We know what we’ve got, but not what we’ll get!


By BettyJean Kling


As Democrats we have been told a million reasons why we can not vote Republican and we all hate George Bush – I know. But JMCC is so many steps up from Bush and Obama is so many steps down. We do not have a Democrat to vote for this year – we have a Republican and a do nothing Congress and their hand picked Obamacrat. This is a no brainer – pick the Republican at least we know what we’ve got in McCain.



We may not always agree with McCain – I don’t — but I know where he stands and I know he would and has laid down his life for his country. He has gone up against his own party , he has stood up to his president , he has risked his life and his job for his principles and has always looked out for what he thought right or wrong was the right thing to do for the country. He has listened and changed his mind on issued that the people urged him to represent the people on. He chose a women maverick VP against all odds.



As for Obama,  if the way he gamed the caucus’s is any indication of how he would run the country – no thanks, if how he and his campaign treats non Obamabots is any indication of how he treats American Citizens who are not his Obots is any indication – no thanks. If the way he gives speeches by teleprompter but can’t answer a question on the fly any indication of his readiness – I’ll pass. If the way they treat women is the change they are proposing – no way. If he couldn’t beat Hillary fair and square and then did not even consider her for VP – what does that tell you about his insecurity and common sense? If lying, cheating, stealing and having the entire democratic system brought to its knees on May 31 wasn’t enough, pulling the roll call fiasco in Denver shows this has become the Undemocratic Party and does not deserve our precious vote.



And finally, Obama has pulled the race card and blamed it on the Clintons. He has the media in his pocket and they have displayed blatant sexism toward Hillary and now Sarah. This obvious and hateful sexism amounts to nothing less than a woman’s rights, civil rights and human rights violation to which the Democratic Party, and the women’s groups and the civil right s groups did nothing. The Republican Party and John Mc Cain, to their credit, specifically except for one early lapse in judgment stood up against the ridicule of Hillary and does not tolerate any sexism against Sarah. This is not Bush this is John McCain and this Obama well who is this Obama? 

McCain vs. Barack Obama: The Best President 




  • We are tired of Washington Gridlock
  • We are tired of partisanship
  • We are tired of a do nothing congress
  • We need action; action on energy independence, education, health care, the economy, government spending, and victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • We need a leader; someone who will take action to solve our problems and finally put the needs of the country before the needs of the parties.
  • So who can give us what we need?
  • Who can really unite this country?
Let’s examine these options

Obama made speeches about out of control government spending
McCain has never taken an earmark in a 25 year career

Obama made speeches about the need for Campaign Finance Reform
McCain led a seven year bipartisan effort to make it happen (McCain Feingold)
Obama made speeches about the need to address climate change
McCain led the fight over climate change against his own party while creating legislation combat it
Obama made speeches about the need for Immigration reform
McCain led the bipartisan effort to make it happen at the cost of his own popularity within his party
Obama made speeches about bipartisanship
McCain led the2006 bipartisan Gang of 14, again against the will of his own party, to pass judges and avoiding a complete collapse of judicial confirmation rules
Obama made speeches about the need for energy independence
McCain leaves nothing off the table to achieve it
Obama made speeches about National Service
McCain served our country in a Vietnamese Prison for 5 years rejecting early release.
Obama made speeches about improving America’s relationships in the world
McCain cleared the path for the United States and Vietnam to normalize relations
Obama made speeches about corporate responsibility
McCain led the 1998 effort to finally hold the tobacco industry accountable
Obama made speeches about leaving Iraq without victory
McCain fought President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld to adopt a new strategy for victory, which will now allow us to leave Iraq a democratic and sovereign nation
Obama made speeches calling McCain a 3rd Bush term
McCain was asked by the leader of the Democratic Party to become his 2004 vice presidential candidate
  • When the Hype passes it will be time to decide
  • Important decisions need to be made
  • We have heard enough speeches; we need action.
  • Who do you trust to take real action to solve problems?
  • Not just give them lip service
  • Look at the records and ignore the hype

4 Responses

  1. Excellent Article.

  2. Really good post!

  3. Actions speak louder than words.

  4. You know we love it. Here’s an update of a story I know you’re following:

    Computer is last clue in Ark. Democrat’s slaying
    Sep 22, 2008
    Associated Press Writer | 9/22/08 7:41 PM

    A computer used by the gunman who killed a state Democratic Party chairman is the last clue to be investigated in the search for his motive, authorities said Monday.

    Timothy Dale Johnson, 50, burst into the Arkansas party headquarters and killed Bill Gwatney on Aug. 13, then was shot and killed by police after a long chase later that day.

    Little Rock Police spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings said car keys and a phone number listed on a note found at Johnson’s home in Searcy did not turn up any connection between the two men.

    “We have everything pretty well figured out except for the computer. … We’ve found nothing so far to indicate any motive or reason,” Hastings said Monday. “Right now, we’ve got nothing that points us in any particular direction as to why this happened.”

    Police did not provide specifics on the investigation of the computer, but have said that the FBI is helping.

    The note with the phone number also had the name “Gwatney” on it, but police said it did not match Gwatney’s home number or any cell phone number they know of for the slain chairman.

    Hastings said a subpoena of the number turned up only “old stuff” that didn’t pan out.

    Johnson, who owned at least 16 guns, drove more than 30 miles to Gwatney’s office after quitting his job at a Target over graffiti on a store wall.

    Hastings said police would probably close the investigation soon into Gwatney’s killing and said investigators are still awaiting the results of toxicology tests on Johnson.

    Johnson’s will, which he signed in 2000, was filed in court last week and leaves his estate to a nephew. Court papers say the value of his real estate and personal property was unknown.

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