Palin vs. Biden Bipartisan Debate Party


For Immediate Release


Click for : cebebrate-american-flyer




Thursday Oct. 2nd at 9 pm



Multi BIG SCREEN showing of Palin vs. Biden in VP Debate


  • Food and beverages will be available on site
  • Women for Palin and McCain gear on site


Thursday night, doors open 7 pm, debate at 9 pm parking available on site Fredericksburg Big Expo Center in Central Park Shopping District (several blocks of all kinds of outlet stores) Get a car pull, drive a little over a hour from MD, less from DC, Northern and Lower Virginia. Our goal is to pack the Expo to capacity.

Democratic Hillary supporters MOST Welcome. Please come visit historic Fredericksburg and make it an early weekend to party with us, shop and visit the historic battlefields!
We are working out press and other details now and I am thrilled on just how wonderful the Stafford County Republican party has welcomed this democrat without any attempt to push me to their side. Campaigning in the region this weekend I have found these women and men to VERY MUCH RESPECT Sen. Hillary Clinton. Many of them have expressed the hope to push for Hillary to have some major role in a McCain administration. Most certainly, Palin has deep respect for her and likes some important aspects of her platform even though she does not agree with other major things. Aside from her personal Pro-Life position,  Sarah is very much PRO women’s issues and one of us – a woman.
Men are most welcome and wanted this is not just for females!



 We are Family- all my brothers, sisters and me. Make it a family event.

 and the EXPO will fill quick.  I need you DEMS in Fredericksburg as we are more central and hope to spin the whole state.  The goal is to follow with a DEM/Republican Palin blog talk radio show through the month of October and election eve while we await the VA and country results.
Rosemary Storaska –


VA coordinator, Virginia

working with my very nice Stafford County Republican Committee Women


One Response

  1. Why not question that the moderator, Gwen Ifill, of the upcoming Biden-Palin debate is pro-Obama. She wrote a book that praises Obama, obviously she will try her best to make Palin look bad in the debate Why couldn’t the moderator be more fair and bi-partisan?

    Why not make fun of Joe Biden, who thinks FDR was President in 1929, and thinks paying more taxes is patriotic?

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