A Majority of Women Fear Domestic Violence

Women are waking up and we need to seize the moment! YWCA might be a great partner for us!

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Washington, DC (Dec. 18) – Fully half (54%) of American women worry they or someone they know will be a victim of domestic violence. Younger women ages 18-29 are most worried, with more than two-thirds (68%) saying they are worried about this threat. Of these younger women, 36 percent say they are “very worried” and 32 percent say they are “somewhat worried.”

In contrast, half (50%) of older women ages 30-70 say they are worried about domestic violence, with 23 percent of them
saying they are “very worried” and 27 percent “somewhat worried.”

These results are reported in a recent YWCA USA survey report, What Women Want: a National Survey of Priorities and
Concerns, based on a telephone survey of 1,000 women ages 18-70 conducted on Oct. 28 – Nov. 2 by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.

Race is another factor that influences women’s degree of concern about domestic violence. Six in 10 (60%) Black women say they worry about being a victim or knowing someone who is a victim of domestic violence, compared with 52 percent of White women.  Further, 34 percent of Black women say they are “very worried” about domestic violence, compared with 23 percent of White women.

“These are truly frightening survey findings,” said Lorraine Cole , PhD, YWCA USA ‘s CEO. “That so many women live in
such fear of domestic violence is shocking. I hope the new Obama administration will do everything to eliminate this scourge of domestic violence and work with us to make sure every woman is safe in her home and intimate relationships.”

Statistics help explain women’s anxiety. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 1.3 million American women are physically assaulted by an intimate partner each year and among women who are murdered, one-third is killed by a current or former husband or boyfriend. Further, 19% of women raped each year are victimized by a current or former intimate partner. One million women are stalked each year. And one in 12 women will be stalked during their lifetime.

Other YWCA survey findings:

Two-thirds (66%) of all women and 73 percent of younger women say that addressing violence against women should be a top priority for President-elect Obama and Congress in the first year of the new administration. Most significant, eight in 10 Black women (83%) say violence against women should be a top priority.

Nearly one in five women (19%) considers violence against women the nation’s most pressing public health issue. This health issue ranked third after access to affordable, quality health care (37%) and the number of women without health insurance (26%).

The YWCA USA is a national not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to social service, advocacy, education,
leadership development and racial justice. Established in the United States in 1858, the YWCA is the oldest and largest national organization dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls and the elimination of racism. Through nearly 300 local associations located across the nation, the YWCA serves 2.5 million women and girls each year. Globally, the YWCA USA is a member of World YWCA that works in 122 countries and serves 25 million women and girls. For more
information and to read the full survey report, visit www.ywca.org.

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  2. It’s too bad the Y isn’t visible in politics. Something has to take the place of NOW and The so-called New Agenda…and Planned Parenthood and certainly NARAL are other “women’s” groups that let us down when it counted…

  3. This one is particularly disturbing: –

    State Sen.-elect Hiram Monserrate flew into a volcanic rage and attacked his girlfriend after seeing another man’s business card in her purse, sources told The Post yesterday.

    The law-enforcement sources also believe that the jealous Monserrate was so angry that he deliberately broke a glass into jagged pieces so he could slash Karla Giraldo, who required 20 stitches around her left eye following the alleged domestic-violence assault.

    The oldboys network seems to be active: –

    To call the Senate Democrats’ response to assault charges lodged against their future colleague, Hiram Monserrate, “muted” is actually something of an understatement.

    With the exception of Minority Leader Malcolm Smith’s two-line statement, released last Friday through spokesman Austin Shafran, about the “very serious” allegation that Monserrate slashed his girlfriend’s face with a piece of glass, no member of the conference has uttered a disparaging public peep about the Queens lawmaker.

    Just one, Sen. Eric Adams, has defended Monserrate, raising questions about the way his case has been handled and accusing the NYPD of trying to publicly humiliate the senator-elect because he has been an “outspoken advocate for police reform.”

    Bronx Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, chair of the Senate Democrats’ new Domestic Violence Task Force, said members of that body have had “some discussions” about Monserrate’s case, but she doesn’t think it’s appropriate at this point for them to take a public position on the matter.

    “Each day something new is unfolding; we’re trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not real,” Hassell-Thompson said. “As far as I’m concerned, at this moment he is not in our jurisidction. He’s on the City Council payroll.”

”…Once he arrives (in the Senate), it might be something we would discuss, but remember, we’re not an Ethics Committee, we’re a legislative body. If we had a discussion, it would merely be a discussion of people who are very concerned about this as an overall issue. We don’t have any legal standing.”

  4. It’s so important to address the violence in advertising that portrays beautiful women (and even young girls) as willing victims. We must not buy anything from such advertisers. It’s so important not to insult boys by calling them “girls” as if being female is below them. It’s so important to call our women doctors, dentists, and psychologists “Doctor” instead of by their first name. It’s so important to give our daughters their mothers’ surname instead of always assuming that children should have their fathers’ surname, as if the male lineage is superior and children are still their fathers’ property. Sexism is insidious, folks. But the upside to all that realization is that there is SO MUCH we each can begin to do to change the sexism in this culture that begins in our own lives and behaviors. Women can stop just going along with our own subjugation.

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