What Really Happened in Arkansas?



On 8/15 in the Free US Now newsletter I asked the above question. It lost me  2 more souls who thought I went off the deep end and even got me accused me of talking ‘this thing’ too far. I obliged them and said – I sure hope you are right for the sake of our country. Below for your consideration a reminder of my foolishness followed by … well I will let you decide.


What Really Happened in Arkansas?

  • What really happened in Arkansas?
  • Why is the Edward’s affair bigger news than the fatal shooting of a top Democratic Delegate?
  • Was this prominent delegate about to stage a walkout for Hillary at the Convention?
  • Has Chicago style politics escalated to murder and a convenient cover-up?
  • Ask yourselves where this story disappeared to and why?
  • Why wasn’t this 30 minute chase televised on TV like every other chase has been?

Folks this should have been big news –very big news – the fact that no one is talking even his family sends shivers down my spine and reeks that this could very well have been a hit and a message. I get that message and I don’t like it one bit.

We damned well better wake up and fast- and if I disappear after this statement – well I guess you will all know why- it’s because I had the audacity to stand up and question what is going on? Paranoid?
Maybe – maybe not! All I know is that this is news and we should be asking questions- and no one is.

I will stand up for Democracy and the 1st. Amendment if I have to stand alone!







By Webster G. Tarpley


Washington, DC, Aug. 13 — This afternoon, Arkansas Democratic Party 

Chairman Bill Gwatney fell victim to what was evidently a political 

assassination. Gwatney was a major ally of Hillary and Bill Clinton, 

and was a leader of the strongly pro-Clinton Arkansas delegation to 

the upcoming Denver Democratic National Convention.


Gwatney’s Arkansas delegation was known to be a hotbed of anti-Obama 

sentiment, and was reportedly ready to walk out of the Denver 

convention if Senator Clinton were not to be treated fairly by the 

Howard Dean- Donna Brazile DNC leadership.


Observers in Washington are now asking whether the assassination of 

Gwatney can be read as attempted intimidation of the anti-Obama 

forces now gaining strength before the Denver convention.


Is the death of Bill Gwatney part of an Obama body count which 

already includes the names of Donald Young (the murdered gay 

choirmaster of Rev. Wright’s church) and possibly others?


For further information, be sure to see:


Read the comment thread after the above post to catch a glimpse of Obama supporters’ mindset!


Want to know what kind of campaign Obama is really running- and who pulls the strings?
Learn the truth here:


and here:

“Obama the ODM Candidate”:
3 Part in-depth investigation of Obama’s true connections and campaign methods EXPOSED:




Check out the numerous internet links in this EXPOSE which verify this is all FACT not just theory! 




11 Responses

  1. You are one extremely warped individual. I hope you’re under 24 hour supervision at the looney bin

  2. We are all wondering why Gwatney was shot. And no one seems to have the answer. The last I heard was the police said they have no motive.

  3. Well sir you are only 3 out of 4324 so far – I would say you come in pretty low on my barometer! And quite Frankly – I don’t give a damned what you think as it is highly probably that you are one of those kool-aide drinking fools that believe in Obama’s Hope!

  4. NO MOTIVE? I’d say that Obama has ALL the motive in both cases you’ve mentioned. so whoever asked to be taken off the list, good riddance.

    Betty jean is one of the few willing to say what no other dares? WTF? i thought we were women of strength and assertive?

    Thank you BJ! and anyone who doesn’t like it can go to … Chicago.

  5. a lot of people are silently asking questions. Thanks for having the courage to ask them out loud!

  6. Very odd. I never thought about it but is surely does seem bone chilling.

  7. Remember how Hillary’s office had that hostage situation in Iowa early before the primaries? Was that also an Obama plot?

  8. Remember how that Senator From Illinois suddenly had a Sex Scandal and Obama came into the Office they sent Allen Keyes in to run against him so he would not run unopposed in the first Place? It started there!

  9. The only “warped” people are the ones ignoring this highly relevant and important story.

    This is an example of how far our country has gone in the WRONG direction. When news of Paris Hilton is more important thana political official being gunned down in broad daylight – and as you’ve said, NO coverage of the chase, NO coverage of the details about the shooter, NO video by the police.

    Donate to the McCain campaign – but don’t stop investigating and asking questions OUT LOUD.

  10. My gut feeling is that this is just preliminary to what will happen in this election. Be AFRAID and really be PREPARED because RIOTS and KILLINGS will be a part of this election because of OBAMA…..
    It goes with the territory…..

  11. The more I dig, the worse it gets. We have to stop this man and his paid off puppet from getting into the Whitehouse.

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