McCain sowing seeds of hate?


Another Rant from BettyJean Kling


What’s this I hear; Obama supporters are complaining that McCain supporters are getting a little testy with them? Well it’s about time! Just like their illustrious leader they are bullies- when you stand up to a bully they go running home crying because somebody stood up to them! All I can say is – they ought not to have started something they were not tough enough to finish.


There are angry and ready-to-rumble Mc Cain supporters out there and I could easily become one of them. I am being driven toward it – propelled daily by the hate mongering Obama supporters who have for 2 years antagonized, bashed, battered and harassed us. They have laughed in our faces believing they have this in the bag, thinking their party can not possibly lose. They have this ace – errrr – race card up their sleeve and it seems to trump all other cards. And up to now it seems to have worked.


They have called us racists, have intimidated us and now are trying to steal this election and our very democracy from us. Just today on the street I was accused of being a racist simply for having a sign that read “Democrat for McCain” and my friend was called a racist, her sign read “Women for McCain and Palin”


Do they take us for fools? Do they think we have short memories? Do they think our women are that short sighted, that they have no dignity or pride?  Do they think our men have no dignity and or pride in their wives, mothers or daughters?


Yes there are hate mongering supporters, but it is not something that John McCain started this week as the main stream media and the Obama camp would have you believe. No No No – this angry angst that you are witnessing from McCain supporters is the result of frustration these American citizens feel as they watch their democracy slip through their fingers while the media blindly reports racism where none exists and allows blatant sexism to rage on unchecked.


Every time Obama is questioned – about anything – it’s a lynching according to the Obamabots, the pundits and bought and paid for media stooges. This has been going on since Obama entered his name into the race. No one has been able to ask him anything about anything. First Hillary and now Sarah have been treated in the most despicable way imaginable. How can we go out into this world preaching against sexism, women’s rights and human rights when we are the worst offenders? Any country that allows their women to be humiliated in this fashion has absolutely no standing to preach to any other country regarding women’s rights.


Congressman Lewis claims McCain and Palin are sowing the seeds of hate in their supporters? Has he seen and heard Obama supporters? In Philly the people on the streets wore derogatory shirts and yelled ‘stone’ her!  I believe that amounts to a threat on her life! At a hockey game televised worldwide she was booed – how classy! Obama supporters  have been very effective at crashing Hillary meetings over the past 18 months causing disruptions.  I’ve been assaulted  myself three times and now they do the same at  Sarah’s events. Congressman, your bias is showing.


Mr. Lewis, if you missed that, are you aware of the Obama Celebs? They are notorious. Jay Z; Ludacris; Madonna, Sandra Bernhard: Obama Supporter Threatens Sarah Palin With Gang Rape – is that acceptable to you? Read about that here and I expect your comments on these supporters forthcoming sir.


In a country where racism is not tolerated we apparently not only tolerate sexism we make it into a thriving business! Congressman Lewis before you start accusing McCain and Palin of anything at this late stage maybe you should have spoken up about 2 years ago when Obama, his campaign or the party or the media or anyone for that matter did not stop his supporters from what they did to Hillary and are now doing to Sarah. Where is your outrage about this you damned hypocrite? Or don’t white girls’ have civil rights that mater to you?


Let’s hear from you Congressman Lewis. Let’s hear from you Al Sharpton, Let’s hear from the rest of you screaming civil rights leaders.  Women’s Rights are Human Rights aren’t they? Human Rights are Civil Rights aren’t they? Damned Hypocrites!


Tell me folks- what pictures, signs or shirt on the streets have you seen that cry racism? Have you actually seen anything or it is just race baiting instead of blatant racism.  


Let me show you what blatant looks like so you can recognize PURE damned  SEXISM – not innuendo- not maybe- not my imagination – not my hysteria- not coincidence. Damned it -let me show you just a hint- not a lot just a hint of what I have seen on the streets for nearly two years that clearly cries Sexism. (see pictures below)


Lets look at yet another form of blatant Sexism.  Think about how they are trotting Hillary out all over the country not to pay down her own campaign debt but to raise money for Obama- yes Obama – her abuser and he is the highest money raiser in history . Sounds like they really want to stick it to us doesn’t it? Go out and raise money for the man and the party that abused you – beat you and cheated on you and do it with a smile honey!


Still feel like a Democrat? Still want to leave that Top of the ticket empty rather than vote against our beloved party do we? Sure go right ahead – help the Dems! They are really more on your side than Sarah Palin aren’t they?  She’s gonna set you further back than that? Keep dreaming ladies – by my account ain’t nobody going to set us further back than that. I will do everything in my power to stop the party and the man that did this to her and to every woman who ever marched so that we could have the right to vote against the Democratic Party on November 4th in protest for the way they treat women in America 160 years after our ancestors first stood up against these dirty bastards so that we would have a leg to stand upon now.


Grow up- take your place as a woman and finish the job our mothers and their mothers before them started- damned it!


Hillary Rodham Clinton raised $10 million so far for Obama. So who is counting? Clinton is.

By Lynn Sweet on October 11, 2008 11:02 AM




And right from Obama’s own site and supporters- Congressman Lewis – have a good look at this sir:


15 Responses

  1. thanks very good

    BUT IT JUST SHOW HOW LOW obama will go!

  3. Just when you think Obama and their thugs can’t stoop any lower, there they go again!!!What a bunch of low life, sexist,hateful peoplethey are. Is this what they are going to turn my country into if they manage to steal this election? Now I know why I have that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking about an Obama presidency.Oh so pretty words out of his mouth, but oh so divisive!!!! Please people, wake up before it is too late.It is time to fight fire with fire. I am so afraid for this country . Say what we want about Bush(and I did not vote for him) he protected us from the terrorists, he did’nt hang out with them!!!!!!!

  4. RIGHT ON! I am so sick of being called a racist, a bigot and a hypocrite because I will NOT vote for Obama when I wholeheartedly supported Hillary!

    I’d heard about those shirt with that horrible name for Sarah Palin…but never seen them. Thank you for showing that they DO EXIST and that people ARE wearing them!

    EVERYTHING anyone says about Obama is made out to be a racist remark which is why if we have to have a black candidate to be POTUS…I truly wanted to see TWO black people running against each other not a black person and a white person.

    And the sexism in Obama’s camp is truly stupendous and mind boggling! Funny how now that they have a USE for “good old Hillary” she and Bill are the cat’s meow and it’s like no direct attacks on Hillary EVER occured during the primaries from Obama supporters!

    I am truly disgusted with Obama and his FANS! They are one of the most prevelant reasons why I cannot vote for him …IE: because I was told as a child that “Like gravitates to like” and having seen and heard some of Obama’s fans…and they did/do not inspire me to like their candidate.


  5. Betty, as usual you hit the nail on the head. I am so disgusted with this election I can barely stand it. Like you said the sexism, filth and bias is rampant. What is going to happen after this election? Do we need to live in fear like in dictator countries? This is what I fear.

    I could not watch Sarah B and her rant (she has never been a favorite of mine anyway) I don’t care for her humor??? if that is what you call it. She must really be an unhappy person.

    This election is just like the Civil War. You have family against family, friend against friend. Right now I am in verbal warfare with my brother! I can’t stand it! Whether we like it or not this country is in civil war with one another.

    I pray daily this election will not go to Obama. An Obama presidency will change my country and take a very long time to ever bring it back to the way our forefathers made it.


  6. The most important thing we can do tight now – is NOT GIVE UP!
    We must stop everything else we are doing and get out there and do something positive and do it NOW.
    If ever our country needed us – its needs us now!

  7. A vote for mc Caine is a vote to free us now.

    If we want out Mothers ,Daughters and sisters to be free from being treated as the low life second class citizens then we should vote for Mc Caine as he will bring class back into our sociaty. shure he can’t do every thing we wish for but the start is all we need and we will then follow through.

    I am disapointed in his stance on abortion but he made it quite clear that it was only his personal choice and never said he would try to over turn Roe vs wade, which the Dem’s are trying to say they know that he has plans to over turn it, which is another Dem’s lie.

  8. I never could tolerate bullies and refuse to stand down now. What goes around comes around and I am hanging on to that thought.

  9. I voted early and i am a reg.dem. but i vote: COUNTRY First, and voted 4 Mccain! Obama is condoning the racial/sexist/hatred of ANYONE that doesnt agree with him! WAKE UP AMERICA, THINK BEFORE U VOTE!!

  10. Woo Hoo!!!
    Another independent thinker – another Maverick in the Middle – someone who can think on her feet – think for herself and vote for her country! Woo Hoo!
    you go Girl~ here is our first vote for Freedom! Donna you Rock!

  11. I found the picture of the guy wearing the Sarah is a c**t through a link on Obama’s web site (the Black Snob) right after she was picked by McCain. There was a caption under it that said “9/11 a bad week for fashion.” Notice that he is the second left in the picture of four; at the time I sent it to Fox and Katie Couric; I got no response. So is Obama incapable or unwilling to manage his website?
    Maybe he needs a leadership mentor. How about McCain? There was also pictures of Obama using Hillary’s head as a basketball and a caption under a picture of Bill Clinton
    saying Wanted for practicing blackness without a license ” You’re not Black unless we say you are..sexism, racism and divisiveness. He’s got a hat trick.

  12. Obama is a can’t!

  13. Good article, but fix the title! It’s “sowing”, not “sewing”. Think grounds and seeds, not cloth and needles.

  14. Joe Scarabough actually mentioned the ‘C’ shirts on his show Morning Joe this morning. He also was talking about how the MSM was in the tank for Obama. I am 48 years old and I have been very niave. I thought you could believe what was in the news but the MSM is nothing but whores for Obama.

    I never thought I would be anything other than a democrat but the democrats can kiss my ass after what they did to Hillary. No I’m not racist, I’m MAD.

    Palin is being used in the most sexiest of ways. I have heard they are now doing a pron movie with a Palin lookalike and its named ‘Nailin’ Palin’. How disguisting! Why don’t they have a porn movie with an Obama and Larry Sinclair lookalike. Oh how the koolaid drinkers would cry and moan. Wearing a shirt calling Palin a ‘C’ is just fine though.

    I am so pissed off over all this!!!!

  15. Re BO’s birth certificate (BC). BJ: Please feel free to move this post to the proper place. Wasn’t sure where to place it. So sorry!–Juli B.

    I called the DNC this morning (10/15), and I got their answering machine. I’m sure they’re not putting through any more calls. It was better yet. I got to leave a long, detailed message. I said I was a Dem of 35 years, spelled my first and last name, told them what year and where I first registered as a Dem and welcomed them to check it out.

    I said I could no longer fend off the questions of Republicans and Independents. I explained that the BC on his site was scrubbed and was already proven bogus by many experts. I explained the Indonesia problem, and how Bobo would have had to take an oath upon returning to the country, regardless of whether he was born here, etc., etc.

    I even worked in ACORN and how I was harassed at my caucus in Nevada for being an HRC supporter and how the ACORN workers at the caucus cheated. I said we know what the DNC did at the RBC meeting. I said he’d better make with the BC asap. What’s the problem? Even my retarded brother, whom I’m the sole caretaker of, knows where his BC is, because we always seem to need it. Just make with the BC! There’s just too much stuff about Obama and his connex that aren’t good and he’s going to lose many votes.

    (Not that I was ever stupid enough to vote for this POS, anyway! Pray to the late, great St. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones  to help the truth come out NOW!)

    Love all my sister and fellow PUMAs!

    Juli Barbato
    (stuck in) Las Vegas, NV

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