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An Open Letter To Women Count


Another Rant by BettyJean Kling


As you know when you gals first got started, I was right there with you,  we were all on your side and I kicked in a few bucks. But then I got worried about whether you would stick with the Dems and I have been holding back.


I thank you for that lovely luncheon in Denver and I got to shake Hillary’s hand but I also had to listen to the call for Unity to the Dems who never lifted a hand as you well know – so I won’t belabor it. Suffice it to say I am a PUMA and I will not unify with a party that holds me hostage to a few issues but slashes all my other rights and degrades and humiliates the best damned candidate they had.


I went to you site today and while you are willing to defend Sarah against sexism I detect you are also cautioning us to remember she is a Republican and reminding us to keep her right wing policies in mind – as if anyone will let us forget them. Are you still leaning left?


Much will be said and written in the days ahead about Gov. Palin’s views on issues, and we urge you to consider these positions with depth and thoughtfulness – she is anti-choice, pro-gun, and pro-big oil. 


Since you asked for our opinion and if you visit my blog https://freemenow.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/choice-and-change/ and read the comments I and others are getting you will see that women are tired of choosing one side or the other and want to be free of this reminder altogether now. If women really count – then count all women – women from both sides of the aisle.


I was hoping you WomenCount would stay neutral. I have been barraged by women group mail and email that berates the right and their views and then I get the same treatment from the left denigrating the left for theirs. It will never end and we will never move forward or be free so long as we are held hostage to this game. I must say that women today are only exposed to the extremes from both sides and that is simply not fair. This is what keeps women from truly moving ahead. Can’t we just be women instead of left or right – just this once – can we try it on for size and see if we like the way it fits?


I have just joined The New Agenda which promises to be non partisan. You can either lean toward the Dems or come to the middle but my support both financially and through my outreach on blog talk radio, my newsletters, my website, my email and blogs – I am going concentrate my efforts and support toward those where women will be most empowered to be free and not held back nor compelled to walk lockstep with others against gaining positions in government which will truly give them the power to chart their own destinies and that of their daughters and granddaughters.


If you agree that we need women’s groups to be non partisan, reach out to the founders of Women Count and encourage them to Free US Now and let us choose without prejudice. I know these women and their hearts are in the right place. They started out like us wanting things to be fair for Hillary but we are all women and it needs to be fair for all of us. The DNC made it impossible for Hillary- Let’s not punish Sarah and all women for god knows how long while we reward the DNC at the same time for what they did! Who will dare to run a woman again after this?





Bettyjean Kling M.S, M.Ed


Founder: Free Us Now


Blogging: Free Me Now



Exec. Board Clintons4McCain:


PA Coordinaror RealDemocrats:


Member: Women Count:


Member: The new Agenda




If women count – then let’s count them all – women from both sides of the aisle



Patriots United Mean Action

Just Say No Deal

717. 532. 4411


2 Responses

  1. I too have joined ‘the new agenda’. those other so call womens groups seem to only support womens rights when you agree only with their point of view. What happen to our constitutional rights. Are we beginning to be a communistic country. Mnay of us are shocked over all these controlling entities that are for self, not country. God helps us all if Obama gets nominated. We will be controlled by the Chicago thugs

  2. Excellent letter! I followed a link to your site (posted on puma pac) this morning. I, too, have registered at WomenCount and the New Agenda – along with Lynette Long’s site and Clintons4McCain. I have the same concerns about WomenCount and appreciate your letter expressing those concerns.

    I’m happy to find your website and look forward to diving in! Thank you for your work on behalf of ALL women.

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