Dean calls GOP ‘a white Christian party’



Is this slip the admission to my assertion that the DNC threw Hillary under the bus in favor of Obama as part of a plan they hatched 7 years ago when they first put Obama on the fast track in this plot to divide Americans the Whites against the Blacks once more? You bet your ass it is! 

Wasn’t it Dean that made remarks that were divisive regarding the north and south during his campaign when he ran? I am not going to sit by and allow the DNC to break this country into the blacks and the white – this is not a civil war- we are Americans all not blacks vs. whites – not men vs. women not Christians vs. non Christians – we are Americans All!.

Damned Howeird Dean and this plan to destroy and divide this country into two camps like this!

I am not going to let this go until every soul in American has heard about it – so please read it and tell it far and wide! The GOP are our brothers and sisters – they are black and white and Christian and non Christian and so are we Democrats Wake up America – There is a new war within the DNC ranks brewing – stop it now! Stand up for Democracy while we still have one!


Worth repeating from a earlier post

Finally, The Missing Link!

In March 2008, as I waited for the polls to open in Ohio, I wondered why the DNC had turned against Senator Hillary Clinton. I just couldn’t fathom why they would allow the media and pundits to all but call the race over and pressure her to step down. Here we had the most qualified women to ever run and even the women in office abandoned and stood quietly by while she was mistreated.

I am not going to belabor all the ways this tenacious woman soldiered on bravely through it all we watched her incredible struggle against all odds and we watched as they methodically chipped away every vestige of hope she had of leading this nation forward.

I was stunned and hurt and unable to believe that I watched democracy crumble before my very eyes and was not sure why! 18 Million of us are mad as hell and want to do something about it and many of us doing something.

Today I found some information that for me answers why this happened. Funny I blogged last week that the far right should be discouraged from bringing up their right wing issues this time because in order to win this election we have got to appeal to the center.

That – I think was Hillary’s error. The DNC apparently has decided that they can’t win elections without fighting fire with fire. Let me explain. It has to my attention that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is not foreign to the DNC – in fact the DNC is practically run by the granddaughter of black liberation theology! You read that right! Shocking? Yes and TRUE

            Now read the full story: Once in a Lifetime (Let Leah Daughtry Hold Me Down) Shtuey,


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  1. I personally think they are trying to do away with “democracy” This whole primary has been CRAZY!! CROOKED POLITICS, Bought DElegates” THUGS,that want to beat people up,ETCETCETC! I’ll be glad when The “SELECTED ONE” accepts his “NOMINATION” Once again “AFFIRITIVE ACTION AT WORK!!” MY VOTE IS JOHN MCCAIN”S!!!!

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