Betty Jean on PUMA Radio 12/18/08

From “The Confluence”

Conflucians Say was pre-empted last night because Sheri Tag had a private interview with Betty Jean Kling, whose daughter Louisa was viciously shot in the face on Monday night. Sheri and Betty Jean would like to share this interview with you. You can find it here on NO WE WON’Ton PUMA United Radio.purpromofus


7 Responses

  1. This interview had me in tears. What a strong woman to be able to do this. Betty Jean, praying for Louisa and my thoughts go to you and your entire family.

  2. I am stopping by to say I am sending along prayers and positive healing energy and I hope everyone will be ok.

  3. Betty Jean,

    I listened to your radio interview from your daughter’s hospital room, and I must say that you are an amazingly strong person! I don’t think I would have the wherewithall to keep my composure like you did, not to mention making so many good points and still fighting for all women. It made me very proud to “know” you as a PUMA.

    You and all of your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. May your higher power continue to bless you with the strength to cope with this tragedy and continue your fight!

  4. Louisa had another surgery last night, before she went into the O R they told BJ Lou’s brain function was 4 out of 15, and she was on total life support. BJ thought she had lost her little girl. She came through surgery, but called the family in this morning, Lou’s blood pressure had dropped to 45, and they were talking to them about removing life support.
    When they reached the hospital, however, Lou started rallying around, and actually started breathing somewhat on her own. They are giving them hope again, but are telling them the 3rd day after this surgery will be the test.
    BJ asked about the brain function, and they were told there is a chance the undamaged side of her brain could compensate for some of the loss .
    The doctor is suprised and said she has rarely seen anything like this. Louisa is really fighting to hold on.
    BJ asked me to pass the word on and to thank everyone for their support, and to request everyone to continue to pray for Louisa.

  5. Very moving program – thank you Sherry and Darragh

    Thank you, Integrity for the update on BJ and Louisa. Please let us know how both are doing since its day 3 after the surgery. We are praying and sending healing thoughts to them all day long. They are on our minds and in our hearts.

    SBA & ECS

  6. Betty Jean, I know you do not have time to read this..but I want you to know how often you are thought about ..and how we are praying for your daughters. Let the strength of the people help pull you through this terrible time. Bless you Betty Jean.

  7. Just stopping by to say that my prayers are with you and that the Healing Power of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you , family and friends . God Bless

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