CNN Sexperts Agree

Author : I am insane

CNN gathered a panel of experts to discuss whether or not the photo of Barack Obamas head speech writer, Jon Favreau, he’s the one groping Senators Clintons breast while the other Obama campaign staffer held her hair while holding a beer bottle to her face was sexist.

The CNN experts on sexism were Wolf Blitzer James Carville and a Mitt Romney spokesman.

The expert, James Carville, determined that this was funny, just boys being boys, only a cardboard cut out of young frat boys pulling off a prank and anyone who got upset about it was insane. The other experts laughingly agreed. End of discussion.

Where do I ( insane woman) begin?

Perhaps with are you Kidding me CNN?

Your experts have no educated qualifications to speak on sexism and they have NO experience to speak about sexism directed towards women by virtue of the fact that they are MEN. In all honesty it appears the CNN experts only qualifications and experience with sexism is… they perpetrate it.

A picture of

A cardboard cut out of a woman having her breast groped and a beer bottle in her face while having her hair held by 2 MEN is hardly laughable.

The insane ones would be the ones who believe it is funny and a is a prank.

I ask CNN to gather a panel of experts. WOMAN who have had their faces broken by a beer bottle much like the one in the picture. Pranks that started with the thought this is funny. Too many women have been in this position.

Are we too sensitive to racism and not sensitive enough to sexism?

What if we take that same photo but instead of Senator Clinton it is Barack Obama with the same “boys” on either side Jon groping his crotch while the other holds a noose instead of a beer bottle?

Would that be laughable? It is still “only a cardboard” image of Obama. Would that be called a prank? Boys being Boys?

They would be yelling their heads off. James Carville and Wolf Blitzer and every talking head out there. Rightfully so.

They would have figured out instantly the Obama cardboard cut out photo sought to degrade, humiliate, intended to cause physical harm and stir more than unpleasant memories for many. But they couldn’t make the same connection to Senator Clintons cardboard cut out photo.

Sad truly sad and James Carville has the audacity to call me and the millions of us who are bothered by this…..Insane.

What was insane was CNNs panel of experts laughing and making light of a serious issue, abuse of women.

CNN needs to apologise for being so incentive to those who have suffered the abuse that began with the same thoughts of their expert panel “this is funny.”

I am suggesting a boycott of CNN and its advertisers.

James Carville..well he needs therapy and should be fired with Wolf Blitzer.

Jon Favreau needs to be fired and Barack Obama needs to be the one that says NO you Can’t.

The media needs to address this photo and call it what it is a sexist attack on a woman.


5 Responses

  1. this is sickening,outrageous and disgusting,i agree ,that if it were Obama there would be all kind of brohaha,but it’s a woman so ha-ha,well it’s NOT FUNNY,ya know politicians and pundits are alway’s quick to talk women down,sadly i have lost a lot of hope in our government these past few years,the law seems to be whatever these guys want and to hell with anyone else,and how this country seems to think Obama is “The One” baffles the heck out of me,how is it “the One” seems to get a pass over and over and over again,c’mon,there doesn’t seem to be too many GOOD people this man has been involved with,he just keeps on skating along,well i can’t wait til he finally gets called on things he’s done,and trust me “the One” will fall and i will be able to say I TOLD YOU SO,dummies!!!

  2. Long ago quit watching CNN. Thanks BJ for making people think.


  3. Maybe CNN needs to be fired! They have perpetuated a glut of sexism this year. I stopped watching them months ago. What this little ‘prank’ entails would be considered sexual harrassment in the work place. So, why is CNN allowed to get away with it? HMMMMM

  4. I am really sick and tired of this bullshit! If it is racism, or even a hint of it, we are bitch slapped in the face. James Carville needs to be ashamed of himself. I would love to ask his wife Mary Matlin what she thinks about the situation which is “okey dokey” for men to grope a cardboard image of a woman. What is even more disgusting he is trying to pull her hair. The body language of these men are rape gestures. It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to figure out this one. I was appalled at Carville’s dismissal of the situation. Shame on you James Carville and women who dismiss it as well!

  5. I was outraged when i first saw the photo of “cardboard” Hillary Clinton being degraded. But I was deeply saddened when i started watching the James Carville interview. I know he his a pompass ass but he hit a new low. To be totally dismissive of this behavior is inexcusable. I had to turn it off. Not only are they mimicing the real life attitude of sexual assault of women, but she is going to be among world leaders. What do they think when her president’s team treats her this way. This does not sound like a “boys will be boys” prank to me.

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