Truth Is Uncomfortable

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling
Denise Richardson Abused by George now Emotionally abused and Abandoned by Tommy

Denise Richardson Abused by George now Emotionally abused and Abandoned by Tommy

Ok- here’s the deal – Some of my closest friends are worried because I finally came out and told the truth about what I am going through with these two guys in my family. My friends think this is going to reflect poorly on me. Well that is exactly what these two clowns want! And if it reflects poorly on me it’s because the truth can make people feel very uncomfortable – imagine what it feels like to have a dead son, and a dying daughter  and another daughter in Louisa’s condition being brainwashed by a son who is under the influence and hateful?

I… well out of all the responses I received I want you to know none were negative – absolutely none- no one unsubscribed, many sent hugs and kisses and only two friends worried for me. It was that worry that got me thinking why women stay- and why women wind up hurt! I had to speak up – this was and is a teachable moment.


Michael Guy Richardson- Mikie died of Cancer at age 34 in Jan. 2000

Michael Guy Richardson- Mikie died of Cancer at age 34 in Jan. 2000

This is exactly why we women always wind up shutting up- we are always afraid to speak out because we will be blamed somehow – it is always our own damned fault. We touched on this a bit on the radio show the last two nights and I am sure we will touch on it again soon. Our callers often talk about how the father of their children verbally abuses them and runs them down in the courts and specifically to their children. This is what my son’s father did to him – he brainwashed him and you are seeing the result of the hit job I am about to endure. Beware here it comes- sex, lies but no video tapes!

My story is not different from other divorced mothers – there are millions of us that have been degraded by the fathers – so they could cover their own dereliction of duty and why they abandoned their children. Blame it on Mom- guess that’s my fault too huh?




Tommy Richardson And George Hartwig- Birds of a feather - George is a large physical abuser Tommy is a verbal and emotional abuser, a a little guy who hides behind women. Both brute punks.

Tommy Richardson And George Hartwig- Birds of a feather - George is a large physical abuser Tommy is a verbal and emotional abuser, a a little guy who hides behind women. Both brute punks.

Another Dreams of my Father story here – Tommy was abandoned at birth his father who was dead at 44 – overdosed on heroine- but not before he filled his son’s head with unimaginable stories that Tommy should have never believed as he lived with me and knew he never saw such things – nor did he siblings see them but he chose to internalize them – poor soul- I give up trying to repair or understand it now.

Men label women with the most disgusting terms for reasons beyond comprehension just because they are mean spirited and yet we still ask women not to talk about it lest it reflect poorly on them? Why? Is that going to stop it? Is hiding it going to help? What has hiding it every done but facilitated its continuation?

Shall I sit by quietly and let Tommy tell his sister lies and brainwash her when she is

Louisa Richardson, George shot her in the head, Tommy is now using her to emotionaly batter their mother to avenge his abusive dead father.

Louisa Richardson, George shot her in the head, Tommy is now using her to emotionaly batter their mother to avenge his abusive dead father.

helpless? Am I not a mother bear – have I not right to try to protect my helpless daughter even if it does reflect poorly on me? Go ahead and blame it on me if you must – but I am looking for that one somebody out there that someone who will see through it all and possibly know someone who can help Louisa.  I WILL GLADLY GIVE UP MY GOOD NAME FOR MY CHILD!

For those who would ask -what is wrong with this family anyway – it must be her fault. What kind of family is this – what kind of mother is she anyway? I ask them -are we ever going to stop blaming women for what men do? Hasn’t every male abuser come out of a woman’s womb?




Tommy is my son if you want to blame me for his behavior- knock yourself out – I am ashamed of him myself but I certainly did not bear George or Frank or any other of the scum bums that are going around abusing, bullying, terrorizing and/or slaughtering the millions of woman who are being mistreated and murdered all over the world. So please – I am only responsible for bringing one disrespectful abusive son into this world and I am extremely sorry for the way he turned out! 


Me - Helping Hillary so women might might get their ERA and all Americans could have Health Care

Me - Helping Hillary so women might might get their ERA and all Americans could have Health Care

For those women out there who keep your mouths shut lest you look bad- scream- baby scream! Better you look bad to the small minds without hearts than you are slaughtered daily piece by piece and have no soul left when they are done eating away at all that you are. Fight – for you are a human being and have every right to fight back! Fight for your self respect and never let some bullying selfish worm try to take you down. They can only win if you do not fight them- fight them!

Yes – the truth is uncomfortable but so is the pain of abuse- and the dogs are barking loudly now- and we must keep going! 

Don’t feel sorry for me – I am a survivor- in case you have not noticed – I need nothing – please pray for my daughters! And should I die say she came – she fought and she damned well was here and was certainly not afraid to speak!


blaming the victim n.

From: A Dictionary of Psychology | Date: 2001 | Author: ANDREW M. COLMAN

A pervasive tendency to assume that a person who has suffered a misfortune must have done something wrong to deserve it. It is explained by the just world hypothesis.


just world hypothesis n.

From: A Dictionary of Psychology | Date: 2001 | Author: ANDREW M. COLMAN

The widespread but false belief that the world is essentially fair, so that the good are rewarded and the bad punished. One consequence of this belief is that people who suffer misfortunes are assumed to deserve their fates: a person involved in a traffic accident must have been driving carelessly, a victim of burglary could not have taken adequate precautions, a woman who was raped must have acted provocatively and led her attacker on, and so on, and even the victims often blame themselves. This phenomenon, which is usually interpreted as a consequence of the illusion of control, was first identified and named by the Canadian psychologist Melvin J. Lerner in an article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 1965. See also blaming the victim, Just World Scale.



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  1. I haven’t heard from you, this post was EXCELLENT
    as you have always been.

    I hope your children are doing well. I kind of have a Tommy in my life also, and it’s not easy, and it’s a never ending battle.

    Never being around his father, and he’s just like him—
    baffles the brain.

    pumapac has been so busy with this STIMULUS crap.
    but we are listening. Hard to get in to talk though.

    God Love you and your babies

  2. Thank you michelina,

    It is hard to have this going on – and to have to expose your life as if it is a soap opera.

    Tommy relishes turning everything into a circus – he surrounds himself with those who enjoy the drama and they dragged Frank into the mud with them,

    They just want to turn everything and everyone into the misery they feel- and they will not be happy until they make everyone’s life miserable.

    It’s like a viral infection that just wants to spread and kill everything it touches ! No other reason for a child to want to do this to his mother – another self sufficient child would walk away and stand on his own – but the spite work shows you where he is at!

  3. BettyJean, all our lives are a soap opera. Don’t let the jugheads get you down. You’ve got lots of friends out here and we’re all praying for you and the girls. Actually, I’m praying for your boy too as he needs it. I can relate to this except the abuse (Thank GOD) But drugs and alcohol have been the bane of a couple of my kids, too. That is why I am raising 2 grandsons. I will write more on this later but wanted to let you know I am here praying and I will try to work on this abuse issue in my state.
    God Love You.

  4. Thank You – I know that must have been hard for you – and I really appreciate your candor- – They will be trying to break us all down and we all need friends like you to help us all hold each other up for the onslaught we will be facing.But I assure that united we will be beat this and it will be worth it for all our daughters and all their daughters .
    Thank you for standing with me today!

  5. Oh BJ, How do you find the courage to face each day? You are one of the strongest women that I have ever met, and I envy that. You cannot be held accountable for how your son behaves,I am sure he was raised with love, just the same as your other kids, and at some point in time they must be responsible for their behavior,good or bad. I will pray for you and your family and hope Tommy comes to his senses and gets some help so you can rebuild your relaationship.

  6. Hi BJ,

    The horror and unjustice that you are enduring is totally totally unbelievable ~~ but the strength that ONLY a woman can have is what you are dealing with ………….. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughters BJ ~~ I think of both your daughters and NO MOTHER should ever be denied access to her children, especially when they are seriously ill ~~ it is YOU who gave your daughters life and who is anyone to deny you to be close to one of your children. As we well know, the laws are disgusting, they protect the wrong ones and need to be changed.

    DON’T give up and know there are millions of women across this country who are praying for you and supportive of you….. God Bless you and your daughters …..

    Judy O’Connor

  7. Thank you all for the support. It helps to know that there is a God and there are so many of us struggling together and holding each other up- without you and your strenght and encouragemnt- I would be lost.

    My Husband, my parents, My Denise and my grandsons are keeping me strong too!

  8. BJ–Do you have any idea how much we love, respect, and admire you? I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: you are a heroine of epic proportions! Don’t allow spineless “friends” and others with no self-esteem, who are devoid of passion and ethics and courage, attempt to silence you.

    The only reason I hadn’t written yesterday was that I had a deadline to meet. And frankly, had I been free, I know it still wouldn’t taken me this long to stop crying, compose myself (taking your example), and try to think of something–anything–to say that would even remotely been to help or express my love and concern.
    Instead, I prayed harder and sent loving, healing vibes with all my might.

    And as others here have said, EVERYONE’S family has its share of dysfunction, skeletons, and so on. Interestingly enough, your son Tommy reminds me of my twin, Joe, who still lives in Lodi. I think the chemical runoff from all the factories that once lined Main St. and Victor St. have affected those who remained in that godforsaken town all their lives.

    My twin and I were raised exactly the same way. The good stuff took with me, and even with my retarded brother, John, but Joe is a mean, heartless, class A dirtbag (who thinks he’s nice and righteous).

    Anyway, try to trust in God/Goddess/Higher Power that there’s a reason you’re being kept away from your darlling Louisa at this time. KNOW without a doubt that God is muffling the sound of Tommy’s and Frank’s voices when they utter negative words. What happened to Louisa was no one’s fault but George’s.

    I will continue to pray for you and to now include your son and son-in-law in the Chaplet of Mercy prayers, with the hope that they will WAKE UP to reality. Come to think of it, I’ll include those a’hole Bergen County judges in my prayers. They need to wise up, too.

    Love you so much!

  9. OMG–apologies for all the typos in my previous post. My eyes are still tired from tedious editorial work. I hope the gist is clear.

  10. Oh Julie, You will never know just how much I appreciate you. I never knew you but I feel like we are together in this town right now. Thanks for the prayers for all- God knows they all need it even the unlovley- they need it most!

  11. Dear BettyJean,

    I don”t see why anyone would blame you! You are a strong, caring and dedicated mom to your two daughters! God Bless them and you!

    I hope you are saving all of these “rants”. Put them all in a book someday. It will be a bestseller for sure!


  12. BJ,

    Are you serious that people are criticizing you for speaking out about the mental and emotional abuse you are experiencing? Seriously? People need to know what you are up against! You are right. Maybe someone, somewhere can help.

    We are so sorry that your struggles continue. Just when we see Louisa struggling to stay alive and come back to you – your idiot son and son-in-law are trying to indoctrinate her to hate you. We understand your concern about her not remembering you for who you are. That is downright evil. They are sick.

    My dad also scapegoated my mom for him deserting us. She can totally relate. She was shown disrespect and verbally/emotionally abused for 22 years. To this day, my brother has no relationship with my mom as a result. When he used to speak about my mom, it was from a husband’s perspective not a son. It was so weird. My brother knew things only from my dad’s warped insecurity.

    Ironically, my dad is guily because my brother’s daughter has never met her grandmother! Ha! My brother could care less and won’t pay for a ticket so my mom can see her. Or bring her to my mom. So my dad asks me if my mom wanted a picture of her grandaughter. I said Why? She’ll never meet her. There’s no point.
    My dad only has himself to blame. Jack ass.

    In sisterhood,
    Susan & Elizabeth –

  13. Tryingtohelpourfuture, on January 29th, 2009 at 2:06 am Said:

    FreeMeNow, why is my email listed in the Leave a Reply area? I gave it when I commented on one of BJ Kling’s posts only because it was required. Is it visable to everyone who comes to this site? If so, would you please remove it?
    I’m sorry, but I’m pretty dumb about how these blog sites work; it’s just that I prefer to keep my email private. I’m sorry if it actually is and I have misunderstood. I don’t mean to offend. Thanks for listening.

  14. BJ – It’s incredible that this can happen in 2009; that there as yet no reasonable support systems for families affected by such violence. Did you receive Crime Victims’ Services?* Outreach by Safe Horizons? Or do they just print brochures.

    Is there recognition that the attempt on Denise’s life culminating in Louisa’s near fatal injury is a multi victim crime. Have you received any Protection Orders? Against George, or, sadly, Tommy? Fat lot of good they did to Louisa…perhaps they’ll take them seriously now.

    The “all guys together- women are crazy” sucks kids like Tommy in – kids abandoned by their fathers, or with low esteem because of scuzzbucket parents…and brings them down too.

    Once women stop “incubating” there’s no reason to please us.

    Opinions may dry a tear or so, but they don’t keep you safe, BJ, and I am concerned about the out of control men in the picture…

    * On August 16th, 2006, uniformed NY State “Peace” Officers grabbed me from the street as I was returning from a walk. They put handcuffs on me, maliciously tightened, which drew my head back compressing the carotid artery and spinal column at C1,2,3, which has ongoing consequences and resulted in near loss of life. The NYPD saved my life, but the “brass” suppressed any investigation. I was denied Crime Victims’ Services and medical expenses, still ongoing. That meant I could not afford extensive investigations, providing neuro evidence…”

    My neighbours knew me better, but acquaintances thought I committed a crime, was crazy, whatever…

    I’m a survivor too, BJ, and I’m fighting this every way I can. I’m posting it as an example of “blame the victim” and the deep hatred and prejudice against women in the N East. This is fomented by porn and the sex industry…which objectifies and dehumanises us as objects for the pleasure and entertainment of men…

  15. Dara, That had to be hard for you to write but i thanks you for doing so – the more of us who tell the truth – the more of us who will come forward and prove that we are being terribly mistreated daily. We are being silenced and told to shut up to boot!
    I am so sorry for what you went through and I appreciate you stepping up and out – together we will get others to do the same.
    Soon there will be thousands of us maybe millions who will finally realize what is going on and together we will say – NO MORE!

    It will take an army of us but first we have to know that we are not alone- we have to know we have support and that it is NOT our own fault. We have got to know we can speak out and find support if no where else that with each other – thank you ! thank! thank you!

  16. I think men are not accustomed to taking blame for anything that they ever do. I also think the women who have ‘boys’ that turn into men ( not saying you in specific) have this odd relationship with their sons where they just want to get back at other women through their sons sometimes and that’s what causes them to be so ‘forgiving’ with their sons. Some might be jealous of ‘the other women’ such as a son’s girlfriend or whatever, and then they turn against other women out of the need to control their environment, and in the process they build up their sons and tell them that this is the woman’s fault. What I’m saying is that mothers are partly to blame for their asshole son’s behaviour. What ‘mommy’ doesn’t make right, society will. Society in the end will tell a man that it’s not his fault, and it must be Mommy’s fault, or the kid’s ‘Mommy’s’ fault, or some other women who is a mother is at fault. No matter how you cut the mustard, the women is at fault in the eyes of the family, of the man, and of society. What I do anymore is I come right out and say “This is not my fault”. I also say that I am not going to take the blame for this garbage of a man’s creation. I don’t even quite like any men anymore. When I see the so called ‘good ones’ out there sticking up for the bad ones in that ‘old boy network’ it makes me want to choke one of them out of their last manly breathe. That’s why I’d better stay single or surely some dude is at risk of coming up ‘disappeared’.. ( wink). Reading this makes me wanna go out and try and buy a Lorena Bobbit tee-shirt just to screw with guy’s heads. Here is a Lorena Bobbit liberation army team t-shirt… Looks like we are not the only ones?

    Or this…

    ( not for sensitive people)

  17. You and your family – even Tommy – are in my prayers. You are a brave woman, and you are absolutely right. Speaking out has to happen. And mothers should not be blamed.

    Take care of yourself!

  18. Betty Jean,

    I have been too busy to follow as closely to puma, confluence, riverdaughter, free us now, etc., etc…but my heart is always with you.

    God bless you for speaking up, speaking out, and breaking the bonds of silence that help perpetuate the cycle of violence so many women live (if you call it living) and die by.

    When you stand up as you are, you free yourself NO MATTER WHAT, and others will follow. Never forget that speech is the first step toward freedom–you have to say you want it before you realize you can have it. YES YOU CAN is our phrase….and yes, you can.

    from jennifer, the meanest puma in texas 🙂

  19. Free Me Now – Free US Now – All of us – Right Now!

  20. I still can’t get past you not be allowing to visit your daughter in the hospital.

    Is that still in play? How can this even be legal?

  21. […] but too funny to pass up. Over at BJ’s “Free Us Now” blog* a bedeviled PUMA left this hilarious nugget of dumb. FreeMeNow, why is my email listed in the Leave a Reply area? I gave it when I commented on […]

  22. Tryingtohelp: An email is required to post, but is not published. You are safe, it doesn’t show up in comments and no one with the exception of the site administrator sees it.

    Betty Jean, it takes an extraordinary person to write of their personal trials, and you seem to have endured more than most. My brother was like your son. For years, I begged my mom to let him go, but she never gave up hope. He came to visit me in October, for the first time in twelve years (because I told him he wasn’t welcome), and I was semi shocked. He’s 52 and looked 70. Years of drug and alcohol abuse had taken their toll. He was abusive, grasping, violent and fouly obscene. My sisters 1 a judge, 1 a retired politician, 1 a retired administrator, and me, a mid level manager, all grew up in the same household, yet the brother turned to drugs, rock and roll, women and booze. Never made much of himself, even though he had a very high IQ. Go figure. Some people are just born to be bad.
    My deepest sympathies for you and your daughters. May fortune bless you tomorrow, cause she hasn’t given you much grace lately. Take care of yourself!

  23. HT- You may never know just how much I needed your comment! Even though In my heart I know and with my common sense – I know the truth – Life always makes women and mothers in particular second guess themselves.

    I stopped that that with Tommy a few years ago and I realized this is a toxic relationship that can have no happy ending. All I want is to never have to deal with him again but I never dreamed he would stalk me and go to these lengths to try to force me into abusive situations. I am truely shocked that he will not stop and wants a pound of flesh.

    I also never dreamed he would use his own sisters as tools of destruction. Pray for them- i FEAR FOR LOUISA – DENISE IS IN MY CARE BUT TOMMY HAS FREE REIGN OVER LOUISA AND IT APPEARS HE IS BRAINWASHING HER – and no one knows how this may be affecting her. I am sure if Kessler knew what they were doing they would not allow this!
    I am also sure it is why they are preventing me from seeing her – they want to brainwash her.

  24. Betty Jean, I know some of what you are going through. My bother and I were very close as young children, there was only 18 months between us. I tried to help him, time and time again. He lived with me gratis several times, and I got him into rehab a couple of those times. I loved him, more than anyone, yet at some point I had to admit to myself that there was nothing I could do . I didn’t cut him off when he came to visit me in the hospital from prison, and it turned out he had escaped his guard who was assigned to accompany him. He used my tragedy to escape prison! (I had conjoined twins that could not possibly survive, and died four hours after birth). I didn’t cut him off after I got a panicked call from Miami to send money so he could escape the nasty drug cartel who was after him. I did, finally, cut him off when he wouldn’t stop cursing, swearing and getting drunk in front of my kids. I was adament, yet I was so very very sad. I can’t imagine what it would have been like had he been my son, yet I know I would do the same thing. At some point, it becomes us or them, and it isn’t us that pushes to that point. It’s them, their egotism, their wanting control and dominance.
    While I understand your anguish, know this. They are doing this to hurt and control you. Do not let them see how sick they are making you feel, because if you do, they will continue their onslaught. Go through your lawyer, although if her husband is part of this, you may not be assured of a good outcome, so don’t mortgage your life to fight it. Concentrate on Denise and let the lawyer challenge access to Louisa. If they won’t allow you access, send registered cards and letters, letting her know how much you love her and want to see her. Unless things have changed, it is a federal offense for anyone other than Louisa to open her mail. Have another family member go to see her, an aunt, a neighbor etc. Don’t worry about brainwashing. She is an adult and from previous postings, she must know how much you love her. My brother used to try that stunt with me vis a vis our mother, in an attempt to get my support and hurt her. (We were a seriously dysfunctional family) It didn’t work because I knew, even though mom was seriously crazy, she loved each and every one of us. Don’t give up hope, and don’t go crazy….That’s what they want. It’s so hard to fly with the eagles when you’re surrounded by a bunch of turkeys.

  25. Thanks HT – Perhaps your words have just saved me from myself- Tommy warned me – he is out to Get me and he has Frank working with him- so -why play into his hands?

    I will concentrate on Denise and leave Louisa in God’s hands.

  26. If there is more to the story, then I can understand your decision. However, if you are not being a menace to Louisa in any way, of course you should be allowed to see her.

  27. Good. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s best to have a clear mind when dealing with devastatingly emotional situations. People like my brother and your son have emotional radar. They know all the buttons to push. You need to recognize that, and ensure that those buttons are disabled. Tommy and Frank are only important as long as you choose to allow them to interfere in your life, and they like to interfere hoping to fulfill their own agenda, which from what you’ve written is money.
    Once you walk away (a little way), Louisa will no longer be a good bargaining chip for them. I would keep the pressure on in an indirect manner (send neighbors, friends, relatives to visit, call the facility for updates etc) so that they do not totally abandon her (which is what most users do when their bargaining chip is no longer valuable), but totally divorce yourself from any direct activity. Wait for the Lawyer’s advice, but beware, some lawyers are in it for the money and keep litigation going so they can pad their billable hours.
    Keep Louisa in your heart and prayers. The only way you can help her right now is to stay sane, healthy and self sustaining. Interesting side effect to that is that it will frost the tonsils of your son and son in law. They think they have you on the ropes and it reads as if they want to pound you into the mat.
    Be careful. If they are as venal and self serving as they appear, they could get ugly so be on your guard. Take care, and I do hope I’ve helped a little.
    Oh, btw, if you have a will with Tommy in it, I would change it to exclude him. and if the will leaves anything to Louisa, add a codicil that in the event of her demise, everything goes to someone other than Frank.

  28. Forgot, on the will thing, if there are children of Louisa and Frank, and you leave anything to them, ensure that there is a trustee to oversee the dispersal of funds/good to the children, in order to keep it out of Franks grasp.
    Geez, ain’t this bleeding sad! How twisted has this world become? I love my children and would do anything for them, however, not all children are good and not all children make wise choices in partners. If my son behaved towards me as yours has, I would send him packing, as I did his father. Fortunately, my kids are smarter than the average bears….so far.

  29. I answered you privately – but for those reading here – be assured NONE of these guys will ever get a penny.

    Anyone who thought they had anything to gain has now been disinherited but good!

  30. I have heard enough! I am privy to this situation and I must speak up. It saddens me that there are this many gullible women in the world falling for this woman’s garbage. Gag. I want to vomit. Are you all really that blind? BJ is a man-hater. Go read her blogs. Watch her videos. Listen to her radio blogs. She chips away at men’s self-esteem until they can’t take anymore and go on a shooting spree or file court orders to keep her away from her own kids. She stated herself (in a previous blog) that George meant to shoot her, not Louisa. I wonder why??? Do you really think it is a coincidence that the men who she was a mother or mother-in-law to, hate her guts? She has tortured them with her words for years and micro-managed every part of their lives until they just couldn’t take anymore. THEN she makes everyone believe that the men are the abusers, when in reality, it is her. She said to blame it on her, if I must. Well, I do. She is blaming all of the men in her life (Tommy’s father, George, Frank, etc.), for the trouble she has caused. She is reaping what she has sown all of these years. She speaks of her “Mikie” who sadly died of colon cancer 8 years ago. Denise lovingly cared for Mikie in his last days, NOT his mother. Louisa was Denise’s caregiver, NOT her mother. She tore a poor woman up in a previous blog, because she wished to remain neutral and not take BJ’s side. She is nice as long as you agree with her. She is also an attention seeker. She is glorifying what her daughters have gone through to get sympathy for herself. Sickening. Other people close to this situation have been on the internet commenting on all the trouble she has caused in her family. She should be ashamed of herself. Denise is the one who needs prayer. Tommy needs to get control of her too, so this beast cannot hurt her as well.

  31. Stay strong, BJ

  32. Anonymous. Rather than add your bizarre opinion about everything but Louisa’s situation, lets stick with what is going on right now. Has BJ been there for Louisa since the tragedy happened last month?

  33. I don’t know the family, but from this news report, it certainly sounds like Betty Jean was caring for her daughters…

    Let’s continue to pray for Louisa and Denise and BJ, and whatever healing they need.

  34. It looks like the local drug cartel in Betty’s part of the world is roaring its ugly head. Anon’s rant above droned about everything but what is going on right now, which is what matters most.

    So what is it Anon, Has Betty Jean been there for Louisa this past month and a half?

  35. alessandromachi, you have nothing better to do at 4am then to speak for your poor, defenseless BJ? She may very well have been there, but it was not to take care of her daughter. She was only there to be in control of the situation and so that she could bring information back to her little followers for sympathy. She is a disgrace to all mothers everywhere. So that you can rest your little head tonight, let me address what is going on right now… Frank and Tommy have taken the proper steps to ensure Louisa’s safety from her mother’s verbal abuse and using her daughter’s horrible circumstance to her benefit. These men should be commended. Just because BJ is a self-proclaimed, woman’s rights activist with a big mouth, doesn’t make her right, I’m afraid. Click around to see what other people are saying about this entire situation. I’m sad to report that I am not the only one who sees through her.

  36. Yeah Anonymous Anonymous:

    Do the norm, the status quo, the knee-jerk reaction to the reality of what hundreds of millions of women and children have endured since the beginning of time…

    Yeah, you’re right on time… call the victims “crazy”, “mental cases”, “whiners”, “liars”, “control freaks”, “men haters”, “ball-busting bitches,” “looking for attention”…

    Yeah anonymous… better still, try to shut this woman up… humiliate her, discredit her, put her in her place…

    Oh hell, anonymous… that may not work…

    You better kick it up a notch… she’s out of control…

    Hunt her down, confront her rebellion… stalk her, threaten her, scream at her, yell at her, slap her around, pull her hair out in chunks, terrorize her, cut her up, shoot her…

    Go ahead anonymous… do all of the domestically acceptable things you can possibly think of to this woman…

    …just don’t forget to do those other perfectly sane things… threaten her to keep her quiet… cover it up, deny it all, blame her for causing it all… slap her around… you know… get the cycle of abuse going… don’t let her out of the cage…

    …after all… she’s the fucking “crazy” one….. right?

    Oh, and as for Betty Jean… here is my advice:



  37. Anon, I waited several weeks for an update from BJ. Eventually she gave two wonderful accountings two days in a row on

    It sounds like you are angry about her blog updates on FreeMeNow.

    But what you aren’t saying is whether or not BJ has been helpful or not. It is possible that BJ has been both very helpful to Louisa AND has written blog updates, you seem to keep focusing on your anger at BJ for her blog updates.

    Has BJ been helpful in anyway at the prior hospital where Louisa was being treated, or not?

    BJ’s accounting is that Louisa began to improve, and that then they brought her to a new hospital, and then Betty Jean Kling was not allowed to visit.

    It appears that Louisa has improved and you don’t seem really interested in that part of the story.

    I asked BJ to document Louisa’s recovery. I suggested she just take wide shots of the hospital room to respect Louisa’s privacy. BJ said that the camera was taken away from her by a male family member.

    To not document Louisa’s possible recovery is to minimize her and her trauma. So, has BJ helped Louisa in her recovery, or not?

  38. Anonymous, you seem to have all the answers, but the question remains–what basis have you to make these allogations against someone who so clearly has spent years of her life sacrificing for the good of the masses? As a newcomer to this site, I have no intention of pretending that I should make judgments or assert my opinions, but it seems to me that you are spouting random accusations with no basis whatsoever, against someone who has, and continues to suffer much at the hands of those who would enact unspeakable things upon her children with no regard for their welfare, emotions, or even human life!
    “Click around” you say–interestingly, you offer no sound references or resources to back up your statements, arguably because there are none. Unlike you, BJ has consistently provided us with documented sources that verify her reports on the situation. I do not see one documented instance, media or otherwise, to show that your allogations are correct. Even the way you choose to refer to yourself when posting – Anonymous Anonymous – seems to indicate that you are one of those late-night surfers whose only source of entertainment is to lurk on websites and try to create strife among those of us who are attempting to deal with real issues and fight real battles.
    BJ-my prayers and thoughts are with you and your children during this tragic time.
    Anonymous Anonymous-your malicious, insensitive comments are useless and unimportant here–
    people are dying and the rest of us would like to respect that.

  39. Well Anonymous Anonymous, I have no problem writing in my own name but then that might be because I am not the one with a record to hide.

    Tell me which one of the convicticted criminals are you?

    Are you one of the two Grand Larceny THIEVES that ripped off NYS and then had to rip off your mentally disable daughter to prevent your self from returning to jail?

    Are you the one who served time for Rape?

    Are you the one who was picked up for burglary or lost a few jobs for having sticky fingers?

    Are you his girlfriend using her work computer to send this crap- I can find out you know! In fact lets show everyone who you are you spinless lier :
    Author : Anonymous Anonymous (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :

    Did you bother mention that I send you a copy of everything I write because I have nothing to hide?

    Did you write this before Frank sent word this morning that he was willing to bargain away my daughter Louisa under the following two conditions?
    1. My house
    2. And if I stop blogging
    I have proof of that – witnesses! Now why would he want to have me stop blogging and begin visiting Louisa all of a sudden? Hmmmmm what are you guys afraid I will reveal?
    Or is it that you want another open shot at me? OR IS THAT ALL MY DAUGHTER IS WORTH TO YOU IN THAT CONDITION?

    I will takes my chances in court DAUGHTER IS A QUEEN frank NOT A pawn

    By the way Tommy – I had to take my car in for a tune-up and they found the Tie Rod problem- foiled again – how could you ?

  40. BettyJean,

    Stand strong. I do know what you are going through.
    Been there, done that. Just be vigilant with yourself. I know this anonymous anonymous is trying to shift cause and blame. You must be doing something right because it sounds to me like someone is starting to run scared.

    Be careful.

  41. Yeah- I am in danger folks – and that is why they want me to stop blogging and why they are trying to get me on the road and get me angry etc etc.

    I am staying strong- This annon annon is the 4th onslaught – I removed the first three before anyone saw them but so long as they are going to just keep making up new names and keep comming i guess we had better post pictures and start revealing their faces and the truth about them.

    Stay with me folks- it is getting interesting – !

  42. Update on Louisa.

    I was not going to reveal this but what the heck- anyone not on the list can go see Louisa. She is not in solitary confinement after all. I have friends lots of them in NJ- so Puma’s Louisa is left alone because the two bums are out of work and out of money and so Louisa Rodas lays in Kessler all alone. She is in West Orange.

    campus:West Orange Campus
    1199 Pleasant Valley Way
    West Orange, NJ 07052
    Tel: 973.731.3600
    Fax: 973.243.6819

  43. BJ–thanks for your guts–this is really a major (apparently unedited) “rant” and I can feel your pain behind it. It’s from the heart., a crushed but not broken heart.

    And you are so right–women will get blamed if they speak out or not, so why not speak. The only reason not to do so is when it will genuinely hurt the children.

    I pray for you, Louisa and Denise. Wish I could do more. Is there a legal fund? I read the next post/email and will join the card shower—We will surround Louisa with love and caring, even though not there in person. Stay strong!

  44. Thank you –

    Yes and I am now going to pull myself together – take care of my parents, Denise, myself and leave Kessler – God – the Puma’s and other Angels to look out for Louisa for a while.

    We will move forward with Louisa’s law the ERA and and do that which we have control over!

    We will be setting up a fund for Louisa’s Law -within the next week – Now that I have some time to concentrate on that!

    Thank you one and all for the support – not just for my family but for all the women who have been through similar trials many have written and are encouraged by the support shown here!

    We have grown these past weeks- I am not alone – none of us are anymore!

  45. to anon anon–Let me get this straight–according to you if a woman nags and cuts down a man’s self esteem then he has the right to “go on a shooting spree?” Are you serious? Are you saying that if a man is nagged then he will lose his self control?

    Sounds like a piss-poor exscuse for a man to me.

    NOTHING gives a person the right to physically harm another–

  46. Betty Jean-
    You are a formidable woman–kind and strong. Don’t let anyone take your power (or voice) away.

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