Shame on PETA

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Veggie Tales, It’s Not:
PETA’s Super Bowl Ad Is Too Much for NBC to Stomach

The Washington Post today reported on an ad that PETA wanted to air at the Super Bowl.  Apparently, PETA, which doesn’t want to treat animals poorly, but thinks it’s okay to treat women that way.  A portion of the article is below.  People should contact PETA to tell them that they should also be PETW (People for the Ethical Treatment of Women), or they won’t have your support!  
Clean up on the produce aisle! NBC wanted changes in PETA's proposed spot.
For the complete story, go to the following link:

6 Responses

  1. I bet it is ok for these sluts to get knocked up and kill their unborn children though.

  2. per-I am in no way defending PETA but to call the models sluts for doing their job -looking sexy on camera- is a bit over the top. It is the prevailing thought in this country when it comes to advertising; SEX SELLS!

    I would rather you not use language that is derogatory to any woman, in doing so demeans these women even further than PETA did when they contracted with them to make the commercial.

    What these women did in the commercial is in bad taste to be sure, but lets agree that we are not going to subject these women to derogatory slurs, because that makes us no better than PETA.

    We can call them misguided, but let’s not slander them because they are someone’s daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, fiancée’ or possibly mom.

    On this site we try our dead level best to give all women the benefit of the doubt; and if you want to do something for them pray that they are enlightened to the fact that they don’t have to denigrate themselves and their bodies for money.

    It could be argued, these models are feminist, because they have made the decision not to conform to society’s norms and to celebrate their sexuality… I don’t agree; but it could be argued.

    I don’t believe this is the best way to do this. No woman should have to use her body to make a living, but if they do decide to do so, it is their decision to do this, it does not make them any less deserving of respect. It makes them deserving of our empathy, but not our derision.

    Also, as far as them getting “knocked up” and killing their unborn children;” it is sad that women have to make that choice every day. A woman’s right to make decisions about her body and her reproduction is still legal in this country.

    Let’s not demonized the victims of this “commercial” lets demonize the perpetrators of this “advertisement”: PETA, a group that clearly cares more about animals than it does women and the objectification of them as sex objects.

  3. I used to belong to this group, PETA.

    But, IMO, they jumped the shark long ago…. I just can’t support them anymore.

  4. Topher – very well said – again and as usual- the money makers get off scott free – PETA is given a pass and the women looking to make a living are labeled sluts and instanly accused of being murderers! Another women abusers out to blame womankind for all the ills of the world.

    I also agree that woman must start to refuse to make this kind of commercial – I have – for a very long time wondered why they keep falling for the idea that they are no more than the sum of their beautiful parts.
    If ever we all get it together and unite and fight back as the force we really are these haters will be very sorry they angered us- Oh so very sorry- we are so much more than what they think we are! These guys hate their own mothers – I know I am the mother of one of these!


  6. Its one thing to want to protect animals – I am all for being against cruelty to animals but these characters are a bit much.
    In the case of these ads they seem to care more for non talking animals than the human female.
    I wonder how many females were put at risk because of this sensless ad? I wonder if they care about that? I’ll bet they would not put a sex ad of a sheep on air would they?

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