Democracy In Suffrage


For Immediate Release


Contact: Ms.Je’Amour P. Matthew

822 Spring St.

North Braddock, PA 15104

412 351-6764


Democratic group gathers to say No to Obama!

Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, from across the country, will hold a press conference to announce the Kick Off to their Nation Wide Pre Election initiative to defeat Senator Obama.

The press conference will be held on Friday, September 26th at the Capital Rotunda located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and will promptly begin at 11 a.m.

Democracy In Suffrage, a newly formed non profit political action group, will be hosting this event, and its founder Ms. Je’Amour P. Matthew states that “not only will this press conference launch Democracy In Suffrage’s first political action but she is hoping that other’s who supported Hillary will now find there voice, and declare their support for the initiative to defeat Senator Obama by holding similar pre-election press conference’s across the country.

Lynn Forester Rothschild; a top fund raiser of Democratic Party, and a member of Democrats Abroad, has announced the support of Senator John McCain. She is not alone in her conclusion to Not support Obama, and Ms. Matthew, and other’s believe that the stakes, in the upcoming presidential election are just too high for those who oppose Obama to sit back, and do nothing. Unlike any other time in the nation’s history our country needs experience, and by Obama Not having Hillary on the ticket as his Vice President, or better yet by not simply doing the right thing for God and Country, by instead becoming Hillary’s Vice President Obama has proved that he places self interest and personal success above the real need, and prosperity of this great nation therefore, he simply must be stopped!

Representative’s from various states such as: Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, will be on hand during the press conference and will carry Democracy in Suffrage’s initiative back to the respective states where they will continue to work for its success on Election Day.

* Please help make this a success- we must show up for these events- we must or we will never be taken seriously again and we will loose all credibility! It is from lack of participation that things got this bad- we done good this year so far – please don’t let up now- we have come this far- don’t give up – don’t give out- dont give in!

If not now, when? – If not us, who? If not, why not? FreeMeNow

13 Responses

  1. we pray many will show up. I use to live in NJ, live in TX now, but if I was still in nj me and my friends would be there. so best of luck and again hope many will attend. we need this badly. doing what i can from tx

  2. You guys RULE ! I hope after the election, I hope you will turn your attention to replacing Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Howard Dean and re claim the DNC.

  3. I’m way out here in NM now…wish I could be there!!! (lived in Jersey until moving here….)

  4. I’m going to crosspost this tomorrow on my blog, OK???

  5. Ok – Please do.

  6. Where can we buy T-Shirts?

  7. Fantastic.

  8. LOL tee shirts coming real soon keep an eye on the blog…

  9. we just found out about you on bitter politicz, camille’s puma site (we came from taylor marsh etc. and hillary villagers) and i think you guys rock… nobama 08 for me, let’s get our democratic party back to the people, the loyal true blue blooded dems 🙂

  10. I wish I could be there in person but I live in Texas.

  11. Americans, please think about what you are doing when trying to replace Bush with Obama. From all the information I have been able to discern, Obama’s entire campaign is based on a lie, as is his entire life story. Wake up America, this man is a fraud and may be out to destroy America’s entire way of life. This is what will happen if George Soros, his main campaign contributor and organizer, has his way. For the whole truth, check out George Soros on the web. Be afraid, America, be very afraid of Obama!!!

    I am a politically active concerned citizen of America and I am doing everything now, that I can to back McCain/Palin 08 for Hillary vs. Palin in 2012. I believe it is of paramount importance this year to get the facts on the candidates before voting. Our country faces the most serious times in history. We all can and must make a difference this year. Vote McCain/Palin in 08 to promote America to its full level of greatness at home and abroad.

  12. Hello.
    🙂 The natural photo of the new arrival, taken by Emma Tallulah’s dad,

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