Inauguration of Ignorance, a Festival of Fraud and a Reception of Racism

 By: Daniel Greenfield –  Cross Posted by FreeMeNow


The Bread and Circuses Presidency

Call it the Bread and Circuses Presidency, or better yet the Bailouts and Reality TV Presidency. Forget expecting results or ethics from the occupant of the White House. Just join an organization or a cause and stick your hand out for your share of  misappropriated taxpayer money, and get ready to vote online for which puppy the Obama’s should adopt 

  … iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim imperium, fasces,legiones, omnia, nunc se continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, panem et circenses.(Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81

     … Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses

So America continues the transition from a citizenry to a people, that waits for government handouts and the comforts of a monarchy as spectacle, broadcast simultaneously on all channels. While Obama preps a cabinet slate, half of whom belong in jail, the media continues applauding loudly to drown out any criticism. And the public watches with glazed eyes.

The millions who will trudge to watch this “historic” triumph of style over substance, dishonest criminality over ethics, and anti-americanism over American, will get exactly what they expect. A $150,000,000 coronation for the Prince of Chicago, a lavish subversion of American democracy splashed across every television and website.

When Rome moved from Republic to Empire, the corrupt decadent Emperors understood what the mob wanted. As Obama’s backers work to make America a post-Democratic post-Republic ogilarchy, they’re doing it with Bread and Circuses.

The ObamaGirl Revolution (TM) will be brought to you by Pepsi (TM) and Jones Soda (TM). Now stay tuned for a news report on a letter by Obama’s flacks supposedly written to his children, yet broadcast to all of America. Feel free to buy some Frito chips, the official chip of the Obama inauguration. And  now breaking news, a special interview with the Obama’s new dog.  Switch to another channel to see all the movie stars getting their moment too. Welcome to the Fall of the Republic, brought to you by Pepsi.

Never mind that a Muslim Brotherhood proxy will be delivering a prayer at Obama’s inauguration, which means that Al Queda and Hamas will have a place of honor at the event. Keep your eyes on the celebrities and the concerts.

The War on Terror conducted officially by the American government is over, and this time instead of four planes, America itself has been hijacked. The lead hijacker, the 21st hijacker, will shortly place his hand on a Bible, and swear to defend a country he was not born in and overtly despises. And he will try to keep a straight face while doing it, and perhaps show enough restraint not to scratch himself with his middle finger or grab his crotch during the ceremony.

After the last month of outreach, there will no doubt be conservatives that will report approvingly on this. Though what exactly they will be conserving besides their own mainstream relevance, New York Times and Washington Post columns is unclear. When the mob gets big enough, many feel compelled to march with the mob. That is their choice and a matter for their own consciences.

There will of course be Jews there at this Ahasverosh feast, which like the original will be a case of feast before attempted genocide. Those Jews however are no brothers or sisters of mine, no more than the Neturei Karaites (yes the spelling is correct), the Kapos in the camps or those wealthy and well off Jews during WW2 who aided and abetted the Nazi genocide by helping bar Jewish refugees from safe harbors such as America, South Africa or Singapore. I have no connection to them and no obligation to them whatsoever, neither as brothers or sisters, or even as human beings. Whether they knew what they were doing or not, their actions have placed a Mark of Kayin on their own foreheads. Like the original murderer of his own brother, they have no place near me.

There will finally be the Obama Zombies, the grass roots supporters who donated more than they could for Obama, who worked to the bone for him, and now imagine that their sacrifices will have some meaning. Theirs will be the spectacle but nothing else. Some of them are already realizing that they have been used. Others will take a while to realize that the Cult of Personality they have joined has nothing to offer them. But sooner or later, all of them will know the truth, whether they choose to deny it or not.

But what the spectacle in Washington D.C. will truly testify to, is the danger that the American Republic is in, a danger caused by the abandonment of a loyal, responsible and committed citizenry, in favor of a universal mobocracy, cultivated by popular culture, and devoid of actual political knowledge. Subtract all the ballots motivated by ignorance, racism and fraud– and this election would never have concluded the way it did. And that in truth is what this Inauguration will be a historic triumph for, no matter what the Lapdog Media or any of the Poodle Pundits say.

It will be an Inauguration of Ignorance, a Festival of Fraud and a Reception of Racism. The only history being made here is the Fall of a Republic, into a phony populist monarchy. When the 21st Hijacker in Chief takes his oath of office, America will be facing the greatest challenge to its own survival since the Civil War, a ruthlessly corrupt Bread and Circuses Presidency.


One Response

  1. Ya know years ago – I would have voted for Colin Powell hands down. Too bad he didn’t run because he would have won – no doubt about it and we would have made history then with a full blooded black man – one of character- one who had served his country – one with credentials and one who had experience and one we could have voted for without having to annihilate and decimate a woman or two in order to win.

    But instead, we brought in a nobody – without experience who never served our country– and dragged him over the finish line at the cost of Democracy and by degrading and humiliating the better candidate and totally setting back women 50 years.

    Now if we dare say a word we are called racists when we would have voted Powell without blinking an eye – go figure- it isn’t his skin color it’s him- it’s the character of the man – the lack of everything I hold dear.

    I can’t relish the fact that he is black and this is historic because he did not win it fair and square. As if it were any other thing – cheating – takes away its importance- it can not be historic if he did not earn it and he did not earn it! He had help stealing it- the DNC and the media stole it for him and so – it just don’t count!!

    It is as good as a Castro win in Cuba, a Sadam win in Iraq etc etc etc. It’s a joke a set-up a fraud and it just does not count! Celebrate all you want – deep down inside you have got to know – you are a fraud! You got the part but you stole it!

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