisa gets besides Tommy and Frank when those two bother to show up at all.  


I am told there is a list of persons Frank has banned- but he has not banned every name in the world. My parents in the late 80’s and Denise are fragile and will not /can not go without me.


If anyone is in the area of West Orange NJ- please go see Louisa. She can have flowers, music, cards and company. Please – I do not want my baby to be there alone. She is alive and she sees, she feels her hand being held. She hears if you speak loudly on her right side and I think my baby is alone and scared and does not know why she has been abandoned by her mom who promised her – I would not leave her.  It was the last thing I said to her in the hospital over a week ago.


So please if you are in the area go see my baby girl- I can’t get past the front door – I can’t even call!


Remember Frank is depriving Louisa’s own two boys Marc and Joshua of her home and instead has his kids living there on my dime and now wants to sell visitation of my daughter to keep it that way!


At the very least call Kessler and ask how she is – Let them know that there are people out there who know of her – that she has friends and fans that love her. Please –  do not let my baby be left alone and forgotten because of these two selfish hatful vindictive bastards and their heartless cohorts – who would rather blast me than pay attention to what is best for Louisa.


Also PLEASE DO NOT ADVOCATE FOR ME WITH KESSLER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! They made it clear that any problems that I cause would be detrimental to keeping Louisa there and it is the best place for Louisa so DO NOT mention me – just let them know Louisa has friends – many many friends and she is loved and cared for! Please do not let Kessler think those two cruds are her only advocates or only visitors besides her Dad and Diane.


Louisa Rodas currently resides at Kessler Rehabilitation Institute

West Orange Campus
1199 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ 07052
Tel: 973.731.3600
Fax: 973.243.6819


20 Responses

  1. BJ, I hope it’s the case at least that Louisa’s condition is improving. I can’t comment about other family members. I only hope that you will be able to see her soon. Louisa, sanguis Domini nostri Iesu Christi salvet te et familiam tuam in vitam aeternam. Amen.

  2. Louisa is improving- thanks you for your prayers- A friend has called ands got an update and reported to me that Louisa is responding and i am thrilled – that is why it is urgent that no one speak up for me at Kessler – but also important that anyone who can send her card or visit so that she has the opportunity to see real people – smart people people who speak of God and hope .

  3. Could a truce be conducted in which both sides agree not to talk about each other in Louisa’s presence, and that the other side won’t be mentioned in your blog?

    Would that be enough for everyone concerned so you can see Louisa?


  4. Tonight will be the last night the soap opera airs on my blog regarding Frank et al. Not for Frank’s sake but for mine.
    Tonight – I want to introduce my family to show that we are a normal family and that we are going on with our lives as best we can.
    I have an 84 and 88 year old set of parents to care for who are suffering because of this- Denise is getting worse every day because of this and I am not exactly doing cartwheels because of this.
    We got a restraining order to prevent any more break-ins at this residence- my house will be vacated and the legalities will be looked into by a lawyer. The end!
    I called daily for weeks Alessandro and I spoke of doing what need to be done for Louisa’s sake – I was ignored and what I got instead was abused- attacked- disrespected- banned and had police at my door. My grandchildren are abandoned. My home was broken into, I have been goaded and sworn at, trapped in a hospital room to be terrorized and my car was tampered with.
    Truce? Are you kidding? No truce- is possible! These people are dangerous- You do not really want me anywhere near these people my friend- they are trying to move me into a position to get me! That is exactly what Tommy promised to do and they are using Louisa to do it!
    Now that I have had my say and I have clearly asked folks not to forget Louisa – I will back off and not cut the baby in half for her sake! Just please do not forget Louisa! Let’s move on to enact Louisa’s law. She is safe for quite a while she will be in good hands for some time to come, I will concentrate on my parents and Denise and domestic violence and the ERA while Louisa heals and comes back to us!

  5. “But wait – there is a catch Frank also wants to stay in my house at the same discounted rate- and he wants me to stop blogging and only then I can see my daughter to my hearts content!” – Betty Jean

    What? I am confused. Is Frank Louisa’s husband? If so, does he live in your house? Does he want you to stop blogging altogether or just stop mentioning his name?

    Terri Schiavo’s parents weren’t allowed to see her either. You may want to look into what steps they took and how successful they were.

    Clearwater, FL (LifeNews.com) — Terri Schiavo’s parents have been prevented from seeing their daughter for 44 days and have been told by her estranged husband Michael that they must hire a police officer to accompany them if they want to visit her. On Monday, an attorney for the Schindlers filed a petition seeking an emergency hearing to restore their visitation rights.

  6. Thank You – but I refuse to turn my Daughter into Terry Schiavo, nor is she for sale at any price!

    This is the end of the soap opera. If the law as it currently stand forbids me to see my daughter than so be it- I will ask the world to go love her for me- AGAIN this is not about me- this is about Louisa.

    I will gladly give up all that I have for my daughter’s health and welfare. Kessler made it clear they want no trouble – or Louisa is out of there!

    Tommy and Frank may be willing to cut my baby in half – I AM NOT.

    When Louisa walks out of there – they will either have brainwashed her into hating her mother or she will come back to me of her own volition. meanwhile send cards and flowers – visit her if you can and send love and prayers in my stead.

    I will take care of Denise- Mom and Pop , myself and proceed with women’s issues, ERA, DV laws and spousal rights over family rights issues.

    Thank you –

  7. In many states, people are being given Advanced Directives for Medical Care, either by a hospital or provider, or by an attorney. You do not need a living will to have an Advanced Directive: my husband and I both filled one out and it is on file at our primary doctors’ offices and the hospital. My mother’s was written by a lawyer when we discovered she had early stage alzheimer’s; it is now on file with geriatrics. I was able to make all provisions for my father when he was dying because I had convinced him to sign an ADMC years earlier. Please advise your readers to ask their hospitals or lawyers about this important document and to fill on in NOW

  8. I just received this from a newsletter reader who has asked me to print it- thank you – CATS

    In many states, people are being given Advanced Directives for Medical Care, either by a hospital or provider, or by an attorney. You do not need a living will to have an Advanced Directive: my husband and I both filled one out and it is on file at our primary doctors’ offices and the hospital. My mother’s was written by a lawyer when we discovered she had early stage alzheimer’s; it is now on file with geriatrics. I was able to make all provisions for my father when he was dying because I had convinced him to sign an ADMC years earlier. Please advise your readers to ask their hospitals or lawyers about this important document and to fill on in NOW

  9. You can fill out an Advanced Directive for Medical Care now at this site;

    Download Your State’s Advance Directives


  10. BJ, I am so happy to hear that Louisa is improving, but it sounds to me like the husband is the one with the brain injury. Hang in there,Louisa can’t do anything about the situation right now, but when she can speak for herself she will want her mother by her side. By the way, do they allow her sons to see their Mom? That would be the lowest form of low-life if those boys were also kept from seeing their Mom. Think positive thoughts, things will get better, after all, Louisa is improving and you never thought in the beginning that was even possible. Best of everything to your entire family.

  11. I have been keeping up with your story of louisa for a while, but i do have to state an issue i have. i am all for womens’ rights do NOT get me wrong, BUT i am a military wife and for you to say that parents should have power of attorney over their children in cases like these is unethical for SPOUSES in general! what would be the point of marrying someone we believe can take care of us through sickness and in health if in the end our parents get the say. if something happens to my husband and is hospitialized i shouldnt have a say in what happens to him? i should only have to sit and listen to what his parents say? i believe your being selfish to think you should have this power! what good am i as a wife if the parents are still making these decisions, that makes me believe i am only there in his life as a maid and that does NOT REFLECT RIGHTS AS A WIFE OR A WOMEN! I believe frank has a say about his wife i believe you should have faith in whom your daughter married and i believe you shouldnt belittle your daughters and your family, when they are in the same pain you are.

    • Mili5tary Wife- I certaily understand your concern. I also agree- what is the use of leaving they mother and father and cling to your husband or wife if in sickness – you are cast aside ? I agree- certainly if there were medical decisions to be made and there were 3 people all with different opinions – let’s say Mon want this – dad wants that and hubby wants the other thing – that would be a headache so – the spouce should make the medical decision.
      In this case we are not talking about medical decisions . We are talking about visitation only.
      In other words say you decide tohave a child and you child get married and that child’s spouce thinks you are a bad mother-in-law for some reason. Now your daughter gets sick- all you want to do is go tot he hospital to see her – but he is mad at you because you insulted his mother or something – so he say – I am the husband and I say you are not going in there!

      That is the problem here.
      All of a sudden – Frank has decided that since the gunman really wanted to shoot me and I went out that night – and so he shot Louisa instead that it should have been me – and so – it’s my fault and I should be punished for getting my daughter shot !
      How fair is that?
      I wish it was me that got shot too – what mother would not have taken a bullet instead of her daughter? But I was not there that night – Louisa was! Now I can’t see her!
      I just want you to know that we all agree that the husband has the right to make medical decisions if the wife is happy with that and did not say different .

  12. To military wife, If you have been following this story as you say you have, then you surely have misunderstood this situation. I really can’t figure out why you think BJ is belittleing her daughters and family. I know this woman personally, and she is the most giving and dedicated person I have ever met, and did I mention strong? Anybody that has had all the heartache in her life that BJ has had would have collapsed under the weight of it by now. But not BJ, she worked tirelessly this campaighn season for the good of her country. And you are concerned about Frank’s rights? What about the rights of Louisa’s sons to live in their own home? What about Louisa’s right to have her mother and other family members at her side during this long and difficult recovery period? How would you feel if this were your child? I bet somehow it would be a diffferent story if the roles were reversed.One can only hope you never face a similar situation in your life, but if you do you had better hope and pray that you don’t have a Frank and Tommy to contend with.So, before you find fault with my friend,walk a mile in her shoes!Now climb down off your high horse and have some empathy for the real victims here!

  13. Dear BettyJean,
    Thanks for the update. I have been on your site and have read your rants. They are very good. I have also listened to a couple of your internet broadcasts. I listen the next day while I’m working because I never seem to have time at night. Quite interesting. You are a great communicator.

    It is still hard to wrap my brain around this nightmare you are living. It just does not even make sense. One positive thing it has done is made me even more grateful for the men I have in my life. Our son-in-law is wonderful – a good husband and an even better father and he comes from a lovely family that we are friends with. Which made me think – what about Frank’s family? Won’t any of them intercede on your behalf and tell Frank that what he is doing is wrong. Can’t someone speak sanity into a temporarily insane mind? I word it this way because no one in their right mind would keep a loving mother from her daughter in this type of situation. That is just cruel.

    BTW, I read one of the blogs where someone compared your situation to Terry Schiavo. I followed that case closely because I felt what was happening was wrong (it was murder) and there is a similarity. Her parents had no say: none, zero, zip, nada, in what happened to their daughter. Her former husband was deciding what was best for her because he had the “right” to as her husband. However, he was remarried, with children, and had no interest in Terry whatsoever. Her parents were willing to assume full responsibility for her, including financial, and release him from any obligations and he said no. So they had to sit by and watch (until the final moments when he would not allow them in) their brain-injured daughter die because her ex-husband, who was her husband at the time she took ill, was the only one who had any say. It went all the way to the Supreme Court. This is why people must have advance directives and living wills that name more than one person as the decision maker in their health care decisions should they become unable to make their own. She had nothing written down and he wanted the world to believe that as a young, beautiful twenty something young lady, she one day told him that if she ever became seriously ill she did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. It was his word against a woman who could no longer speak. Bottom line, he had a new life, a new wife, and did not want her alive any longer, even though she was in a nursing home and no burden to him. Her parents wanted her alive. They lost and Terry starved to death. Here in the United States of America, these parents had no say as to whether their daughter lived or died. Sick, sick, sick. In grammar school I wrote an essay for the American Legion and the last sentence was that the last two words in American are “I can”. That means I can do whatever I set my mind to do; I can be whatever I want to be. “I can” is endless. You can make a difference so fight on and fight hard and don’t give up on what you believe in.

    You, Louisa, Denise, your parents, Louisa and Denise’s sons, Doug, Diane (too many to name) will be in our prayers. I pray the Lord will guide your path on this tragic journey.
    God Bless

  14. Whomever helped Louisa recover up until this point should still be visiting, even if it isn’t as often.

  15. Hi..

    Am coming to this post completely green on the events transpiring previous.. No promises things would change, but could only venture to suggest trying the state’s Protection & Advocacy Office for persons with disabilities..

    You’re welcome to keep me *personally* in your loop if you wish..

    Cindy Sue
    Six. Almost Seven..
    Talking Rock, Georgia..

  16. Очень полезно

  17. It’s wrong for those kids to be held as hostages. It is pure evil what these people are doing to Louisa.

  18. I am happy to tell you the tables have turned we won in court and now it is I who have a court order on my side! And I who gve Tommy plenty of visitation none of which he bothers to take!
    It seems his only interest was in keeping me awasy from her – now that he can not do that – his interest in her has waned. But I get to see her daily.

  19. Oh Wow. Can we do a story for DailyPUMA now? This is such good news.

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