Violence is Violence, and Murder is Murder

The term “domestic violence” has always angered me. It sounds like something kind of tame, domesticated, something that isn’t as serious as just plain old violence. Well folks, it is just as serious, and in fact, it is far more serious – and deadly – to those it affects. Women. And children.

Just because an attempt on our life comes at the hands of someone we know, someone we had been in a relationship with (before we found out what s psycho they were), or someone we had even been married to, it is still attempted murder. M U R D E R

Bettyjean’s daughters were both targets of murder attempts by the same man – someone they knew. He served three months for the first attack. Three months! What the hell kind of punishment befitting the crime is THAT?

Now that same man has shot her sister.

When a woman is savaged attacked with a hammer in her own home, she is not “battered”. She is the victim of ATTEMPTED MURDER. When another family member is shot by this man it is ATTEMPTED MURDER.

We must call these things what they are and deal with them as we deal with crimes against strangers.

Murder means take the life of another human being.

Attempted murder means an attack that could have taken the life of another human being.

Let’s get real:

– 85-95% of all domestic violence victims are female.
– Over 500,00 women are stalked by an intimate partner each year.
– 5.3 million women are abused each year.
– 1,232 women are killed each year by an intimate partner.
– Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women.
– Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know rather than by a stranger.

It is past time for us to deal harshly with men who perpetuate these crimes. Stop calling it by a tame name. Call it what it is. Arrest them and treat them like the assailants and murderers they are.

Teach your male children that violence against ANYONE is wrong, and especially against women and children. Men need to let other men know that this behavior is heinous and disgusting.

I pray for Dee, Louisa, Bettyjean, and the rest of the family.

Statistics from American Institute on Domestic Violence.


17 Responses

  1. Any PUMAs want to answer this call at


    I am starting a new group of women warriors, gorilla girls, female fighters…. call us what you will. Picking a name and a uniform will be the tasks of the first meeting. I want twenty-five women who are willing to fight beside me for women’s rights. Women who are willing to get arrested for women’s rights. Women who are not only willing to talk the talk but walk the walk. The group will make precision strikes at selected targets. Strikes might include sitting in the congressional gallery and holding up banners regarding women’s rights, picketing the White House, marching into Pelosi’s office single file, dropping bags of rocks off at an embassy after a woman is stoned, doing a visibility line on Massachusetts Avenue at rush hour or blowing up pictures of our nation’s currency and holding pictures of it outside the Department of the Treasury with sign that read, “where are the women?” We will take pages out of the playbooks of PETA, SEA SHEPARD, CODEPINK, and other groups that are at times annoying but very effective. Here is the job description:
    * Women — age 18 to 108, no minors allowed due to the risky nature of the operations.
    * Willing to attend weekly strategy meeting in DC.
    * Willing to protest at least monthly, maybe weekly in DC.
    * We need two photographers who can take photos of our actions.
    * We need one videographer who can video our actions and post on you-tube.
    * We need two media people who can make contacts with local media and advise them of our actions.
    * We need two communications specialists who can contact all the members of the group by text, email, phone, and coordinate communications.
    * We need two writers who can blog about our activities.
    * We need two lawyers who can advise us if our activities are illegal.
    * We need three researchers who help identify targets, research who they are and where they go.
    * We need two props people who can create and maintain props.
    * We need creative minds, lots of them, to help think of ways to strike effectively.
    * We need former military people who can help coordinate our activities.
    * We need you.
    Obviously, I’m serious. This is serious. If you have the kind of dedication and fighting spirit we need, please contact me at
    You must live in the Washington DC area. We need to show up where our leaders will and work.
    I need you. I want you. Are there 25 brave committed women out there? Let’s see.”

  2. Please go to
    The prowl is for Louisas Law.
    Please ladies let’s start yelling about what Murphy is caling Woman Lynchings.

  3. That’s s good idea ( Lynnette Long’s). We could use a team like this in every city. That’s would likely cement the deal.
    I know some lesbians in my area who are really on the same page with all this stuff as I am. One of them I talk to a lot and most of her friends were ever pro-Sarah Palin!! I’m thinking that we need to get out word out to those women too, and someone here might know how to do that, or even an ad in the DC area would be good. As for me, I’m closer to the Capital of Canada than the US ( Ottowa is a 5 hour drive, DC is 12 hours)

  4. It’s a free county and anyone can join, but I would not recommend targeting any one group over any other group.

    The women are out there, but it involves actually finding locations that have a lot of foot traffic going by, and setting up a table and a visual plus BUSINESS CARD SIZE FLYERS, and having the 1 in 200 who walk by, find you.

    That might sound like a low number but it actually isn’t if 2000 people walk by you. If 2000 people walk by you and 10 of them join your movement, that is more than you can get on the internet in the same amount of time.

    The key is to go out as a group and find a high foot traffic area where you can also assemble. Have those lifeguard minature air horns just in case someone threatens the group, blast the horn and that will draw attention to your site. There may be some women to afraid to come up to the table so make sure there is a visible way to contact the website, and make sure the website address is domained so that the owner’s address is not available.

  5. BJ just asked me to request everyone’s prayers for Louisa, she just suffered a brain hemorrhage. Thank You

  6. Betty Jean, I’m praying for Louisa and will be remembering her at a Tridentine latin Mass tonight and throughout the week.

  7. Betty Jean, please know that you have friends the world over praying for you and your family.

  8. From Hillary’sVillage:

    CAN YOU HEAR HER NOW? Tragedy Strikes Women’s Rights Advocate Up Close and Personal: Her Daughter is Shot.
    December 17th, 2008

    Louisa Rodas, the daughter of outspoken women’s rights advocate Betty Jean Kling was shot in the head the evening of December 15th, 2008 as reported HERE and HERE and HERE. In Betty Jean’s Blogspot, Freemenow, she writes: “She has less than a 50/50 chance of surviving and if she does, she will have one eye, one ear, a half of a head and be paralyzed on one side-we have no idea how much brain damage.”

    Betty Jean’s daughters Denise & Louisa

    What does Betty ask for in the wake of this tragedy? In addition to prayers for her daughters:

    *Spread this story far and wide, along with the pictures. This MUST STOP! No more Domestic Violence.

    *Zero tolerance for sexism and disrespecting females in any way, shape or form. Never again laughing at women’s expense.

    *March, Advocate and Demand stricter laws.

    Betty Jean is asking for our help, to keep making our voices heard, to march, to advocate, to demand laws that protect women. Perhaps, to advocate for a “Louisa’s Law”, to keep Domestic Violence predators from being granted the ability to continue to stalk their victims due to our sexist, antiquated and inadequate legal system.
    The relentless sexism and misogyny in America is killing our mothers, daughters and sisters every single day. How does domestic violence against women start? With the very sexism that is so common and acceptable in our country. The pattern is predictable and repeated thousands of times daily across our land where some are more “free” than others.

    The abuser begins by making fun of or ridiculing the woman. He belittles her with so-called “jokes” and name calling. He calls her names like “bitch” or “whore” or “cunt”. He then escalates to invading her personal space. He feels it is perfectly OK to grab, grope and touch her intimately and without her consent. She is treated like an object and her objections are treated as a joke or worse, an infringement of his “rights” to amuse himself. Eventually, his disrespect for her boundaries, his contempt and feeling of entitlement to use and control her leads to ever-escalating abuse. And violence.

    The American Institute of Domestic Violence reports:

    A National Epidemic

    Women are 85-95% of all domestic violence victims.
    Men stalk over 500,000 of their intimate partners each year.
    Men abuse 5.3 million women each year.
    Men kill 1,232 women each year; their intimate partners.
    Male-perpetrated domestic violence is the #1 leading cause of injury to women.
    Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know rather than by a stranger.
    The leading cause of death for women is the workplace homicide by a male intimate.

    In recent days, Betty Jean has demanded the firing of the now infamous gropergate poster icon Jon Favreau, Barack Obama’s speechwriter. He was photographed with a cardboard cut-out of Senator Hillary Clinton at a party. Favreau, described as a “normal guy having a good time” and a “great talent” and another fellow were on each side of the mocked up version of Hillary. One forced beer down her throat while Favreau squeezed her breast. They were laughing. It was a joke. One that was so funny, they publicized it on Favreau’s Facebook page so millions of other people could enjoy the laugh.

    Betty Jean didn’t think it was funny and neither do millions of other women. They rightfully condemn this behavior because they understand it is part of America’s sexist pattern of disrespect, contempt and disregard for women. The same America that laughs when our leading female politicians are routinely called “bitch” on national television. An America where an effigy of Sarah Palin hung from a house is considered a humorous prank and T-Shirts calling her a “cunt” are a source of pride.

    Women have a right to psychic and physical boundaries. One sexist act leads to another. Tolerance of abusive language, images and acts are the foundation of sexism. They are the stepping stones to greater abuse in a country that is home to epidemic levels of violence against women. It is behavior like Favreau’s and many other high profile and everyday men and women that continues to nourish the seeds of sexism and misogyny in our country. It is killing us.

    Please, let Betty Jean, her daughters and countless other women know that yes:


    SadStateOfAffairs/Freethinker ©

  9. Bettyjean,

    I have waited until now to write simply because I was in shock and needed to sort it all out and pray for you. I went to confession last night and spent time in prayer for you and your family. I have had you all in my prayers since I first heard about this tragedy and will continue to pray for you. I feel like a friend and will do what I can to help in any way I can. I plan to work with domestic violence here in my state and working to put an end to this horrible treatment of women.

    Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful daughters.

  10. Betty Jean, my thoughts and prayers are with you. This is such an unbearable tragedy. I share everyone’s anger and passion that we MUST get stricter laws on the books to prevent anything like this from ever happening again. It is unecceptable.

    I will continue praying for you and your family each and every day.

  11. Betty Jean, I am praying for you, Louisa and all your family. We will fight for Louisa’s Law. I light candles for her twice a day and pray. Right now, you’re a mom and can do for her what only a mom can do!

  12. Betty Jean, I have a friend who is a playwright and wants to write about this, without using your family. He wants to make it any and every woman’s story. If a man can give your story justice, he can. I trust him with that. I did want you to have a chance to say no, even though the story line is what he wants to use. I’m not in direct contact with you, only through here, but know the outrage is swelling.

  13. I suddenly can’t get into PUMApac! I have to “sign” in to WordPress although I’m already signed in and it just won’t let me in under any ID or password I try!


    Taking Our Power, Taking Our Lives: Women Under Threat

    We accept a lot of threats, overt or otherwise….this is a real wake-up call for many of us who have dealt with it but have never shared our stories…

  14. “BJ just asked me to request everyone’s prayers for Louisa, she just suffered a brain hemorrhage. Thank You”

    I am so upset right now. I lost my husband as a result of a brain hemorrhage from a medical problem he had. I know, at best, that Louisa’s situation is very grave and my heart is going out to Betty Jean.

    I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. You have my love and my prayers, Betty Jean. I hope you can feel all the cyber HUGS we are sending your way.

    Take Care, Sharon

  15. I can’t believe how it never fails that good things always happen to the best people. That’s a phenomenon that I just can’t understand the reason behind.

    Going on 13 years now, I had a child who died as a baby, and then this year at Christmas time I was buying gifts for the little girl across the street who is an orphan who is living with her brother who is out of work, and I was wrapping the little girl’s gifts, and I realised that this moment would not have been possible and I wouldn’t be exactly here in this situation if I had not been through the death of that little girl.
    My other daughters are way grown , but that was like a change of life baby almost you could say. Now I’m wrapping up young teen presents again after 10 of no teen that age, and I finally see that my loss brought me to that little girl.
    I still don’t know why bad things happen to good people though, but all I know is that it never fails…

  16. Louisa had another surgery last night, before she went into the O R they told BJ Lou’s brain function was 4 out of 15, and she was on total life support. BJ thought she had lost her little girl. She came through surgery, but called the family in this morning, Lou’s blood pressure had dropped to 45, and they were talking to them about removing life support.
    When they reached the hospital, however, Lou started rallying around, and actually started breathing somewhat on her own. They are giving them hope again, but are telling them the 3rd day after this surgery will be the test.
    BJ asked about the brain function, and they were told there is a chance the undamaged side of her brain could compensate for some of the loss .
    The doctor is suprised and said she has rarely seen anything like this. Louisa is really fighting to hold on.
    BJ asked me to pass the word on and to thank everyone for their support, and to request everyone to continue to pray for Louisa.

  17. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. You and your family certainly have suffered too much in this world. G-d Bless you and your family during this time. My heart goes out to all of you…..

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