The One “is a Racist”

Race was not an an issue for me when Obama came on the scene. I remember when he came sauntering out on the stage at the Democratic convention. Yes, he sauntered across the stage even then and I thought it was fine – then. I loved his speech and I remember thinking this man is going to be our president some day. I don’t remember thinking about his color at all! I didn’t think in those terms – then.

Since January race has become an issue and it was made an issue by those who are allowed to make it an issue. Blacks! Whites are not allowed to make it an issue! Anyone white knows that! If You are black you can say the ‘N’ word at will – if you are white – you had better not even refer to it as the “N” word let alone spell it out.

The media has run the issue of race into the ground and is determined to ask racists questions which they are allowed to do because every time a white answers – the blacks can attack the whites for answering! So the media is a willing pawn for the blacks.

The Obama campaign managed to get the media to race bait the Clintons; and Ferraro and others were labeled racists successfully. The Obamabots managed to intimidate voters in caucuses successfully. Imus was fired for calling black women ho’s when he should have known only black men can call any women, including white women ho’s. That acid-tongued Sherri Shepherd, on The View was able to shout down Barbara Walters and tell her “I can say that word but I better never hear that word out of your mouth!” And white people have been unable to broach the subject for fear that they might utter one jot or tittle that will be taken the wrong way.

Well you know what – Too damned Bad! I am sick and tired of this crap! The Blacks are the racists and Obama is their Leader!

Up to now Obama has had his stooges do most of his race baiting and has kept his messages as cryptic as possible but he slipped up yesterday and I am damned well not going to let him get away with it. Obama is a racist. His wife is a racist and they are raising those two lovely girls as racists. I know this because they brought those girls to a racist church. Therefore they are bringing them up and teaching them to be racists like them.

Barack – I am a typical white grandmother, and I never looked at a black family coming down the street on a Sunday morning and wondered what church they just came from before I found out about you and your pastor. I had no idea when I smiled at a young child of color at the Bronx Zoo that the child might attend a church where they are taught to hate and fear me because I am white and part of a culture that would try to kill blacks with the AIDS virus. Shame on you for taking your girls to that church. You are a racist pig.

Shame on you for having music on your I-pod that demeans women. Shame on you for running for President and having spokespersons such as these comics and rappers who refer to women as ho’s and bitches. Shame on you for choosing music for your Iowa victory event with “ghetto-ization” language. Shame on Michelle for allowing you to be send a misogynist message to the black women in the country. Shame on both you and Michelle for the message you both sent to the black community with an underlying message that caused upwards of 92% racist voting in your favor. There is no doubt you are sending racist messages and that was racist voting. Do you take us for fools?

Let me remind our readers of the lyrics from the song you Barack and Michelle chose to have played at his victory event in Iowa in January. Not only are both of you NOT White House material – I would call both of you, unfit parents.

The song is Jay-Z’s “99 Problems (But a Bitch Ain’t One).” The lyrics include the words fuck, asshole, bitch, hoes, shit, black ass, fuckers, niggaz, motherfuckin, nigga, and pussy.

And now the final straw out of your own mouth, you claim McCain is playing the race card against you! “McCain is Trying to Scare You Because I Don’t Look Like the Other Presidents.

First – this is a racist statement both in Obama’s use of the words scare and look. Obama said it three times yesterday and now he claims he meant he looked inexperienced. You do not look inexperienced on currency what he had to be referring to was how his race and color would look on currency. And that was exactly what he was referring to!

Next, he is a bit presumptuous as usual, both in that he will be elected as president in the first place and that if elected, he would ever be elevated to the stature of those who made it to the level that placed their faces on the currency.

Next he will be posing for Mt Rushmore!

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