Ho should be enough! Do you hear me now Ho should be enough?

Another Rant by: Bettyjean Kling

Ho is enough- NOW is the time to say STOP- the statistics are staggering! Starting Today- we must say No More- Help me Pass Louisa’s Law. We can not tolerate the slaughter- strangling – beating and shooting of women. We can not. Women should be treated with respect! Men must fear raising a hand or  voice to a woman ! Men must fear using vile language to a woman. It was not Ho that got Imus fired it was nappy headed! Starting tomorrow – Ho should be enough! Do you hear me now – Ho should be enough?

In Delaware Co. PA, a small newspaper http://www.delcotimes.com is running stories today on page after page- stories about 4 assaulted women- 2 murdered.

Cops: Man terrorized girlfriend, kids with gun


A Collingdale man, allegedly armed with a .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun, broke into his girlfriend’s home and terrorized three young children while looking for their mother, according to police.

“Mr. John has a gun and is trying to kill my mom,” a frantic child told an emergency dispatcher Sunday morning as Jonathan Murray searched the Bennington Road home the children shared with their mother, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Naked woman seeks refuge in church


The victim recalled waking up and being confronted by McNeila, who accused her of cheating, police said.“McNeila then began to beat her, striking her approximately 30 times in different areas of her body,” Erle wrote in the affidavit. “The victim was not allowed to leave the apartment and was kept contained in the bedroom, not able to seek medical help.”

Police said McNeila repeatedly threatened to “torture her and pull off her fingernails one by one.”

She managed to escape and ran out of the apartment toward St. Laurence Church. “Fortunately, the woman was able to seek refuge at the church,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “The guy came after her and tried to grab her away from the priest who had put a blanket around her.”

Montco DA: Jumper strangled girlfriend before taking own life


The first murder tale tells the story of a poor guy who threw himself off a bridge after accidentally strangling his girlfriend during sex. Poor Guy? Accident? She was badly decomposed- the bastard didn’t want to rot in Jail so he killed himself the coward! 

Cops ID victim, suspect in brutal U.D. murder


Next a 20 year old is butchered and slaughtered while her baby sister hides in the closet.  Cleveland confronted his ex-girlfriend on the porch of her parents’ home. She ran in and locked the door, but he broke in.


One Response

  1. Evil succeeds where good people do nothing. Rather than focus all of our attention on the assaulter, maybe it is time to out the friends of the assaulter. Even a jerk has friends, if just one friend comes forward and either warns the jerk, or calls the police, or both, prevention happens.

    Maybe if the friends of an assaulter realized they are also responsible if they do not report what they know, change would happen. Maybe it’s time to start filing civil suits against the friends and acquaintances of the assaulterers, especially if they sat on key information rather than report it.


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